Lockdown Skincare Routine

It’s no surprise that my skin has been reacting to staying in as well as the rest of me. It’s normally combination but now it’s become more oily and more dry. I rarely get a spot but I had two in the first two weeks of lockdown. It’s no doubt a result of increased stress, more sugar and less fresh air.

It’s very tempting to skip my normal skincare routine, but for the most part I haven’t let it slip and I think that’s helped me feel better overall. (I was letting my hair revert back to its natural frizz-ball state but the psychological effect wasn’t worth it so I’m straightening it again).

I’m using very gentle cream cleansers that are kind to the skin. I heard lots of positive things about The Ordinary’s Squalane Cleanser and it’s as good as they say. Squalane is deeply nourishing and the cleanser has a white, balm-like consistency that breaks down easily. Although, my favourite at the moment is Superdrug’s Vitmain E Hot Cloth Cleanser as championed by The Guardian’s Sali Hughes. This has an incredibly soft feeling on the skin and like the Squalane, never leaves it the least bit tight. I always apply cleansers to dry skin and remove with a damp microfibre cloth (from Amazon). I can’t bear splashing my face with water and that isn’t very effective anyway.

In the morning, if I am suffering from dryness I may start with a face mist. I ordered La Roche Posay’s Toleriane Ultra 8 Soothing Daily Moisturising Concentrate after skin expert Caroline Hirons recommended it for stay home skin. As a result of this, it’s now hard to get hold of and my bottle is yet to arrive. It should be a nice way to boost moisture after cleansing. A face spritz isn’t a necessity but hey, I have the time.


I don’t feel like I’ve done my routine properly without including an active and in the A.M. it’s Niacinamide Serum by The INKEY List. It has anti-ageing properties but the fact that it supports the skin’s barrier function is a bonus. Vitamin C feels too irritating at the moment.

I’ve tried to tackle flaky, dry skin, particularly around the eye area, with various lotions and creams. Nothing has worked for long. Then I kept hearing about a cheap as chips serum from Superdrug and for £2.99 thought I’d give it a try. It’s been game-changing and definitely my current hero product. It’s the Simply Pure Hydrating Serum for sensitive skin. I use it all over the face paying particular attention to the eye area. I haven’t had a single flake since.

I’m very skeptical of expensive eye creams and am currently using CeraVe Eye Repair Cream morning and evening. I tend to think my general skincare migrates to the eye area anyway and that it’s most important to keep it hydrated.

As I currently have access to a garden (hurrah!), I finish with Paula’s Choice Skin Restoring Moisturiser SPF 50. I agree with the adage that the best sunscreen is the one you’ll actually use. A cheaper alternative I’d love to get my hands on when this runs out is The Body Shop’s Skin Defence Multi-Protection Lotion SPF 50 which has had rave reviews for its light texture.

In the evening, I remove the SPF with the Vitamin E cleanser and follow with 0.05% tretinoin from Dermatica and my eye cream. I leave that to do its thing for a while and then may follow up later with the Super drug Simply Pure Hydrating Night Serum. (It was buy one get one half price so why not?) Sometimes, for extra comfort and to counteract the drying effect of the tret, I add a final layer of moisturiser which would normally be CeraVe PM Moisturising Lotion but I also use Natural Moisturising Factors by The Ordinary.

I feel like this routine is now really working for me and my skin is looking and feeling much better.

How is your skin doing during lockdown? Are you giving it a break from make-up and seeing the benefits or it is having a freakout all of its own?




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40 responses to “Lockdown Skincare Routine

  1. Jillie

    Thank you – this information is exactly what I want/need!

    I love Emma Hardie’s Cleansing Balm, it suits my skin very well, but it is so expensive that I have to rely on getting it as a birthday present – that Superdrug cleanser looks like a great alternative. I have used the Superdrug serum in the past and liked that, although always had to put moisturiser on top.

    Yes, stress is definitely causing me to develop spots and eczema …. but then if that’s all, and if I avoid the dreadful virus, I will be happy.

    Take care.


    • Really pleased you found it helpful Jillie.

      The Emma Hardie balm is gorgeous but I eventually found it too drying to use on a daily basis. I’m a really convert to the Vitamin E cleanser and it’s often on offer, thought even at £4.99 full price, it’s a bargain.

      Agree that if skin issues are the worst of our problems we’re doing okay.


  2. matty1649

    I find Superdrug products very good and very affordable. I’ve been using Avon Anew Clinical Defend and Repair at night.


  3. cassieflower

    I haven’t changed my routine say all. I am a fan of the Ordinary Squalane serum along with the caffeine for under eye darkness. I can heartily recommend La Roche Posay Cicaplast B5 balm for patches of very dry and sensitive skin. It has been my saviour on many occasions and there’s always a tube in the house. I still put on a little makeup every morning, too. I couldn’t bear the sight of myself in a mirror without it😉 No matter that I’m doing housework (again).


