Freddie Albrighton Perfumes


“I went out on the balcony to clear my head, I was burning up in my queen-sized bed, down on the strip beneath the billboard moon, teenaged kids look for love in the neon sex and doom, of your Hollywood perfume.” Hollywood Perfume. The Pretenders.

I first met Freddie in 2014 and we have remained friends ever since. We share a deep love of Vero Profumo, and of the Hermessence collection, and of Malle’s Le Parfum de Therese. Style matters.

Although on the surface it may look as though Freddie Albrighton leans more towards the weird and unwearable (indeed I do believe he had a phase of this) he actually has a deep love for fragrances that are quite classical in their construction and beauty.

That is not to say that I wasn’t apprehensive when he told me he was going to create his own perfume line. After all we have all had more than enough of the complete and utter crap put together by people in their broom cupboards and sold at extortionate rates to those who were not brought up on the literary folklore tale of The Emperor`s New Clothes penned by Hans Christian Anderson.

I need not have been. Freddie Is an artist, clear to see in his tattoo work. This translated well in the cross-over to perfume, proving he would not be satisfied with anything less than performing to the best of his ability. You are either a perfectionist or you are not – this being a person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection, and only offers up what to them, at the time is the best that they can do.

MABEL´S TOOTH. A dark fragrance, but Mabel has a diamond on her tooth, allowing it to glint and glisten. Ristretto with a splinter of caramel. Earthy and nutty. Not for those who take marshmallows in their chocolate.

BERNADETTE MARGARET EVELYN THERESA. Vintage without the vinegar. Full of joy and flowers. Apricot schnapps and quantum droplets of patchouli. The beauty of this is quite astonishing and there is actual love in the formula. You can feel it. I want to drown in it.

BOYS. Walking into Top Shop on Oxford Circus. Straight onto the first level, full of plastic earrings, leather bags, fake leather bags, pink fluffy slippers, purple fluffy slippers, cupcakes, candy canes, lollipops, key rings, a photo booth or two. Add a hefty dose of shattered violets and a hit of musk.

This collection is exactly what we need after a year of lockdown, and as we manoeuvre our way through the months to come. Perfumes that are bright and cheerful, and a delight to have on the skin. These have no nuclear bases that cling ’til you’re in a coma. They slowly vanish, leaving a whisper of what was. And then you spray more. At 89 pounds for 50ml, what are we waiting for?

Stay tuned for an Instagram live interview with @freddiealbrightonperfume and me @armadilloscookiequeen. Imminent.



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9 responses to “Freddie Albrighton Perfumes

  1. bonkersvanessa

    Oh, these sound wonderful in so many ways, not least the names! And who needs anything longer than your perfect, punch-packing mini-reviews? Mabel’s Tooth is possibly the best perfume name ever. I may be one of only a few fumeheads who remember what they were doing on the snowy day Freddie was born, a story he knows. We hung out one afternoon in a dark, cavernous pub in Birmingham years ago, and swapped perfumes. Just the sort of place Mabel’s might have supped a half of stout, her tooth glinting in the gloom…;)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bonkersvanessa

    *where Mabel might* – predictive text is hanging on to her apostrophe.


  3. I love the names and description 🙂
    Very modern I think xx


  4. WOW! Love that some of the crew are becoming the establishment. GO FREDDIE!
    Portia xx

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  5. Lisa

    Ooh! This post has left me intrigued & wanting to try Freddie’s fragrances. They sound so different & interesting xx

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Tara C

    The tattoo of Bogue’s Douleur on his face does give me pause (I was traumatized by smelling that one and had to frantically scrub it off), but good on him, I wish him well!

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  7. I think we all “met” online at around the same time! What heady days those early 2nd wave fragrance blogger years were. I’m so excited to see Freddie launch this collection, and looking forward to trying. I see that sample sets are currently sold out, but will keep trying. So excited to support a felow frag community member!


  8. Love the way you sum them up so succinctly yet so evocatively.
    I need to try them all and will get the sample set whm the site goes live on 3rd April.


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