Parfum de Maroc & Velvet Tuberose by Aftelier Perfumes

This is a busy but special time at Aftelier Perfumes HQ in Berkley, California. A lot of work is put into their annual Christmas store/party and there are special fragrant creations for the holidays.

Artisan, natural perfumer Mandy Aftel has released two 9ml EdP pocket sprays for Christmas, namely Bergamoss and Parfum de Maroc  (both $60).  Mandy was inspired to re-issue Parfum de Maroc by our Portia. How cool is that?


Parfum de Maroc

Notes: Saffron, Galangal, Turkish Rose, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Myrrh

Although it wasn’t originally created for the festive season, Parfum de Maroc is a great fit for this time of year. It was actually inspired by an ancient Moroccan spice recipe ‘Ras el Hanout’ but its combination of rose, orange and spices really enhances the Christmas spirit.

The pretty rose at its heart is made fruity by bitter orange, which in turn is studded with pomander spices of nutmeg and cardamom. There is a lightness to the composition that makes it full of joyful anticipation. The spices are softened beautifully by the rose, making for a gently spicy, gourmand floral.




Velvet Tuberose

Notes : Pink Grapefruit, Grand Fir, Transparent Florals, Tuberose Absolute, Heady White Flowers, Creamy Sandalwood, Damp Earth, Spun Sugar

For tuberose lovers who really want to spoil themselves with something truly special this Christmas, there’s Velvet Tuberose solid perfume ($240).  For some time, Mandy has wanted to create a solid tuberose perfume which highlights its luscious, sumptuous feel and stays close to the body. If you’ve only ever tried synthetic tuberose fragrances, the scent of the natural absolute used here is very different.

Velvet Tuberose emphasises the creamy, luxurious feel of tuberose as well as its more familiar narcotic and sensuous facets. It is supported by forest notes and rare mitti attar: a traditional aromatic essence of baked earth distilled into sandalwood.  I’ve rarely experienced such a gorgeous tuberose fragrance; it’s floral, sweetened and rather romantic.

The carrier for the scent is organic coconut oil and it is presented in a handmade sterling silver compact.





I also have to mention that Mandy has created two new Face & Body Balms in 15ml tins for the holidays because they both sound lovely.




Frankincense Face & Body Balm contains two types of the resin which is known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Rose Face & Body Balm contains Turkish rose absolute and Bulgarian rose wax which are combined with moisturising squalene and nourishing sea buckthorn berry oil ($35 each).




Are you treating yourself to anything fragrant this festive season?




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9 responses to “Parfum de Maroc & Velvet Tuberose by Aftelier Perfumes

  1. Wow, these sound amazing! I especially love the sound of the tuberose one, being very open to trying naturalistic tuberoses. And how gorgeous is that metal compact…!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m eyeing that Rose Face & Body Balm: I LOVE natural rose oil smell in face products. And I’m also tempted by salts.


    • Oh yes, me too. In fact, a natural rose oil scent is one of the few exceptions I make in facial skincare. I generally go for fragrance-free. I’ve been eyeing Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream for ages.
      The finishing salts do look fab.


  3. Hey Tara,
    VERY freaking cool that Mandy re-issued Parfum de Maroc. It’s so yummy.
    Those little face tins are super cute too.
    Excellent Aftelier Christmas Gifting.
    Portia xx


    • Portia, I’ve really been enjoying wearing Parfum de Maroc. It’s so joyful and uplifting.
      If I could go to the Aftelier Christmas store I’d go slightly crazy 🙂


  4. Sandra

    Dear Tara, what a wonderful tradition that Mandy has. You have made me super curious about the tuberose solid perfume and the frankincense face balm. I love using frankincense essential oil right before going to sleep. Hugs, Sandra xoxo


    • The tuberose is stunning, Sandra and I’m not even a tuberose person. I love frankincense too. It’s so calming and soothing to the nerves. All Mandy’s products are top notch.


  5. They sound lovely, Tara, but as always with the US perfumers I’m too aware that samples and perfumes are difficult and/or expensive to get hold of. It’s such a shame, as there seems to be so many interesting indie perfumes ‘over there’ comepared to Europe. Of course the restrictions here are much tougher.
    How do you like it using solids?


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