Barcelona – Photo Essay

No perfume post today I’m afraid as I’ve been been away for a long weekend in Barcelona. So I’m sharing a few holiday pics instead. As with my trip to Venice earlier in the year, I took some decants but didn’t wear a single one. I did spray on some Nuxe Huile Prodigieux one evening and the scent from that was perfect.

I’ve long been dreaming of visiting Barcelona so this year I decided to make it happen. The main draw for me was the architecture of Antonio Gaudi. His style is often polarising but I love it. He was a genius and a visionary. Not only is his work stunning but thoughtful, functional and imbued with symbolic meaning.

The top of my list was his basilica, La Sagrada Familia or “Church of the Holy Family”. Construction commenced in 1882 and is expected to be completed in 2026. I’m happy to report that it totally surpassed my high expectations. The use of colour is way ahead of its time and the inspiration taken from nature makes it seem as if it grew out of the ground after a scattering of magic beans.



La Sagrada Familia


The colours! 



The columns are inspired by trees so lean at an angle.

I knew of Casa Batllo’s striking facade but I had no idea how beautiful it was inside, with so many breathtaking features. You can only imagine what it must have been like to live in a house as unique this with such attention to detail.



The stunning tiled light-well at Casa Batllo


The cute mushroom fireplace at Casa Batllo


Casa Batllo’s main room overlooking the street



Park Guell was another item on my Gaudi hit list. I particularly wanted to walk along the colonnaded pathway which showcase his organic style.







The view from Park Guell with the two pavilions in the foreground

We strolled along Las Ramblas and the beachfront, but my favourite part of the city was the Gothic Quarter. Like Venice, you feel like you are looking back in time.




The Bridge of Sighs in the Gothic Quarter

On our last night we saw a flamenco show which I thought might be a touristy “castanets” version. I was wrong. This was the real deal and so intense I was on the edge of my seat and cheering. I thought the women would be the stars of the show but the men danced with such passion – hitting their chests and thighs and stamping their feet with amazing power and speed – they were mesmerising.



Tablao Flamenco Cordobes



Las Ramblas


Have you been to Barcelona? Which is your favourite European city?



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12 responses to “Barcelona – Photo Essay

  1. I love this Tara, so happy for you, amazing buildings and the flamenco. The nuxe was a perfect scent. Thank you for this post Tara xo


  2. Fantastic photos from what looks like a perfect long weekend. I understand how you can be having so much fun you are a bit haphazard with perfume application. Glad the city lived up to your expectations, and by inference that the gaggle of girls you were with were good craic!

    I spent a long weekend there in December 2012, based around a TMS gig. I had several days of solo sightseeing and really caned Shank’s pony – and the buses. I visited a quirky museum of perfume bottles, made a pilgrimage to the HQ of Carner Barcelona, did store checks for the band to see how – and if! – their albums were being merchandised, and spent an embarrassingly long time browsing in Zara. Spain is the mothership, but still! The cathedral had a Christmas market outside dominated by strange little logs with carved faces and Santa hats. I didn’t get to any flamenco, so based on your experience, on the list it goes!


    • I clearly remember your post about the perfume museum, V.

      My usual routine goes out of the window on holiday and perfume along with it. I also think that I’m usually so tired in the mornings I can’t tolerate spraying perfume.

      The mind boogles at the Santa logs!


  3. Tara it sounds like you guys had an amazing trip! Loved the pics – all that fab architecture…. Laughing at your decant perfume experience, I do exactly the same thing… Take a few and don’t use them. I was stunned to nearly finish two in 7 weeks – Misia, and a CdG – Precision and Grace.

    I visited Barcelona quite a few years back. Fav European city? There’s no way I could choose…

    xx Tina G


    • It’s not fair to compare them really, is it? I loved Barcelona but also adore Rome and Vienna, not forgetting how I was blown away by Venice. Need to re-visit Paris as it’s been 25 years not counting the whirlwind day trip to the Osmotheque.

      Holidays are perfect for using up decants but it just doesn’t seem to happen. I’m better on beach holidays when it’s more relaxed and I apply before dinner.


  4. Hey world traveler!!
    Barcelona seems to be an excellent fit for you. We loved it too. You look so happy and relaxed Tara.
    Favourite European city? I think it’s Vienna. So many memories over decades made there and always so much to see & do, yet never overwhelming like some of the other cities. Also the people, our friends and the population. We also dearly love the hotel we stay in there.
    What a great post, thanks for taking us with you on your journey.
    Portia xx


    • Hey Portia,
      So interesting to hear you’d go for Vienna, especially as you’ve visited so many great European cities. I love it also of course. There’s a reason it is continuously in the top 3 cities in the world for standard of living.
      It’s perfect for culture vultures like us. Not everyone’s the same.


  5. I haven’t been to Barcelona (hopefully, yet) so thank you for sharing your photos! I love each and every of them (and wouldn’t mind to see more).

    My heart is equally divided between Vienna and London but I’m open to seeing many others.


    • Sounds like we are on the same wavelength regarding European cities Undina so I reckon you’d love Barcelona. Thanks for saying you enjoyed the photos, there are more on my FB page if you haven’t seen them already 🙂


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