“Where lipstick is concerned, the important thing is not the colour, but to accept God´s final decision on where your lips end.” Jerry Seinfeld.

You would think in these extreme times that life would hold more than a lipstick. But perhaps it is because of this very thing that it does not. Just before Christmas I got a package in the post, so totally unexpected that I did not even realize it was for me. I assumed it was for my husband and left it on the side. Upon opening it he said that it must be meant for me as the lipsticks within were not his colour.

One of the two lipsticks I received was the Burberry Deep Crimson. Well this has actually changed my life. I have always worn red, proper red. But over the last year or two I haven’t felt quite comfortable in the colour. The Burberry is as it says, a deep crimson, but it has like a microdot of fuschia embedded in it. And for the first time in my entire life I have a lipstick with pink in it that looks amazing. Fits like a glove. I am a new person. I ran out and bought a deep pink nail polish to match, because there is nothing like matching toes and lips is there? My first pink polish. A complete makeover.

I bought a bottle of Malle´s Le Parfum de Thérèse. I had used four travels over the last few years, and thought it was time. I wanted to buy the 50 ml and the store only had the 100 ml. I bought it anyway. I did feel guilty for a moment – but the store had a twenty per cent off of everything month so it was a bargain don’tchaknow?

Talking of Malle I am nearly out of my Carnal Flower. I have had it for ten years. It is thick and green, leaves a sheen of oil on your skin, and is an exquisite flower shop in a bottle. I doubt that I will replace it as, if I remember correctly, the current version just does not cut the mustard.

I am continuing to take cold showers every morning, and the water that comes out of the tap in the winter is damn cold. As Wim Hof says “Cold showers are the gateway to flow and energy and peace.”. I know I recommended them last post, but now I double recommend them. Mind over body. It has been said that you no longer need coffee after a cold shower. Whatever.

I had a three hour live radio show on January first. I live about 35km from the studio. As I was just going into the second hour of the show my husband sent me a text, informing me that he was walking towards the studio to meet me. Walking. I went into my default mode, total panic. It was minus temperatures, pitch black, and I was sure he would get run over by a truck. He had it all planned, I could just pick him up from somewhere along the side of the road on my way home from the studio. About 13km into the walk he came to the small town at the end of our lake. There is a small train station there. (Well actually there are two, as Vanessa from Bonkers well knows, but I digress.) As luck or God would have it there was a train due in three minutes later, which he happily hopped onto and it took him to within about 2km of the studio. I was so relieved when he messaged me that he was on a train. Of course there were no trucks out on the first of January during a curfew, and total lockdown but ……..

Next show was 15 January. As I began a couple of people messaged, asking if Chris was walking up to the studio again. Obviously not. It was minus three and snowing. I said as much on the radio and settled into the broadcast. The guy who has the show after me arrived about twenty minutes before the end of my show, and we were talking a little. I went to line up my next track, when I heard him laughing uncontrollably. As I looked up there was a guy standing in the studio, dripping wet, high powered LED lights on top of his head, and a full face mask. All I could see was Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate. Seriously, for a few seconds I could not compute what was going on. It was like a trip, no sense of time or of what was happening. I mean it was only my bloody husband. He had biked the whole way up to the studio in the snow including through some gnarly woods. And he was not on an e-bike. When I realized who it was I was completely disorientated. I had to tell the listeners. By then I was laughing, and was getting “I knew he would do that” and “that is no surprise” messages. The thing is the dude thinks he’s totally normal.

As of Monday we have to wear the FFP2 masks. The medical masks and face coverings are not allowed anymore.

I guess most of you have seen that Campomarzio70 have launched a limited edition of the Vero Profumo EdPs. NAJA is also available, and last I looked a couple the extraits. Postage costs in some countries are über-expensive but take a look if you are interested anyway. They are exclusively online at Campomarzio70.

2021. Year of the Pink. Bring it on.


I am indebted to Lady Jane Grey.


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  1. I love how lipstick creating a new look can be so transformative. No small thing.

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    • You are so right. But it is a strange thing. I could never wear pink, I mean really. It never suited me and I cud spot a hidden pink in a red lipstick from a mile away. But I guess as we get older, and our skin changes, we can wear something else. I am still so excited. Each time I put it on it feels like a face lift! And we need to show off the parts of our bodes that we like, and pay tribute. (Heaven knows all that we see who we look into a mirror is everything we don’t like, magnified!) I like my lips and my feet so that is me sorted. And you can actually wear lipstick with the FFP2 masks without trashing it. xxx


  2. Lady Jane Grey

    No, you are not, my dear Val – in fact, you made me endlessly happy. I‘m worried though if I will ever manage to find the right color for Chris… (and no, he‘s not totally normal, but much better !)
    BTW, I tried your cold shower – once. Now I‘m collecting the strength for the second try…
    Luv ya !

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    • You don’t need strength LJG. Just turn the shower onto cold and stand under it, then step back and shower your legs, then back into it, then your arms, and back in —— you feel so great afterwards that it worth 45 seconds of your day. Yeah – these mad bikers are a breed unto themselves. And thanks again for completely upending my colour codes!!


  3. Ooh, I wore Naja yesterday for the first time in ages. You really rock that lipstick colour, and it is so great to take a new beauty direction later in life – means we don’t get stuck in a rut. Though I’d take some dislodging from my MAC Satin Taupe eyeshadow comfy groove!

