Portia’s Hello from the Abyss

Hiya Bottled Rosers. Tara kindly asked if I’d like something to fill my time while in lockdown. What a freaking champ she is. Hopefully this finds you all coping in whatever way helps. I’d love to read what you’re all up to in the comments too.

This made me laugh quite a lot.

I’m not going stir crazy actually. It’s a very weird sensation not working after having my job define me since 1988, and working since 1985. So much of how I see myself is to do with this business of being a Drag Queen, the constant struggle to stay employed and to ensure others employment.

Thank everything worth thanking that Jin has remained employed, his hours are drastically reduced but we are still able to stay afloat. Also, our government has offered payment for people whose livelihoods have disappeared and my accountant has offered his services to make that happen for me. People can surprise us every day.

Jin and I spend quite a bit of time cooking and hanging out together. We’ve already watched all seven seasons of The Gilmore Girls again, about to embark on the eighth, awful season. I’ve watched the complete series of The Mummy films, Black Lightning three series, a bunch of rom coms. We have also seen countless hours of Korean TV, none of which I can understand, with a running commentary from Jin.

I’ve always walked the dogs two or three times a day but now that is my main source of exercise and I’m trying so hard to maintain my daily 7k steps. I’ve slipped back to 4k a couple of days but also hit 10k twice last week.

Perfumes that have had some skin time include: Amouage Opus XI and Figment Woman, Divine EdP, Viktoria Minya Hedonist Absolue, L’Eau Bleue d’Issey pour Homme, Tendre Nuit by Isabey and Neela Vermeire Mohur/Rahele/Ashoka. Vintage Hermès Caleche, Guerlain Shalimar/Vol de Nuit/Mitsouko and a bunch of decants that needed using up. There are others that don’t spring to mind.

We have started doing Turbo Trivia online. It’s free to play. Medium to easy questions. Is a bit rude, silly and funny. It would be super fun if any of you wanted to join in. We will be playing live at Turbo Trivia page in FaceBook.
You guys can link up on ZOOM, Watch Party or FaceTime and play as a team, then have me on your phones, pads or desktop.
Of course you can also play solo.
It doesn’t matter how you play, as long as you’re here for some fun.
Come join us Friday and Sunday
LA:2am/ NYC:5am/ London:10am/ Austria:11am/ Delhi:2.30pm

I’ve also been doing one of those 10 days of travel pictures on FB. Here are some shots of when we were able to travel. Happy memories, every one.

So that’s my wrap up.

What’s going on where you are?
Portia xx


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17 responses to “Portia’s Hello from the Abyss

  1. Gina T.

    Good to hear your stories again, Portia. Love to you and Jin.

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  2. Good to hear all is fairly well with you under the circumstances. We have to find the positive from this, and more time to enjoy self-care, enjoyable activities, and time with loved one (virtual if not in person). My dog brings me the greatest joy, lots of walks and runs in the beautiful outdoors with him. I am enjoying this more than usual. I don’t enjoy working from home, but am thankful to still have my job. My husband is not working. Trying my best to stay positive and not watch much news. I am not a television watcher; however, I had the best time watching a Canadian series on Netflix, Schitt’s Creek. The characters are such fun if you get a chance to watch it. xx

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    • Hey Kathleen,
      So nice to see you.
      Long doggy rambles are the best.
      Lucky you staying employed. Hows your husband coping?
      Portia xx


    • Schitt’s Creek is hilarious! My oldest introduced us to it. I can only watch in small doses, though, because the characters are SO despicable. I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s work. Mine is still working, albeit with a pay cut. I’m still working full time too, though we’ve been warned of belt-tightening ahead.


  3. Such amazing photos and happy memories!!
    Cheers to more when this is over..
    I find it interesting to see how many are coping, but also so many people are in difficult financial circumstances..
    As long as you have each other to help you through and the dogs of course xx virtual hugs to you and Jin xx

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    • YOU made two photos in my thing Anna Maria. Gosh we’ve had some AMAZING adventures eh? Fingers crossed for November. We might just be lucky.
      Hopefully you guys are coping too. You get to run around on your property with Milo so that’s a big plus.
      Portia xx


  4. Portia, it’s so great to read your stories! I miss them.

    While I don’t really suffer from self-isolation yet, looking at travel pictures makes me a little sad: I want to travel even more than I wanted (or was able to) when it was allowed 😉

    Both my vSO and I work full time, so in day-to-day life not much changed for us (we’re saving about an hour on not having to dress up and drive to or from work but we just tend to spend that time working 🙂 ).

