Continuing with the luxury version of lockdown, and a flicker of light for next week.

Saturday 4 April – Friday 10 April. 

The Austrian government rolled out a plan this week, one of which in theory sounds great.  There is going to be a staggered opening of well, everything.  Small shops, meaning those of less than 400 square meters, will reopen on the 14th of April.  Next Tuesday.  Our business falls into that category.  All the bigger stores, and the HAIRDRESSERS will reopen on the 1st of May.  Which is really the second because the first is a national holiday.  The fact that we have just had four weeks of some kind of forced holiday plays no role. A holiday is a holiday I guess.    Restaurants and hotels are expected to be reopened in the middle of May, although I don´t know quite how that will pan out yet.  No public events until at least the end of June.  I have no doubt there will some kind of second wave of CV19, but with the continuing mandatory wearing of masks in supermarkets and stores, and with the lockdown rules staying in place until the end of April, I hope it will be a handleable amount.  I mean this virus is not gonna suddenly disappear in a puff of smoke, so we are going to have to learn to live with it.  Gotta get back to a life boys and girls.


I have been shopping with a mask.  Have had to remember to wipe off my lipstick before I put it on as my lips stick to the material.  Which was pretty funny the first time I wore it.  Breathing through my nose steamed my glasses up and trying to breath through my mouth whilst my lips were glued to the mask?  Honestly.  By the time I got to the checkout I thought I was gonna pass out.  Glasses totally foggy – the checkout lady, (I know all of them) took one look at me and started laughing.  And then I started to laugh and we both ended up in tears.  Seriously, gonna take some time to get used to this shit.  I have coloured cotton masks at the moment, but have ordered a couple of black ones.  Will have to color coordinate with  my outfits if they are gonna become a basic, so black it is.  There is technique to wearing them and I am getting better at it.

The highlight of the week was finally getting a date as to when the hairdressers would reopen.  (This would not be a CQ post if I did not mention hair obvs.). My stylists, (yes I have two actually) messaged me at the butt-crack of dawn on Wednesday morning.   What time would I like my appointment on the day that they open?  07:30 thank you very much.  So I will be leaving my growing out buzz cut until then, so we can put a style back into it more easily.  Whooohoooo.  Priorities.


Meanwhile I have been doing my workouts and bike rides.  No walking.  I have actually slowed myself down a little and have spent several afternoon on the balcony, reading and lying in the sun.  That has been good for me.  Also watched all the Bourne movies, as did my cat.  Looking forward to Killing Eve III starting next week.

So the shop will be open next week, which is brilliant.  It is high season for the bike part and we have most of our turnover in these couple of months, so it is kind of crucial.  Full  on cookie production will not start until the restaurants re-open, although there will always be some in the shop.  I am hoping I might have time to clean the windows in the apartment.

We are going to visit Oma and Opa for lunch on Easter Sunday.  They will eat first, inside, and then Oma will feed us at the table out in the garden, just as she does with the birds.  As fit and active as the are, they are both in their eighties and who knows what next year will bring.  No way we are not dropping in for a socially distanced schnitzel.

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Vero’s NAJA.  Lutens La Fille de Berlin.  Hermès Galop.  Malle’s Superstitious and Rose & Cuir.  NVC Mohur.  Chanel N°19 Parfum.

Peace out.    This too shall pass.

“Sometimes the light’s all shinin’ on me, other times I can barely see, lately it occurs to me,  what a long strange trip it’s been.”  Truckin’. The Grateful Dead.  









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  1. I hope the reopening will work out, but good for your business.


    • Hi there Tanja. ❤ The openings have to work out. Cannot stay shut forever. People are gonna have to get used to living with this and treat it accordingly. I think if they had to reshut everything then it would be an utter catastrophe. It already is for so many. I hope that the fact that we are amongst those first to open will be enough to help us to crawl through the year. xxxxx


  2. The luxury version of lockdown hahaha.

    Great news about the shop and the hairdressers. A haircut will never feel so good.