    I was listening to your show when your husband rocked up looking like a deep sea diver – what a way to get his exercise unit, and what devotion it shows to you, despite the lift cadging subtext, hehe. 😉

    Ah yes, happy memories of that train station – hope to go back one day, with or without associated cultural event.

    I heard about the masks thing. What a shame when everyone has invested in their funky personalised reusable ones.

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    • The These masks are so much more comfortable. The FFP2 masks are so much more comfortable. They fit properly, and your glasses do to steam up. And the offer a higher percentage of protection. They were pricey, but now that they are mandatory the are 59 cents. And if you don’t have one when you go into the supermarket, you can get one from the till, free. Let’s not get carried away with devotion. Hahahahahahaha. Took me a week to get over the trauma. Oh my gosh I dream of the day you make it back. And you should come over with Tara. We’ll book a cabin in the mountains. And yes, I am serious. xxxx


  4. Tara C

    I want to see a picture of you wearing the lipstick! My personal fetish is dark purple lipsticks, have a whole drawer full. Urban Decay Blackmail and Bite Black Truffle, Mac Cyber & Rebel, and Dior Black Tie get the most wear. Your husband is a nut! 🙂 I am not going to take cold showers, wearing @#*!§ masks is bad enough.

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    • Oh wow! I wonder if I could wear dark purple. Maybe I could. Would go well with grey hair, but would have to see with my skin tone. I am gonna check that out the second I can and will look up the colours you mention in a sec. They have to be glossy, or at least satin. Cannot wear matte. I wanted to put a picture in the post but could not manage a decent one. next post I will. My daughter said she would take one!

      Yes Chris really is quite crazy. He thinks nothing of going up the local mountain, at night, with his headlamp (do you know the cost up to 700 Euros for one lamp? They light the way as though you are in total sunlight, and scare the local wildlife spitless. Last time he did a ride like that, he filmed a deer running away. (Yes, he films the ride too – and then comes home and watches it again.)

      What exactly does a mask have to do with a cold shower?

      Hugs Tara! ❤


      • Tara C

        Mask + cold showers = unpleasant things.

        As for the lipsticks, I pay very little attention to formula, if it’s a bit dry/matte I layer a clear balm underneath.

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        • I cannot wear matte at all, makes my lips hurt. The reward after a cold shower is just too great not to for me now. Makes my whole day better. Masks? Yeah well gotta do it and I am guessing for a couple of years yet, certainly in winter.


  5. I would have never called that color (either your lipstick or nail polish) “pink.” I’m not sure what it is, but for me pink is something that is used as a main color for Barbie accessories or for a “It’s a Girl!” balloon. Having seen you with red lips, I have not a shred of a doubt that this color would also look great on you.

    The story about your husband’s “excursions” amazed me. But even more I’m in awe from your self-control: I’m not sure if I could ever do a radio show in principle, but even if I could, after getting a news (and similar to yours thoughts!), I’m sure I would have completely fallen apart right there. One day when we meet again, remind me to tell you the story how once I imagined that my vSO had been kidnapped 😉

    I think that if to wear any masks, those FFP2 masks are much better than fabric ones: they do not completely mess up lipsticks. I do not even talk about colored ones, but even when I apply something for hydration, a couple of hours of grocery shopping effectively wipes out any moisture from my lips. So, I plan to switch to those KN95 just for that reason, even though it’s not required here yet.

    I tried to “negotiate” with Campomarzio70, but they insist on both – including VAT into the price AND charging 90 euro (if not 99 – I can’t remember already) for the shipping. I don’t know… On one hand, I want to get Mito… I still might.

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    • lipstick is definitely not pink but it leans a little pink, fuschia, whatever, purple. And is a colour I have never worn, I looked at the colours TaraC mentioned and I am so going to buy a couple. 2021 is a brand new me! Heaven knows we need one. 😉 (No Barbie pink under any circumstances)

      Of course I fell apart momentarily, but you just cannot do that during a live show. Plus I know when my body goes into a panic mode, that it needs to be ignored, and will ease off fairly quickly. That only took me 20 years to master. (And I have been with Chris for 35 years. he is not called nofearchris for nothing. Bloody crazy though.)

      The fabric masks are useless, I gave them up after the first fortnight back in March 2020, and bought a ton of the medical green/blue ones. The announced today that the supermarkets will be giving the FFP2 away for free tomorrow. To everyone who wants/needs one.

      I need to know the kidnapping story. Over a coffee or three would be ideal!

      As you know I messaged with CM70 – yeah. The postage sucks. ❤


  6. Heya Val,
    You will always be the lipstick and grey T Shirt girl to me. Whenever I see a cool shade in the red range it YOU I think of instantly. Love that you’re branching out.
    I’m boring as. Used the same lip liner for nearly 20 years, just fill the colour in with whatever eye shadow or shimmer fits the bill on the day. I do remember how much make up meant to me in the early years and treated my face like a nightly work of art. Those days are long gone though,
    Portia xx

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    • You are a work of art Honey, shimmer or not. I see there is still a tad of trauma regarding grey t-shirts? I am soooo much easier now though, because I will only wear black. Well I say that, but still can’t find one. LMAO. I love you, top to bottom. xxxxxx


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