strangelove nyc fallintostars edp


Strangelove NYC.  Founder: Elizabeth Gaynes.  Creative Director: Helena Christensen.  Perfumer: Christophe Laudamiel.  Result: A stunning collection of perfumes. 

fallintostars is the most recent of the five edps and oils in the Strangelove collection.  Oud, jonquil, rosewood, amber, pink peppercorns.  (labdanum and peru balsam?).  

Aurorean:  Belonging to the dawn, or resembling it in its brilliant hue.


The edp opens with warm and honeyed oud/ouds.   Unlike the number of perfumers that claim to have used exquisite raw materials,  Laudamiel and Strangelove actually have.  Despite its quite opulent richness, it never becomes heavy, and as it wears it leaves a trail of golden amber.  Animalic, sensual, elegant, divine.  

Completely and utterly addictive.  As perfumistas we hope for, but rarely receive compliments on what we are wearing. Each time I have worn fallintostars someone has asked what it is.   

Offering an alternative to mass perfume, Strangelove are truly niche.  The eau de perfumes are available in bottles 15ml, 50ml, and 100ml.  Sure they are pricey, but you pay for what you get.  Quality has a price.  There are many expensive so called niche perfumes to choose from.  The challenge is to sift the wheat from the tares.  

“And they know just what we do, that we toss and turn at night, they’re waiting to make their moves on us, the stars are out tonight.”   David Bowie. 


With the exception of the fallintostars oil, I have all of the Strangelove’s in the small oil pots, and the 5 x 2 ml edp sample set.  I bought the 15ml fallintostars recently.  I wear all of them.  I never write about what I do not own and wear.  Just to clarify.  





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21 responses to “strangelove nyc fallintostars edp

  1. Lady Jane Grey

    It sounds absolutely perfect, you made me exceptionally curious (not so easy these days). I‘m off to google Strangelove Parfum (Nomen is omen…). And you got me with the Bowie text, as always …

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  2. Tara C

    Never tried this brand and not a fan of oud, but your description makes me want to check them out. I do generally admire Laudamiel’s work. Thanks for the tip! BTW, I got to try Le Lion, it smells a lot like Shalimar on me, which I dislike, so money saved there. 🙂

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    • Le Lion is very Shalimar, yeah. Strangelove’s are worth a try even if you do not like Oud. The cleverness of fallintostars is that it opens with Oud but ends in amber. I cannot stop wearing it. I want the oil really bad, preferably as part of the necklace that they do. Birthday soon —— xxxxx


  3. You make this sound so enticing even though it’s not my usual style. Plus I love the name. Good to know there are still some gems to be found in the wash of niche brands.

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    • If you do not like amber, you probably will not care for this. But if you don‘t like oud, you still have to try it. It could be the exception. I have never had so many compliments on anything. Even in the gym, someone I did not know asked what I was wearing. It‘s gorgeous. And smells as fabulously expensive as it is. Xx

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  4. Echoing what the two Taras say – not a fan of oud, but a very seductive review! I also love that second image. Enough to tempt us all out on night walks…

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    • I love it. But I have recently (finally) got into ambers and I like real oud. So this is really my jam. Chris wears it. And Hannah took a couple of mls from me, loves it too. As I said above. I want the oil. xxxx


  5. Ahhhhhhh, sounds so good Val. Glad you’ve found a new house to adore,
    Portia xx

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    • Not too new. I first got them and wrote a post on APJ. But through getting the EdP sample set (gift) I finally got to try fallintostars. End story – I bought it! Oud to amber. Yeah, you are right, I adore it. xxxx


  6. Hamamelis

    This sounds beautiful and tempting…I love a ‘good’ oud. How is the jonquil? Iove narcissus too. I suppose it is also a good winter warming scent, for some reason quality oud always warms me (in a good way).

    PS I am glad you are ok. because Vienna. I thought you would be but still…Big hugs. And we’re still in business, gyms are allowed to stay open as long as they don’t give classes to groups, which ofcourse we don’t. Pfff. May be cause for a little bit of perfume celebration (although I just bought Vivacious…love).

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    • Oh my – you should try this Hamamelis. It so gorgeous. (I think). I ordered it from the Perfume Lounge in Amsterdam. Fab stuff. I am a long way from Vienna. But it was shocking. The whole week. That, lockdown, elections —- too bloody much. Oh nice. I will wear Vivacious tomorrow. Have not tried it in cool weather yet. I have brought weights and a bar home. You know me !!!! Hugs back. xxxx


  7. I love oud and I love Amber. And David Bowie. I’m off to hunt this down–sounds just like my jam.

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  8. This brand is on my radar because of your mentioning more than once how much you liked it. But for the same reason I’m reluctant to pay that amount of money for trying: our tastes are quite different. But I agree that a true quality is worth the money, so had I tried and liked it, I wouldn’t have felt bad about paying their price.

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    • I was given all that I have, except the fallintostars. But I would be more than willing to pay for the 5 x 2 ml sample set. These are rich perfumes and that amount will last forever quite some time. Love to all of you. xxx

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