Mon Guerlain EdP Florale by Guerlain

By Portia

Hey A Bottled Rosers!

It’s really cooling down up in the northern hemisphere right now. Most of your jaunty citrus and mint fragrances are taking a back seat to the warming delights of amber, vanilla and woods. For those of us who love something sweet and pretty, and those looking for a beautiful gift for the holiday season, I’m enjoying my Mon Guerlain EdP Florale so much more than I ever did the original. I loved the first but there are days when it’s just too thick and syrupy.

Mon Guerlain EdP Florale 2018

Thierry Wasser

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: True lavender, Bergamot
Heart: Jasmine sambac, Peony, Paradisone®, Ylang-ylang
Base: Iris, Sandalwood, Vanilla

On first spritz the vanilla already shines through. Playing perfectly alongside a sheer lavender and warm, very lightly banana-ish ylang and a dry cardboard iris. Far less intense and more spacious, like the original has been given room to breathe. Within this newfound airiness is a much less confrontational scent, now its prettier, more wearable and less smelling like a lavender nougat, more like fine fragrance. As if Mon Guerlain was a mod and Mon Guerlain EdP Florale the final, perfect product.


Legendary longevity, I can still smell the sweet Mon Guerlain essence at the end of a gig and even the next morning there are soft remnants of it floating around my body. Dry down is an attenuated heart, once the initial fireworks are over the changes are infinitesimal, just diminution. While definitely leaning towards the traditional feminine spectrum there is no reason a guy couldn’t get his Mon Guerlain EdP Florale on. It’s not a million miles away from Pour un Homme de Caron.


mon guerlain florale.jpg


Have you spent any time with the Mon Guerlain range? Do you have a favourite yet? That rose one this year was good too.

Portia xx



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13 responses to “Mon Guerlain EdP Florale by Guerlain

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  2. Hey Portia
    I didn’t think Mon Guerlain was bad by any means but hoped for something less derivative. It sounds like this version would be more to my taste with greater airiness and less lavender nougat.


  3. I was overwhelmed by the original Mon Guerlain. As much as I enjoy most Geurlain fragrances and have many favorites, Mon Guerlain was not for me. The Florale version sounds much more to my liking, I need to sniff it next time I’m at Nordstrom.


  4. Tara C

    I love lavender nougat and even the original wasn’t dense enough for me. I’m looking forward to Mon Guerlain Intense. 🙂


  5. matty1649

    I’ve only got a small bottle of Mon Guerlain which came with a small candle in a gift box. I like it X


  6. I like the phrase ‘lavender nougat’, but not the reality, hehe. This flanker sounds like a definite improvement on the original.


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