Night Out Perfumes – Mood Scent 4

We are four perfume bloggers from France, Holland, England and Wales posting on a different joint subject every couple of months.  Each time we pick a selection of  fragrances to fit a particular mood or occasion. You’ll find links to the other participating blogs at the end of the post. Our previous subjects have been Rainy Day Perfumes, Wedding Guest Perfumes and Mainstream Perfumes.

December marks the start of the party season, which for many will include various get-togethers with friends, family and work colleagues. It therefore seems a good time to discuss today’s topic of Night Out Perfumes.

I’ve chosen five different evening activities and matched them with five appropriate perfumes.


Mood scent purple


Dining at a Restaurant – Anima Dulcis, Arquiste

A perfume to match a meal has to be gourmand, but I have a hard time with much of this genre of fragrances because I’m not good with high levels of sweetness in my perfume (though I love it a little too much in food). Most gourmands take the sugary route with lots of vanilla, syrup and/or caramel, but that’s not the only option.

Anima Dulcis by Arquiste is a sophisticated chocolate scent inspired by a recipe for spiced cocoa kept by nuns for centuries. The chocolate accord is dark and spiked with spices and chilli. I should mention that I don’t pick up on any cumin if you’re super sensitive to it as I am.

Notes: Sesame Seed, Cinnamon, Oregano, Clove Buds, Cumin, Jasmine, Smoked Chili Infusion, Vanilla, Cocoa and Oriental-Chypre Accord.





A Show at the Theatre – Bois des Iles Parfum, Chanel

If you’re going to be sitting in close quarters with people you don’t know for any length of time, it’s best to choose a perfume that is on the quiet side. This doesn’t mean it has to be dull however. Somewhat sadly, people don’t dress up for the theatre any more but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a classy perfume.

Choose a fragrance that feels decadent but make it the Parfum concentration so it doesn’t draw more attention to you than what’s happening on the stage. Perfumer Ernest Beaux was inspired to create Bois des Iles for Chanel while at the opera. The sumptuousness of the theatre is reflected in this golden, sandalwood masterpiece.

Notes: Aldehydes, Bergamot, Neroli, Peach, Jasmine, Rose, Lily of the Valley, Iris, Ylang-Ylang, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Benzoin and Musk.


bois des iles


Dancing at a Club – Superstitious, Editions des Parfums Frederic Malle

Conversely to the situation above, at a club anything goes. In fact you need a perfume that is able to compete for attention.  Superstitious is a rarity for me: a loud perfume that I love. Frothy aldehydes laced lavishly with jasmine float on top of a dusty and earthy vetiver.

It’s a lot of fun and I enjoy how the surface layer of peaches and cream contrasts with the dark and dirty base underneath. It starts off elegant but doesn’t take itself too seriously. Superstitious gets increasingly dishevelled as the night wears on.

Notes: Jasmine, Rose, Peach, Amber, Incense, Vetiver, Patchouli and Aldehydes.




A Walk in the City – Rose de Nuit, Serge Lutens

Strolling along London’s Southbank is one of my favourite things to do. During December it’s particularly enjoyable because in the evenings the trees are festooned with twinkling lights and there’s always something festive going on. It’s a great option for a date because you can walk and talk, see what attractions are on offer and take in the views across the River Thames.

For a night like this, a nocturnal, leather-tinged rose seems to fit the bill. The Paris exclusive Rose de Nuit contains red roses and yellow jasmine petals smeared with beeswax and emitting a wanton undercurrent of animalic musk. There’s something raspy about it that creates a bit of a frisson.

Notes: Turkish rose, jasmine, apricot, amber, musk, sandalwood and beeswax


rose de nuit


Drinks at a Bar – Liqueur Charnelle, Parfumerie Generale

If you’re going to be imbibing alcohol then a boozy perfume seems the obvious choice. Like gourmands, I rarely come across fragrances with prominent alcoholic notes that I like. I’m drawn to the idea of them but when I put them on my skin they are often too strident.

Liqueur Charnelle by Parfumerie Generale is one of the few boozy perfumes that I really enjoy. The burn of cognac is mellowed by frozen raspberries sprinkled with pepper. It feels hedonistic in a very seductive way and it’s perfect for after-hours, grown-up fun.

