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We are four perfume bloggers from four different places on the globe but together we are the Mood Scent 4. If you didn’t catch our first joint post, Rainy Day Perfumes, you can read mine here with links at the end to the others.

June has long marked the start of the traditional wedding season. Some of us will be getting ready to attend and wish the happy couple well, but what to wear? Of course, I’m referring to perfume.

For me it all depends on the location. Weddings can take place almost anyway these days but I’ve picked four of the most popular choices and paired each of them with an appropriate scent.  Yes, they are all florals of a kind but I don’t think someone else’s Big Day is the time to show off one’s edgy taste in fragrance.


Mood scent purple.png


The Church Wedding

No. 22, Chanel

You can’t get more demure and well behaved than Chanel so it’s the obvious choice for a church wedding. No. 22 is a bit more special than the house’s well known offerings because it’s part of Les Exclusifs. The combination of squeak clean aldehydes, orange blossom and a wisp of incense makes it very fitting for a religious ceremony. Orange blossom has a long history of being worn by brides in their headdresses and bouquets.

The Country House Wedding

Mito Voile d’Extrait, Vero Profumo

A classy countryside do like this needs a sophisticated but unstuffy scent to suit. Mito Volie d’Extrait is a perfect match for the grounds of a stately home or rural hotel with because it was inspired by the greenery, statues and fountains of a famed Italian garden. Fizzy and sherbet-y to start, Mito settles into a green floral with lush magnolia and just a touch of fleshy tuberose. It feels both joyful and elegant. Actually, my lovely friend The Candy Perfume Boy wore Mito at his own exquisite scented wedding in the country.Mito

The Destination Wedding


Frangipani, Ormonde Jayne

I’m all for jetting off and getting married somewhere tropical. So if you’re going to be celebrating the couple’s nuptuals on the beach, I recommend the beautiful Frangipani. It’s floaty and tasteful but the blooms are rich and creamy, perfectly sliced through with a dash of lime. This is a very romantic fragrance which is perfect for an exotic location. You could also go for the luggage friendly travel set.


The Chic City Wedding

Le Parfum de Therese, Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

My interest in the Frederic Malle line has been reignited recently with travel bottle purchases of Superstitious and Iris Poudre.. For a cool and stylish registry office wedding in Marylebone or the likes, I’ve gone for Le Parfum de Therese. It already has a romantic backstory because perfumer Edmund Roudnitska created it for his wife in the 60s and it was only released to the world in 2010. It’s a classy fruity chypre with ripe plum and melon and a chic undertone of leather.




Make sure you check out the other Wedding Guest Perfume posts at Megan In Sainte Maxime, I Scent You A Day and L’Esperessence.


Which fragrance have you chosen to wear as a wedding guest?



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22 responses to “Mood Scent 4 – Wedding Guest Perfumes

  1. Some ebautiful choices and nice mix of accessible niche there. I love the story behind le Parfum de Therese. It always make me feel a bit sad, but it makes me really believe in love too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tara love your choices and adore Le Parfum de Therese in particular but the others are great too. The story behind it is very romantic. I feel like an intruder into their love. Do you know that Therese also had a swimming pool in the shape of a T made for her. Sigh.


  3. Lady Jane Grey

    I’m searching my memory, but cannot remember what was my wedding day parfum 11 years ago. Did I go demure with some gardenia or bold with Une Fleur de Cassie by Frederic Malle ? No idea…

    You are right T., on other people’s big day shouldn’t be everybody’s attention on my perfume, but I still would like them to think “wow, she wears a very pretty and interesting scent”. I would chose something pretty and feel-good, like Dryad by Papillon. Or go all ethereal and innocent with Angelique – also by Papillon.


    • Funny how perfume has because much more of a focus since your wedding day. I’d love to know what you wore.
      Angelique would be a lovely choice. You like Dryad then 🙂


  4. Hey Tara, all nice choices. What a good question though… as a wedding guest I’d head towards the florals too. Osmanthe Yunnan – Hermès, Linde Berlin – Frau Tonis and Champaca – Comme des Garçon all come to mind. Simple, gorgeous, yet no grandstanding.
    xx Tina G


  5. Fab choices, Tara, yes we are a bit on the same page destination wise. Loved your choice of Frangipani for the beach wedding. Like Megan, I feel a bit of an intruder to wear Le Parfum de Therese. It is such a romantic story. The melon note kills it for me although it makes it more interesting. Would love to go to a tropical beach wedding!


    • Your idea to match the fragrance to the outfit was really inspired.
      I had never thought about feel like a intruder with LPdT but see where you’re coming from.
      My sister got married on Barbados but I have no idea which perfume I wore back then!


  6. Great fun. Most of my friends are already married now, but if I get an invitation for a Pagan wedding I’d wear Liz Moore’s latest creation Dryad (countryside) or Mistral Patchouli by Atelier Cologne (urban).


  7. Sandra

    Beautiful choices Tara! I adore Chanel No.22. I cannot remember what I wore on my wedding day. But it might have been Chanel No 5 or Ungaro Diva. Sandra xoxo


    • I wonder if wedding perfumes have become more of a thing since the Duchess of Cambridge revealed her wedding fragrance choice.
      I’m sure whatever you wore it was classy.


  8. Having just been to a country house wedding at Bignor in Sussex (well, the reception at any rate) I completely concur about Mito Vd’E. If I hadn’t been on such a protracted Songes kick lately, that would have fitted the bill perfectly. I am kicking myself for not sniffing the bride or any of the other guests. I am not sure I got any sillage to speak of at normal range. Love your other suggestions too, and though PdT is not my thing personally, I completely see how it would make for city chic.


    • Weddings are so exhausting I’m not surprised you didn’t think to check out the fragrances of the bride or other guests.
      I wore PdT to a wedding a few years back. It was perfect, though I’m still not sure it’s for me.


  9. The only one of these I own and love is PdT. As for weddings, I oddly haven’t been to that many, so I can’t really say what I’d wear. These days I feel après l’ondee goes with anything, so that might be my choice.

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    • Oh yes, Apres L’Ondee goes with anything and everything. I should re-try and see if my heliotrope issue has dissipated.
      I haven’t been to many weddings either, but as I said to V, I wore PdT to the last one I attended.


  10. Loving the second installment in your series, Tara. These are all very special choices. R


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