DSH Perfumes: Mini Reviews – Poppy, French Lily, Foxy and Habibi

I was fortunate to receive a package from American artisan perfumer Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, containing a fabulous selection of her latest fragrances for me to try. All were released during 2017 and the samples come in the form of little glass roll-ons which work much better than dab vials.

I’ve recently wrote about the one that was my personal highlight, the vintage fur Une Robe de Zibeline.  Today, I’m posting mini reviews of four others that stood out to me.





Poppy is a nice surprise because from the name, I was expecting something cheery and lightweight. It’s actually a sophisticated floral oriental with a central carnation accord that isn’t too clove-heavy. Poppy is backed by the seductive kind of musk which I wish perfumers used more often. It’s that kind of muskiness which is reminiscent of the nape of the neck, drawing you closer. It feels sensuous rather than skanky.
French Lily

Now this is a lily to have a spring love affair with. I’ve never clicked with a lily perfume before this one. I can’t bear the scent of stargazer lilies and lily of the valley is usually pretty but a bit too innocent and simplistic for my tastes. French Lily has all the fresh green beauty of muguet but with a sexy Parisian twist.  The balance between purity and carnality is just right, with the lily accented rather than overwhelmed by the musk. Megan in Sainte Maxime felt the same and you can read her full review here.




Who doesn’t want to try a perfume called Foxy?! Amber fans may well swoon at this one. It’s a gently spiced amber with an apple whiskey accord and a furry feel. It’s in the same luxurious, gourmand amber category as Ambre Narguile by Hermes. I may not be an amber person but at this time of year I can really appreciate the warming, edible goodness of a well done amber fragrance such as this.



Habibi is an Arabian term of endearment (‘my beloved’) while the fragrance is an uncommon orange blossom.  Where most perfumes in this category are joyful and sunlit, Habibi is candlelit and sets an exotic, even erotic, mood. Oud and saffron combine to create a leathery orange blossom scent with honeyed facets. Jasmine adds to the seductive, verging on narcotic, feel. The oud is smoothly animalic and it’s good to see it used in a composition where – for once – rose isn’t its counterpart.




Have you tried any of DSH Perfume’s 2017 launches? Are there any past releases I should investigate?







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8 responses to “DSH Perfumes: Mini Reviews – Poppy, French Lily, Foxy and Habibi

  1. Hi Tara. Thanks for the link and I really like Rendezvous, a retro animalic done very well. There’s also Giverny In Bloom, a beautiful green garden scent. Have a great Xmas week. 😘


    • Hi Megan,
      Ooh you’ve really piqued my interest in Rendezvous. That’s just the kind of fragrance I’ve been looking for lately. I’ve tried Giverny in Bloom. I think of it as a very fridge-fresh, green floral.
      Wishing you a great Christmas week too!


  2. Tara C

    I just bought Become the Shaman, a beautiful palo santo incense perfume, and ordered samples of Foxy and Habibi. Can’t wait to try!


  3. Foxy was my absolute fave! I will revisit French Lily in the spring, along with a few of the others in the batch that I strongly associated with that time of year. I agree that Poppy was unexpected and distinctive. Not a common note in perfumery, that’s for sure.


    • Foxy isn’t my style but it’s pretty fantastic and perfect for Christmas time. I can see why it was your favourite, V. French Lily also really impressed me because it’s such a different take on lily. I’ll try it again in spring too.


  4. I tried a couple of the new scents: Habibi isn’t for me though I agree that it’s an interesting and unusual composition and I liked bluedaisy.

    From the previous years I really like Euphorisme d’Opium, Ma Plus Belle Histoire d’Amour and The Beat Look – all from the collection inspired by YSL.


    • I bet bluedaisy would be great on one of your vacations to the Hawaiian islands, Undina. It has a really fun, blue sky, pulpy fruit cocktail vibe.
      Thanks for your recommendations from the YSL inspired collection. Such a nice idea.

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