Notes: Cognac, Dried Fruits, Lime (linden blossom), Grapes, Caramel, Vanilla, Black Pepper, Pink Pepper, Elemi, Amber, Raspberry, Coumarin and Tobacco. 




Check out the Night Out Perfumes chosen by my fellow fragrance bloggers Megan in Sainte Maxime, I Scent You A Day and L’Esperessence.


Which perfume do you usually turn to for a big night out?









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24 responses to “Night Out Perfumes – Mood Scent 4

  1. Hehe, love the idea of Superstitious getting increasingly dishevelled as the night wears on.

    For a night out at this time of year I turn to orientals and furry animalics – sometimes with hints of leather or tobacco – eg scents like OJ Ta’if, Aroma M Geisha Noire, Dior Ambre Nuit, HOCB Immortal Beloved and Diptyque Volutes edt. Recently discovered Berdoues Russkaya Kozha, a sparkling leather vanilla number!


    • V, I love your choices and though I haven’t heard of it before, Berdoues Russkaya Kozha sounds fab. The time of year can certainly make a difference. OJ Ta’if is a gorgeous evening fragrance.


  2. For a girls night out I go with Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire (the original one).


  3. Loved your choices, especially the one for a theater. It would be lovely to sit next to you (and not only in theater 🙂 ).

    In my perfume wardrobe I have probably more “special occasion” perfumes than those that can be safely worn to work in more than homeopathic doses. So for the winter parties I have a lot to choose from: Amouage Gold, Ubar and Memoire; OJ Ta’if; SL Ambre Sultan; By Kilian Amber Oud and MdO Vanille.


    • I’d love to spend time sitting next you too, Undina!
      Oh Amouage fragrances are just made for winter parties. I like that you are drawn to the grand perfumes that so many civilians under appreciate these days.


  4. Hi Tara, Great picks – love Anima Dulcis and must say I’m quite a fan of boozy perfumes too. Generally I tend to go for loud perfumes if I’m going out. Happy festive season to you ✨


  5. Hello Tara – loving your choices, the one that shouts out to me is Liqueur Charnelle – i will be seeking that one out to try. If i was to suggest a boozy one for a night out it would be Ginestet Botrytis – christmassy and delicious alcohol, gingerbread and spices, but soft and mellow! Happy christmas. x


    • Lovely to see you, pats133.
      I’m pretty sure you’ll like Liqueur Charnelle if the description appeals. I think it’s a really interesting boozy perfume with a tart, raspberry twist.
      Oh yes, Ginestet Botrytis is overflowing with honeyed goodness. Happy Christmas to you too!


  6. Tara C

    LIqueur Charnelle is definitely on the list, along with Amouage Dia, Portrait of a Lady and Vero Profumo Onda.


  7. You have sent me on a scent quest. Rose Nuit, one of my FB favorites I just wrote in the other blog as a night out rose. I love SL, and that one is sexy gorgeous. I’ve not tried several of the others except for Arquiste, so I’ll have to remedy that. So many perfumes…


  8. I usually wear Coco Noir or Black Orchid as my going out perfume. Your description of Bois Ille Chanel, mmmm, might need to try it.


  9. Sandra

    Hi Tara, I love your list of perfumes for the night out. I think that people not only don’t dress up for the theatre but also for other special occasions. Bois des Iles is always perfect and fitting. And Anima Dulcis… lovely.
    Sandra xoxo


  10. These all sound like perfect choices, Tara. I am particularly intrigued by Anima Dulcis by Arquiste. Penhaligon’s Much Ado About The Duke is one of my current favourites for a night out. Thanks for the great post! R


    • Hi R,
      I do think Anima Dulcis is worth trying if you come across it because it’s a clever twist on a gourmand. Thanks for sharing your current favourite too.


  11. crikey

    That’s a nice list! It would probably be a great big stonker of a show off perfume like Jubilation 25, or a dab of my dwindling Shalimar extrait.

    (After reading your post, I made a point of having a sniff of Anima Dulcis the other day when I got a chance to visit Bloom for the first time. Intriguing and comfortable at the same time, and I will have to try it on skin next time for sure.)


    • Hey crikey,
      Nights out are made for show-off perfumes like Jubilation 25 and Shalimar extrait. Brilliant choices.
      Anima Dulcis is a grown-up gourmand. Intriguing and comfortable sums it up nicely. Hope you get to try it on skin some time.


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