    Have a wonderful Easter Sunday with Oma and Opa. Sounds lovely, even at a distance. Live a schnitzel.

    Your lockdown perfumes are as impeccable as ever. Makes me crave Galop.

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    • Galop really is so gorgeous and I think it is about time you actually got a bottle. When things go back to any kind of “new” normal, then celebrate by doing so. My celebration purchase if I can scrape together any dosh will be the Hermès lipstick. (I will get one even if I do not have any money tbh). I am so looking forward to seeing Oma and Opa, I know it has been along month for them not seeing any family. It is a luxury version here for us and I know it. Love ya. xxxxxx ❤

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      • Ingeborg

        Oh, didn’t even know Hèrmes has lipsticks! We have a small Hèrmes boutique in Oslo, so what’s their lipstick like? Even more expensive than Chanel and Dior (my favourite brands)?

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        • Hi Ingeborg. Hermès have just entered the luxury beauty market. The lipsticks were launched on I think March 4th. We went into lockdown before I could go. There are 25 gorgeous colours, oranges, purples, reds. In matte and satin formulas. Beautiful casings, refillable. About 62€. I am gonna go to Salzburg next week and look/get one. Have a look online. 😀


  3. matty1649

    Hope you can re-open your business. The lockdown is getting to us all isn’t it X

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    • It is Matty, we are all affected in different ways. I have had enough, but know that we are only at the end of phase. Wha a mammoth thing t happen, and I don’t think any of us, well me at least, have really digested it. Unbelievable. Happy Easter and love to your family from ABR! Big hugs. ❤ ❤ ❤


  4. Lady Jane Grey

    I‘m curious whether the re-opening will bring out a second wave of CoVid …
    I‘m still working from home office, but after initially being pretty busy now I have less and less to do. I‘m trying not to think too much about that and the consequences…
    Still exercising a lot, starting my days with 60 min of yoga and later in the afternoon Pilates, Power Yoga or going out for inline skating. I cut back on HIT and weights because I started to bulk up and I‘m too short for that with 5ft 1…
    There was not much parfum this week, with only Ella K‘s ethereal Poeme de Sagano (was craving for the green freshness of beloved yuzu)

    Sending hugs, stay safe !

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    • Dearest LJG ❤ It will bring a second wave no doubt. I just hope that it is not enough to turn everything back upside down. The staggering is good I think, they had to start somewhere. I just cannot imagine the damage that has been done to the tourism industry, and restaurants, and airlines …. even the trains. But rest assured I will get my sorry ass to Vienna as soon as we are allowed to do it. Do you do your yoga alone or with virtual instruction? Power yoga – hmmmmmmm. Things I should/could be doing! Yeah, th consequences of work dwindling. 😦 A million bussis and love to X and the Cat. xxxxx


  5. Hey Val,
    Did you enjoy the Bourne series? I watch them over and over. Easy watch stuff and I love the music. The soundtracks are excellent. Good driving stuff.
    No 19 parfum! YUMMERS!
    I’ve also worn Rose et Cuir and Mohur. SNAP!

    Good luck with reopening the shop.
    You must be so settled and sorted in the new place now? Ready for anything.
    Jin is waving HI!
    Portia xx

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    • Actually, yes! A lot. Every single movie was great. Ready for anything? Always! Oh yes, our new apartment is just so amazing and comfortable and easy to keep tidy. However I have not cleaned the windows yet. Floor to ceiling in every room, including the bathroom. Shit. Got do it. Scream. xxxx


