Mood Scent 4 – Uplifting Perfumes

Welcome to the latest instalment in the Mood Scent 4. joint blogging project,

We are four perfume bloggers from France, Holland, England and Wales who post on a different joint subject every couple of months.  Each time we pick a selection of fragrances to fit a particular mood or occasion. You’ll find links to the other blogs at the end of the post.

Previous posts have been on the topics of Rainy Day Perfumes, Wedding Guest Perfumes and Mainstream Perfumes. Today the topic is Uplifting Perfumes.



Mood scent purple.png


Really, any perfume you love can be uplifting but some types of fragrances can be  depended upon to raise most people’s spirits. Aromatherapy will tell you orange is the most mood-boosting aroma and I agree many perfumes in this citrus category can do the trick.

My personal favourite for an instant up-tick in outlook is Eau de Mandarine Ambrée by Hermès. The scent of mandarins is pure happiness to me, perhaps because I was given tinned mandarins segments in syrup as a dessert when a child.



Eau de Mandarin Ambrée is from Les Cologne Collection but the citrus is supported by amber which prolongs its life significantly. Hermès are generally a good bet for classy orange scents with the classic Eau D’Orange Verte, the orange-tinted beach scent Eau des Merveilles and last year’s Eau de Néroli Doré.

Orange Sanguine by Atelier Cologne is like a morning class of fresh orange juice, while the mainstream have Clinique Happy and Boss Orange.

Related to citrus scents but fuller and obviously more floral, are the orange blossom perfumes. They feel like inhaling the scent of blossom on the breeze in early summer. It’s uplifting but in a more languid, sensual way.  For an added burst of zingy lemon in the opening and extra longevity, there’s the golden orange blossom of Cologne Indélébile by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

The two I own though, are the limited edition Fleur d’Oranger and Seville a L’Aube, both by L’Artisan Perfumeur. The latter is a combination of honeyed orange blossom, caramelised lavender and a wisp of incense. If you fall for it you can read all about its development in The Perfume Lover by Denyse Beaulieu.


Sometimes just the name of a perfume is enough to make you smile. Tart’s Knicker Drawer by 4160 Tuesdays is just as playful as its name. This is a vintage-style boudoir scent topped with raspberry. Put it on and enjoy that fun, flirty feeling. If someone asks you what you’re wearing, that’s an added bonus.

How about a perfume inspired by the glittering world of Bollywood that also has an exclamation mark at the end? Bombay Bling! by Neela Vermeire Creations is characterised by a fabulously joyous and super juicy mango note. Spray it and just see if you can resist the urge to smile


bombay bling


Aldehydes are the party perfume ingredient with their bubbly spray of champagne foam. My favourite Vega is no longer available but there are some others out there including of course, the most recent youthful incarnation of the Chanel classic, No. 5 L’Eau.

Other easily obtainable old school aldehydic perfumes are Lanvin Arpege, Ivoire de Balmain and YSL’s Rive Gauche.




Be sure to check out my fellow bloggers’ choices of Uplifting Perfumes at Megan In Sainte Maxine, L’Esperessence and I Scent You A Day.


What perfumes to you turn to when you need a bit of cheering up?





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15 responses to “Mood Scent 4 – Uplifting Perfumes

  1. I love your choices Tara. Totally agree about oranges being so uplifting. In my post I said the same about grapefruit! I also love what you say about the old school aldehydes- one of my favourite genres. I love Arpege and Rive Gauche. Great post and lovely photos. xx


    • Hi Sam,
      Citrus perfumes are uplifting generally but I guess we all have a favourite fruit in that category.
      Aldehydics are feel-good perfumes to me and I find that upbeat, sociable people are often drawn to them.


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  3. Great choices, Tara! We all mentioned citrus fragrances, you focused on oranges, Sam mentioned Grapefruit and I wrote about lemons. And we both choose Hermes Eau D’Orange Verte. Interesting you choose aldehydes as well, would not have thought they would have an uplifting effect on ones mood but it makes sense as aldehydes uplift a fragrance composition. Will try this!


    • HI Esperanza,
      Citrus perfumes are the obvious choice but it’s been fun to see which ones we’ve each gone for.
      I associate aldehydes with celebrations – maybe because of that champagne effect. See what you think and let me know.


  4. Sandra

    Hi Tara, I love your list. Oranges bring a smile to my face. Tough question though as I cannot really wear citrus perfumes. For cheering up I tend to veer towards comfort perfumes like Cuir Beluga and Tihota. Sandra xo


    • Hi Sandra,
      I didn’t know you couldn’t wear citrus perfumes. I presume your skin is too sensitive for them. That’s a shame but comforting perfumes can be just as good for your mood. I think of Cuir Beluga as a vanilla as well as Tihota.


  5. I do agree that any perfume you love can be uplifting, but those citrus ones you mention would definitely hit the spot for a lot of people. I hadn’t thought of Tarts’ Knicker Drawer in that light before, but I can see how it would cheer you up and make you smile. The raspberry in it, perhaps? And good call on Bombay Bling as well. A happy mango explosion!


  6. Citrus perfumes are my summer fix for citrus fruits that I love but do not eat off-season.
    Eau de Mandarin Ambrée, Orange Sanguine, Seville a L’Aube and Bombay Bling! are my favorites as well.

    And now I look forward to the new crop of oranges, mandarins and grapefruits.


  7. Hi Tara. That’s a snap with the Bombay Bling. It really makes a great mood enhancer. Tart’s Knicker Draw is another good one too. Loved your recommendations. xx


  8. I am feeling all uplifted just reading your post, Tara. Must be all the citrus floating about. Love the name Tart’s Knicker Drawer. I find many of the Atelier Colognes do the uplifting thing so well. Thanks. R


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