  4. I have a similar skin care routine Tara. I use Inkey Niacinamide, The Ordinary products, and Cerave. I also use prescription tretinoin every other night. I’ll research some of the other products you and the other posters recommend, I love affordable and effective skin care! I also use products from a skincare company in the US called Timeless. I’m a big fan of vitamin C/E/ferrulic, Hyaluronic Acid and mineral sunscreen.
    Sadly I miss wearing makeup!


    • Hi Kathleen

      I wish we had Tineless here because I love the sound of their Vitamin C serum.

      I used to buy the pricey brands but now, like you, I prefer the more affordable, effective lines.


  5. I really have no skincare routine, as you know. Not on this level. BUT – I went to replace my Clarins moisturiser at the beginning of the year. Which now seems like ten years ago ….. and to cut a long story short I left with a pot of Filorga Global Repair. It felt good on my skin, smell was pleasant, although I prefer scented, and I thought a change would be good. So I just said yes to the SA. She then rang up 102€. I nearly fainted and felt my ears turn red. But I swiped my card and thanked her for her advice. Hahahahahahahahaha. It is damn good though. A little for the daytime and lots at night. I mean double use? What a bargain. Would I buy it again? If I go back to my normal business, yes. And I do wanna try a couple of their other products. I am gonna go beg samples. xxx


    • I’m sure Filorga is a good brand and I bet it’s lovely to use. It just feels like the days of expensive face creams are over. It’s all about the serum and it’s pretty easy to find a decent basic moisturiser that will do the job.

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      • For sure. This product is brand new though. You know the company? The dude is a cellular biologist etc etc. Did the first injectables decades back. Worth a read. But I have never ever spent that and guess I won’t in reality. But they have do have interesting anti aging stuff. But I really did not plan to buy it let alone for that much. Still, it goes a long way. 😄


        • I have heard of it. French I think. Not bad thing to treat yourself every now and again even if by accident haha. I’m sure it has good ingredients and science based is always the best.

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  6. I don’t skip skincare, because I am fighting my small wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.
    I do a double cleanse with oil, then foam. Then I use some toners to hydrate my skin, do a vitamin C serum, maybe an antioxidant and niacinamide. Top up with moisturizer and daily sunscreen. I use tretinoin cream in the evening. All this has reduced my wrinkles and the dark spots, so I will keep on. Most of my skin are is Japanese or Korean, but I like the Superdrug serum and often use the Toleriane cleansing milk.


    • Hi Tanja

      Loved reading about your routine. Which Vitamin C serum do you use? I’m having trouble finding one I like.

      I also really rate the Toleriane cleansing milk. I’m not double cleansing while skipping the make up.


      • I use Melano Cc essence or the ordinary vitamin c powder, mixed with some toner as a first step in the morning. But my skin is very tolerant.


        • Thanks for the info Tanja. My skin doesn’t like high strength but don’t want to waste time and money with something mild. It’s tricky. Going to check out the new Pestle and Mortar version.


  7. WOW! All that work. No wonder you’re gorgeous.


  8. I have a tube of that Body Shop Skin Defence SPF 50! I am amazed to have it, mind, as it was hardly available anywhere, and I think I got it on Amazon in the end. As you know, I love Paula’s Choice, and am wedded to her Resist SPF30 tinted moisturiser with the long name, also that CeraVe PM moisturiser. I have even dabbled with the Superdrug serum in the past, and you have got me curious about the Vit E balm. Though I just remembered I am allergic to vitamin E so maybe I had better not chance it. I am doing nothing different in lockdown, and do in fact have an eczema flare up in one eye at the moment due to the high pollen count I think. I am not too worried a) because no one can see me and b) because I know it won’t look like that for ever.


    • We are very much of one mind here V!

      I know people are hitting the retinol/vitamin A so they can peel on peace 🙂
      Hay-fever season is a bitch.

      Very impressed you got the Body Shop SPF!


  9. Since I’m allergic/sensitive to sunscreens (but keep wearing them whenever I go outside during the day – even if it’s less than a 5 minutes walk from the car to the office building), staying inside and not using any actually make my skin better 🙂
    Other than that, I haven’t changed my simple routine: mostly, Paula’s Choice products – cleanser, exfoliant, moisturizer.

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  10. Jillie

    UPDATE! I have been using the Superdrug serums (night and day versions) and am amazed at how much calmer and less dry my face is already. Thank you so much, Tara, for this recommendation!

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  11. Wow! That Inkey List Niacinamide sounds amazing. Glad to hear it helped clear up dry skin around your eyes!

    Jasmine | singprettyreadbooks.com

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  12. instaphotojo

    Very detailed post! A skincare routine is essential.


  13. I’ve been loving Cera Ve products. I have their face wash. I have rather sensitive skin and this works great!

    Love this post, can’t wait to read more from you.

    – B 🌿 (new lifestyle blogger)


  14. Moe

    My skin went wack during quarantine like I used to be super stressed with school and then I literally had nothing to do but stay inside all day! It was nice mentally but my skin was like nooooope. I really want to try the Squalene cleanser from the ordinary now! Thanks for the review!

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