  6. Your post was very enjoyable to read Val, I treasure connecting with others from across the world and hearing your experience. Best wishes for the re-opening of your shop, and I’m encouraged to hear about the staggered re-opening of businesses. I think the US will likely follow suit with time.
    For now I feel blessed to have work from home. My husband’s business has stalled due to CV19, but we are managing. My daily routine isn’t much different as I typically avoid crowds anyways and love to spend time at home, but I miss get togethers with friends and family and going to the gym. I workout at home doing CrossFit-type workouts, and have been enjoying many long walks and runs with my dog.
    Yesterday I wore Creed Fantasia de Fleur after reading Portia’s Perfume Posse post, really enjoyed the gorgeous flora bouquet on a pretty spring day. xx

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    • Hi Kathleen <3. Thanks for droppping in, great to see you. I love all the comments, they really do connect us, as does the powerful effect of our love of fragrances. Tbaks, I hope that the reopening goes ok. I am sure it will. We have been allowed to keep the workshop open throughout the lockdown. So Chris (husband) had people leave their bikes outside the shop, and he then took them in and repaired them, and left them outside again. I f people wanted to test ride, he gave them the bike at the door etc. We could have no one in the shop. And did not risk breaking those rules as in theory there was a 30 thousand euro fine for doing so! All countries will have to follow some sort of suit, I cannot imagine opening everything all at once being an option anywhere. I love it that Portia continues to influence. 🙂 I miss the gym a lot and miss my trainer even more. Luckily he still motivates me with texts, and that is enough to get me lifting my weights!! I will wear 1957 today, Easter Sunday. The links us. 🙂 xxxxx


  7. Tara C

    How wonderful to hear your business is soon reopening and you’ll be able to get a real haircut! My hair looks like a bird’s nest but it’s still so cold here a hat hides the mess. We are still riding the trainer in the flat, too cold for us (sissies) to ride outside, our cutoff point is 12C. 🙂

    I refuse to wear a mask, I feel uncomfortable and ridiculous, fortunately they are not requiring it in Canada. I’m glad you’ll be celebrating easter with Oma & Opa too. My parents are in their 80’s as well and I wanted to see them this month but allowed fear to get the better of me before I left California and decided to return to Canada quickly without visiting them (they live in California but 8 hours north of me). Now I can’t return to the US until the travel insurance company starts offering coverage again. After reading so many horror stories of people being bankrupted by US health care bills I don’t dare go without insurance. I’m hoping by our usual migration time of October things will open up again. I believe once the virus makes the rounds it will become just another virus we have to deal with like colds and flu, we will adapt and keep living our lives.

    I’ve been wearing lots of perfumes: Olibanum, Mitzah, Iris Cendré, Rose Omeyyade, Cuir Sacré, Ma Nishtanah, Mademoiselle Guerlain.

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    • Amy

      I feel silly at the idea of a mask too, but not sure we can avoid it here if we are to go out at all. Eek.


    • Hey Tara! ❤ 12 degrees is too bloody cold for me too.

      Yep, I am glad that we can reopen too, masks, and only two customers at a time in the shop, The new way! No chance of refusing to wear a mask here. No one likes them but better to have the economy reopen and adapt. I had a Zoom date with a friend in Hong Kong yesterday – he just cannot believe that everyone is causing such a fuss about it, there is no doubt that they slow down the spread. I do believe they are going to be here to stay for quite some time, and that other countries will follow suit. Time will tell. We do not have to wear them at all times, but in the shops, supermarkets, drugstores, you know, the obvious places. Give it a month and H&M and Zara will be selling them. Gorgeous fragrances you have been wearing. I will wear Mitzah this week.

      No, insurance is crucial. I would most certainly hope that October will be normal. Yeah, I agree, I think it will become more like colds and flu. But man, what a shitshow huh? Still cannot get my head around it, not really. Happy Easter. 🙂 xxxx


  8. Gina T.

    Wow, there is talk here of being shut down for months. No end in sight so far. We are supposed to be peaking in the next two weeks.

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    • Amy

      The fear is it will be just one of many peaks if we don’t stay shut down, I think. Maybe because the US is so much bigger and the stay at home orders so varied state to state it has been harder to control? It sure feels that way, although it does seem like the social distancing has helped keep the numbers down. But economically, that’s another story, as you know. Ugh. I would not to be one of the people trying to figure this out.

