Love to Smell – A Must Watch

In these “interesting times” it’s a relief to be able to watch something that will transport you to a joyous place of fragrant fun. Nick of Nick Gilbert- Fragrance Expertise and Pia of Volatile Fiction were already much-loved perfume friends and bloggers but in May this year they came together to form their own YouTube channel, Love to Smell.

This is like having two of your favourite superheroes unite to fight a common evil, only in this case it’s to, er, have a giggle reviewing perfumes on camera – what could be better?!

Nick and Pia bounce off each other really well and are clearly enjoying themselves (which is wonderfully contagious) but the fact is, they know their stuff. Both have a passion for science and work in the industry so their opinions are informed by their experience on both sides of the supplier/consumer divide.

There is a new Love to Smell video released every Friday and the one below is from last week.

Watch, like, subscribe and enjoy!



Do you follow Love to Smell? Are you generally fond of Vloggers?




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7 responses to “Love to Smell – A Must Watch

  1. cookie queen

    Although I live so far, I still feel a part of your brilliant London scene. The fun that Nock and Pia have is contagious and they are exactly who they are. No pretentious crap. Fantastic. I really look forward to each episode. More than EastEnders. 🙂


  2. What fun! Thanks for alerting us to it.
    I’m not really a vlog-watcher, simply because you can’t skim through a video to focus on the things of interest to you, but maybe I just didn’t find the *right* vlog before 🙂


    • I know what you mean. I think with vlogs you have to just enjoy watching the people on screen and be relaxed about the content. That’s why I also like Katie Puckrik’s vids on YouTube.

      Do check out their older episodes if you liked this one.


  3. I have caught a couple of their videos already and they are very amusing. An absolute highlight for me is the eclectic collection of stuffed toys and ornaments in the background. 😉

    I am a longtime fan of Katie P’s YouTube reviews, because they are sound bites on one thing and you know exactly what they are about. More of a reference medium perhaps than P & N’s channel, which you watch more for entertainment, like the presenters chatting on breakfast telly, but there is definitely a place in the vloggersphere for both formats!


    • Oh me too! It’s nice to see how they’ve personalised it with flamingos and various animation characters.

      Katie P is fab. I particularly loved her series of perfume collection videos because it’s always interesting to see what other people actually own full bottles of.


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