Tomorrow at 07:30 I will be at the hair salon. And taking brownies for the reopening.


Saturday 25 April – Friday 1 May.

It is Friday morning and I am writing this update a little earlier than usual. It’s my radio show tonight and wanna get ahead of myself. Today is May Day and a national holiday here. It is also the first day of no lockdown. That ended at midnight yesterday. Seven strange weeks.

The rest of the shops will open tomorrow, the shopping malls, etc. I am guessing that the fire brigade, or police, or army, will be patrolling the parking lots of the bigger complexes. After living with the same furniture for seven weeks, IKEA would be your first stop huh?

Restaurants will open on the 15th, which is what I have been keeping my eye on, as my cookie business depends on that happening. Four adults will be allowed at a table, along with their kids if applicable. There will be social distancing between tables of course, but not at the table you are on. Obviously. Waiters and waitresses, and the cooks, will wear masks. You cannot choose the table you want to sit on. I think you may have to put on a mask if you get up to move around the restaurant or go to the bathroom, but don’t quote me on that.

Churches and some schools will open at the end of May, as will hotels and swimming pools. There are certain rules accompanying these openings, just ask me in the comments if you really wanna know. Universities will stay online for the moment.

We can meet up with friends again and legally go hangout with Oma and Opa for hours. Masks will remain mandatory in all shops, and on public transport. I will update you on theaters and cinemas and stuff when there is information.

Life has felt much more normal the last couple of weeks, but then when you look around in the supermarket and everyone is masked you know things really have changed. I mean I now keep a mask stash in the car. As one does.


This is my cat before the drama and after the drama and when there is no drama tbh.


Tuesday evening the cat suddenly got a nosebleed. And by that I mean the blood poured out of her nose and it did not stop for 20 minutes. We called the vet who told us to put her in her carrying box to calm down, and to go to the vet in the morning. The bleeding slowed down as she sat in the box, and if a cat can look green, she did. So did we. She started to rub her head on the bars of her box, and I chose to let her out as I was sure that would start it all up again. I Googled it and then stopped as I did not want to read about cat tumours. She went out and hung out on the balcony most of the night, and appeared normal enough in the morning. Until she went into the bathroom and sneezed. It looked like a scene from Carrie. I put her in the box and headed to the vet. We got seen immediately. He checked her mouth and teeth and throat and ears, took her temperature and all that was okay. He did say that if it was a tumour in the nasal passages he would not be able to detect that and we would have to go to a specialist. She got an antibiotic and cortisone and who-knows-what-else shot and we went home. Yeah well, three days later and she appears to be fine again. I know it could recur but hope it doesn’t as that would indicate a bigger problem. I went and bought her some special cat treats and some new expensive gourmet cat food, She rejected the lot. So far, so good.

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(Last week of the easing up) Lockdown Perfumes of the Week.

Frédéric Malle – Portrait of a Lady and Dans Tes Bras. Vero Profumo – Rubj EdP. Chanel – 28 La Pausa. Neela Vermeire – both of the Mohurs.

No lockdown, semi-lockdown, who-knows-when-it-will-end-lockdown? Update us all please.

“You keep me running round and round, well that’s alright with me, nothing, nothing, nothing’s gonna step in my way. Living on the ceiling, no more room down there, things fall into place, you got the joke, fall into place.” Blancmange. Living on the Ceiling. 1982.



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  1. Gina T.

    I am sorry about your kitty. Can you take the cat to the specialist?

    Liked by 1 person

    • She is fine right now and driving me as insane as ever with her picky eating habits. But yes, if it happens again we will take her to where they can put a über-thin tube up her nose and have a look. I certainly hope it does not come to that, but we are prepared. ❤️


  2. Lady Jane Grey

    I don‘t have children, so I probably shouldn’t compare to that, but I always found it extremely distressing to have a sick cat…. They cannot say what‘s the problem exactly, and I always think of the worst and it‘s a full grown drama. I wish a fast recovery to our little white fairy, so she can give you the evil eye for many more years to come.

    I‘m off to downtown Vienna for a post-lock-down-shopping-orgy… (there is a new skin care shop…). Plus I need my flowers (like Virginia Woolf’s mrs. Dalloway…)
    There were no parfum epiphanies for me during the last week, still Ella K and Parfumer H. I had the possibility of working in a proper office in Vienna instead of home office and I did it and it made me very happy, feeling almost normal. Most of my friends cannot understand why I would change a comfy home office for a „normal“ one – but hey, we are all different…
    Sending love & lots of virtual hugs and kisses – stay safe !