      Hoping things are ok with you Gina T!


      • The economies? Oh my gosh, crushing. That is it . The US is soooooooo huge, and each state has their own way of dealing with the situation, or not. I have. no idea what to think any more. The peaks will be staggered, and seemingly never-ending circle. Sigh.


    • I think the US is a totally different challenge. I dare not comment, as ABR is a politics free zone! Or it is now at least. 😉 Look after yourself physically and mentally and know that it will pass. All things do. Happy easter Gina. ❤ Lots of love. xxxxxx


  9. Amy

    Wearing La Fille de Berlin as I type, CQ, and Mohur earlier this week. There are exactly two Hermes perfumes I want to get sometime, both of which you turned me on to: Galop and Musc Pallida. Not this month alas.

    I hope all goes well with the shop opening. Have restaurants been doing delivery services there as they have here? Some of the nicest places in town are cooking for pick up or delivery. We haven’t taken advantage yet for complicated reasons, but will. It’s one way to try and help keep some of our favorite places afloat.

    But Gina T is right. It doesn’t look like things are going to lift significantly in the US for a while. Public health systems were gutted by a certain someone and they are scrambling to try and create even the minimal conditions needed to get people back to work and school with even a modicum of safety. It’s all a little terrifying: the disease, the governmental ineptitude, the lack of compliance, and the economic fallout.

    But I am lucky enough to be able to WFH and I like being at home, so it’s more watching the a dreadful scene than actually being in it, if that makes any sense.

    Be well!

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  10. I want to get Musc Pallida too. I have little left in the 8ml press sample that I got. And it has lasted what? Two years? It is so damn expensive but so exquisite. I am hoping that Christine Nagele will do a rose oil ……
    Some restaurants have been delivering yep. But mainly in the cities. I think there is a pizza service around here and now you can go pick up food at the really excellent burger place in the next town over, but we have not done so. I have been cooking. On saying that though, with the shop reopening I might look into it as a treat!
    A certain someone … I don’t need to say any more. Let´s just say he/they do not get the best press when talked about on the news here.
    Good that you can work from home.
    The States will bounce back, they always do. It is a magnificent country, and never needed making great again. But it won’t be without pain.
    I will let you know how the re-opening goes in next week`s update! Not so much for us, but as a whole. If people socially distance, wear masks, and keep away from the vulnerable, it should keep the virus numbers low. Fingers crossed. Lots of love. xxxxxx


  11. Wait… You had a choice, and you’ve chosen 7:30? In the morning?! (faints)

    There isn’t much I’m prepared to do at that hour. When I’m planning trips, I’m trying hard not to book any flights before 10 a.m.

    I’m glad that life will be going back to… semi-normal before it is completely restored. Our official shelter in place is, I think, May 4th, though it doesn’t change much for us… Well, maybe we’ll be able to work a little less then 🙂

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    • Oh absolutely. I always have an early appointment. I will not wait a second longer than necessary. I love being out early. May 4th. Wow. Still a long time to go.
      I don’t believe we will return to anything near normal for quite some time, and even then it will be a new normal. Who knows?
      Working less has its advantages. ☺️ But not for everyone. And the number of unemployed is terrifying.

      Happy Easter. Huge hugs to you all. ❤️

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  12. Just seen this latest post of yours! I laughed at ‘socially distanced schnitzel’. So pleased your hairdresser is back in business. I haven’t had my hair cut this year and look like a wild woman. I got my cloth mask (green, with a sort of Klimt print) in the post today from Etsy. Thanks for all the wearing tips – I sense I will need them, as the whole concept is a bit alien, especially to us Brits. 😉

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    • It us just as alien here. But there is no choice. And as some of the shops reopened yesterday, everyone was wearing them just fine. Better an open economy with masks than waiting until what was it? 2525? 😊


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