Voyage 2019 by Hiram Green

Notes: Citrus, Lotus Flower, Amber and Vanilla


Indie perfumer Hiram Green released the luminous rose Lustre earlier this year and before that, the intoxicating Hyde which quite rightly won an Art and Olfaction Award.

He has now launched a new limited edition version of Voyage, a fragrance that had a limited run of 250 bottles back in 2015. It was inspired by Indian street markets and the floating palace on Lake Pichola in Rajasthan.  I wasn’t fortunate enough to experience that first version but it included a suede note that has now been replaced in Voyage 2019 by lotus flower, the national flower of India.

Voyage 2019 50 ml (1)

Voyage 2019 opens with smooth and glowing orange-tinted citrus, undercut by what my nose reads as a velvety musk. As the lotus flower comes through, it gives the fragrance a lift with its refreshing flow of water drenched petals.

This version has been designed to be lighter and more tropical than the original and it does have a subtle languid quality. I don’t generally enjoy straight-up florals because they are often rather ‘much of a muchness’ and can be rather vapid. However, I do have a soft spot for sultry florals, especially when layered over an appealing crème brulee base, as here. There’s a nice contrast between the freshness of the lotus flower and the cosiness of the drydown: like the feel of a warm breeze over hot skin.

I don’t detect spiciness except for a kind of mellow warmth and a resinous facet that is reminiscent of sticks of unlit incense.

The base is a slightly smoky vanilla which is no doubt where the use of natural materials really comes into its own. It isn’t a thick synthetic cupcake aroma but a pillowy soft vanilla with a burnt caramel edge, stopping it from being overly sweet (not to mention obnoxious). Voyage 2019 starts off on a tropical island and ends in comforting home territory.

I get low-to-moderate projection from this Eau de Parfum but it does last extraordinarily well. I’d recommend Voyage 2019 to those who love cosy yet buoyant ambery vanillas and anyone who is a fan of soft-focus floral oriental fragrances. It’s an incredibly easy to wear perfume offering warmth and comfort with an exotic floral twist.

Only 280 bottles will be available exclusively online from the Hiram Green website where you can also buy a sample if you’d like to test it out for yourself.





How do you feel about floral oriental perfumes? Do you have a favourite?


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12 responses to “Voyage 2019 by Hiram Green

  1. Tara C

    Florientals are a big favourite for me and this one is no exception. I bought Voyage 2019 blind and am loving it. So easy to wear, and your description is spot on. With the exception of Hyde (which was bbq smoke on me), I love all the Hiram Greens.


    • Hi Tara C
      Oh how cool that you blind bought it and are getting on well with it. I’m not an oriental lover generally but found it really wearable.
      Ha, I have a bit of a thing for bbq smoke 🙂


  2. Temptress!
    I’m now checking on interest over here in a split. I’m not wholly averse to blind buying but I think I’d like to spread the cost.
    Portia x


  3. matty1649

    I really like Florientals. This one sounds very nice


  4. Like Undina’s recent posts, I didn’t spot yours either, sorry! Really like the sound of this one, as my two favourite perfume styles are in fact ‘sultry florals’ and orientals of all kinds. India – and specifically that area – has inspired a few fragrances in fact.


  5. Louise

    Hi Tara,

    Love your perfume reviews. Looking forward to the next one

    Any chance you have ever tried any Armaf perfumes?


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