    • Hey LJG!! Oh my gosh I need a shopping orgy in Vienna too. Give it a month and I will come and meet you for a masked coffee or whatever we have to do. I would hate a home office. My son cannot wait to get away from his home office, and goes back to his proper office tomorrow.
      It is extremely distressing to have a sick cat. She is back to the evil eye thing, but of course we will have to keep an eye on things. I want to one day check out the Ella K line. I had some samples and they were really good. We know how to reach each other! Love ya. ❤


  3. First things first. How was the haircut?!

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  4. I love how Meeps rejected the fancy food and treats you bought her after her bloody ordeal -that would totally be Truffle’s reaction in a similar situation. I am glad that she is ok – the sight of blood scares the hell out of me. In terms of easing the lockdown you are of course a long way ahead of us, but my osteopath opened yesterday and I just saw her this morning with safeguarding measures in place. I thought she was just opening for me and was a bit worried in case I was in insufficient pain to warrant the risk, but it was fine and I am looking forward to going again. The first human touch in 9 weeks! Even if it was mostly excruciating but constructive pain, haha.


  5. Hey Val,
    LOVED the 80 minutes spent with your Radio Show. Bloody ripper. A couple of my mates were complaining about insomnia so I sent them to listen also. You are a HIT amongst the Aussie sleep refugees.
    It’s so awful when a pet is ill, and they spend their time pretending they’re not sick until they’re way up shit creek. I feel for you, and the cat. Fingers crossed it’s all just a mini drama.
    Hugs and kisses,
    Hope the hairdresser visit went swimmingly.
    Portia xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Portia it was so amazing knowing that you were listening. I try and talk on the show like I ma talking just to a friend, you know what I mean? I am honing my skills. Might take a while. Please drop by again. Every two weeks and I will remind you and send a link! There are no mini-dramas with cats. Ever. Hahahahahahaha. So far so good. Mwah. ❤


  6. Tara C

    Oh noes about your kitty, hopefully it’s a one-off incident. We went for our second bike ride today, it felt sooooo good to get outside again and get the legs and heart pumping. It’s a sunny Saturday and the park across the street is packed. The police are driving around with their loudspeaker blaring at people to stay 2 metres apart. The ambulance was at our block of flats again Wednesday morning to haul away another neighbour at 3:30am. It’s definitely not over. But stores will open May 11th and primary schools will open May 19. After that there is no news, I guess they will decide as they go along. The ice cream shop down the street opened today. Yay!

    As long as I can keep riding my bike I am happy. 🙂 The rest is just details. I don’t need anything from the shops except occasional food. Fortunately only Costco is requiring masks and I can do without shopping there. Life is good.

    Liked by 1 person

    • TaraC. ❤ You made my day. So great to hear things becoming little more upbeat. Biking. Biking. Biking. Life is good. 🙂 This too shall pass. No getting away from masks here. We would not have this full opening without them. No way. xxxxx


  7. I’m so glad to hear about the end of your lockdown and opening of businesses! As of last week, CO is “safer at home” vs stay at home. Some businesses have opened with restrictions, and I haven’t heard any updates regarding restaurants or gyms (the only places I’d really like to go if I could). My office will remain closed for the month of May, and I’ve determined I really do not enjoy working at home. I’m waiting to hear the mandates on mask wearing in public places.
    I’m sorry about your kitty’s nosebleed episode, I hope it resolves. It sounds like she is showing signs of normalcy. It is very distressing when they don’t feel well and can’t tell us why. Big hug to you Val!
    Perfume-wise I’ve been wearing Youth Dew and Habanita a lot, many big sprays! xx


  8. I’m so hopeful that your kitty will be fine. I know too well how you feel: I just spent until 3:30 in the morning watching Rusty sleeping after he wasn’t feeling well the day before and refused to eat (that happened on a numbered occasions so far over his 11 years with us). He seems to feel slightly better but I’m still not at ease, especially since I know that our regular vet won’t be able to come if anything happens: her husband is in a high-risk group, so in the beginning of the lock-down she sent a note warning that she wouldn’t be able to treat her patients.

    Our lock-down is extended until the end of May. I’m still fine but it’s a little bit scary to think of what it does to our economy.
    On the positive note, I found hair color products that work for me, so I should be fine for the next 2 months.


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