    I’m doing a lot of perfume testing, trying to go through the pile of older samples that I planned to get back to one day.

    Stay active and safe! Hugs to you and Jin.

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    • Hey Undina,
      You get an extra hour or so then you work more? You are amazing. I’d be sleeping that extra hour.
      Yeah, So far this year we have had to cancel China and North Korea. Our fingers are crossed that we can still go on the 50 year anniversary trip of the Ghan Railway in June. We are guessing it won’t happen but hoping. Also we had a trip all booked in November taking Jin’s parents through some of Europe and then meeting up with mates in the UK and Ireland. It also probably won’t happen. Such is life eh?
      So glad to read someone else is trying to use their older decants and samples. I’m slowly getting through a bunch. Some nights just before bed I drench myself in the last of a decant and drift off to sleep on a cloud of perfume.
      Hugs and love to you and your crew. ESPECIALLY Rusty!
      Portia xx

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  5. davina

    Fun and uplifting post. Gorgeous pics. I’ve been busy decluttering my flat all weekend, which was desperately needed, catching up on some reading and trying to stick to a daily yoga practice. It’s scorchio in bonny edinburgh and i fear it will bring lots of people out with their taps aff. Going to be particularly challenging for us in scotland to resist. I’ve also turned to Gilmore Girls and a bit if Buffy Vampire Slayer for comfort. Stay safe xx

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    • Thanks Davina,
      I know it has to be done. There’s all this extra time. Still I’ve done NONE of it. You are an inspiration.
      How about thew hullabaloo lately that Dolly Parton’s company was in charge of Buffy? Such exciting news
      Portia x


  6. I laughed at the bit about the incomprehensible Korean TV, and the travel pics are great. I can recommend Normal People on BBC3, which I started to watch last night. Speaking of Korea, I also saw a documentary about the disturbing phenomenon of Molka, which was a new one on me. It must be good having to do exercise as a dog owner!

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    • YAY! Glad you got a laugh Vanessa.
      Molka is ruining lives, bloody hell! What a shitfight.
      Having the dogs has been such a blessing. If my step count looks low at 10pm then I know it’s going to be a long, late night ramble around our area. One day I had moved so little it meant I had to do three laps of our 1km park two blocks away. The weather is currently perfect here for evening strolls.
      Portia xx


  7. Great post Portia. I’m sure everyone has been wondering how you’ve been getting on.

    Your travel pics on Facebook have been brightening my days. As has Turbo Trivia which I highly recommend everyone join in with. Forget everything else for an hour and have fun with Portia on top form.

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    • Hey Tara,
      Thank you so much for inviting me to do the post. It was really fun getting it all on paper. There are SO MANY travel pics hiding in and around my computer and phone. It’s really hard to pick so few. Fun looking through them all though. So many memories and people.

      It’s been excellent having your family join in the trivia fun. Thanks for always being such a supporter of everything.
      Love you so much Tara.
      Portia xx

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  8. Tara C

    Still locked up here in Montréal, crappy weather. I’m really hoping things start opening up here in May, not sure how much more I can take of this. Yoga and meditation every day to maintain minimum fitness & sanity. I am feeling extremely out of shape due to no cycling, but hoping to get out Wed. when they’ve predicted 17 & sunny. I feel despaired of traveling any time soon… maybe 2021? Sigh. But the dog is sweet, husband & I get along fine, no change to our financial situation, we are healthy, so overall things are good, we are grateful. Today is orange blossom day, And the World is Yours.


    • Hi TaraC,
      Sorry it took me so long to get here and respond.
      I missed that you had moved back to Montreal. So glad you’re able to do your yoga and meditate, it’s not my thing but can definitely see why it is for so many people. My last long term lover’s father is a breath guru in India, has written books and is on the TV there. He says it saved his life.
      Yeah, we were just given the No Travel for our June trip. Hopefully we will get to do our November and Christmas adventures but I think we will survive without.
      YAY for sweet dogs and husbands, no financial change, your health and better weather coming at you.
      Portia xx


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