Paris-Deauville by Chanel

Notes: Basil, Sicilian Orange, Lime, Bergamot, Petitgrain, Lemon, Green Notes, Hedione, Jasmine, Rose and Patchouli

Paris-Deauville was the only one of Les Eaux de Chanel released in 2018 (composed by Olivier Polge), that caught my fancy. I have a fondness for green fragrances and this seemed like a good one to wear in warmer weather as opposed to the chypres I associate with spring.

The bottle with its rounded edges is just gorgeous and the sprayer is exceptionally good at misting the skin.


Tart, zesty, citrus fizzes and sparkles in the opening. It’s uplifting but a brief introduction. This is rapidly followed by a herbaceous wash of green that is chiefly made up of basil interspersed with sprigs of fresh mint.

I wish leafy herbs were used more in modern perfumery so I’m pleased to experience them here. They make a welcome change from the usual suspects and have a depth of aroma I really appreciate.

The chic French resort of Deauville is on the coast of Normandy and there is a waft of salt air here that I can imagine may not be to everyone’s taste. It mingles with the herbs to recreate the scent of foreshore foliage crusted with sea salt. Some people’s skin seems to play up the florals but it’s green all the way on me without any noticeable jasmine or rose except for a subtle sweetness.

It’s a classy cologne-style fragrance with complexity and recognisable Chanel D.N.A. I really appreciate its aromatic, citrusy radiance and find it to be a real mood-lifter.

It’s been a pleasure to feel it cutting through the heat of summer as well as on those dull, muggy days we’ve had too much of this August. I am determined not to be precious with it and instead spray it lavishly – it’s what it needs.

Paris-Deauville doesn’t last terribly long in its true form before scattering, to be replaced by a wispy, celadon-tinted musk. However this is when I have to remind myself it is an EdT and needs to be enjoyed for what it is.

Deauville resort

Do you have any Chanel Les Eaux in your collection? I’m looking forward to trying the latest, Paris-Edimbourg.

Photo credit: Loik_marras from unsplash



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15 responses to “Paris-Deauville by Chanel

  1. That is a perfect review of Deauville, which I think was the only one I liked as well – I remember one of them being too musky. Quite agree about needing a perfume to cut through the muggy days of August. This wasn’t FBW for me, possibly because of the herbal facet, but it is a very pleasant summer scent and I shall enjoy using up my sample.


  2. I have all five of them and enjoy each one in its own way. Paris-Edimbourg is very different from the other four and more long-lasting.


    • I was happy to find Deauville lingered longer than I expected, albeit very close to the skin.

      I’ve heard Edimbourg is very different. I’m seriously intrigued.


  3. Asali

    I was quite disappointed with these, though I’m not really a Chanel kind of girl anyway. I can see it being very nice as you describe it; a refreshing scent in warm weather. I wish it was celadon musk on me, sounds beautiful 😊


  4. I think I was put off by the salty note when I tried this one. I liked Paris-Edimbourg though – was so sure the juniper-cypress opening was another note (can’t remember what now). Dry and green.


  5. Hrey Tara,
    I love this series and have them all except the new one.Biarritz is my favourite but they all get warm weather spritzes. As we head into spring here I have Venise and Riviera on my grab tray.
    100% agree on how lovely and simple the bottles are. I also thought the price point very reasonable for something with a cHANEL label.
    Have you tried the bath products? The shower gel is very luxurious too.
    You’ve inspired my SOTD and i’ll wear Riviera in your honour.
    I can definitely imagine you swanning around in Deauville.
    Portia xx


  6. What a serendipity! I wore this perfume on the day when you published this (excellent!) review.

    I love the opening of P-D, and I usually don’t mind having to re-apply my perfumes. But my complaint is that I don’t really like this perfume’s final whispers. I would have preferred it to just disappear completely. But it won’t prevent me from finishing the decants I have.

    My most favorite perfume from this line (and the only FB) is Paris – Venise. I enjoy it in all stages. I also want to say that you expressed exactly how I feel about Chanel’s bottles and sprayers. I think they have the best sprayers – and I tried my share of luxury and much more expensive perfumes.


    • Aah I love a bit of serendipity!

      I don’t normally comment on bottles and definitely not sprayers so I’m glad you agree. Chanel’s attention to detail really does make a difference.


  7. I love this perfume. So easy to wear and puts a smile on your face when you do. I thought it disappeared quickly as well, but then I gave a bottle to my sister in law and found that hours later after she put some on, I could smell it on her. Maybe it just gets nose blind to those who wear it??!

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    • Yes, so easy to wear that I’ve even been able to wear it when stressed which is unusual for me.

      It could well be that we go nose blind or that it’s so subtle it’s easier to catch wafts coming off other people.

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