Irisistible by April Aromatics

Optimistic iris…

Notes: Lemon, Iris, Rose, Jasmine, Tuberose, Cassia and Sandalwood

Goddess Iris gifts humanity with the understanding that all aspects of life are sacred and it is in the weaving of the dark and light within ourselves that we find our wholeness.

In recent years I have become enthralled by the Greek myths and was particularly taken with the Goddess Iris because she is the messenger that travels by rainbow from heaven to earth. She also gave the flower its name.

Irisistible is the new offering by indie house April Aromatics. It takes its inspiration from the Goddess and the material of the same name, by incorporating a myriad of colourful notes with iris at its core.

irisistible april-aromatics-irisistible

I wondered if Irisistible would be more of a bouquet of flowers than iris-centric given the rainbow theme, but no. This is very much an iris fragrance with a bright, floral twist.

On spraying there is an exquisite flash of iris. As it settles, an unusual, bitter accord comes through which I’m putting down to the presence of cassia. This is a spice extracted from bark, similar to cinnamon but more pungent and nowhere near as sweet. Once this fades away (in under an hour) the heart of the fragrance is made up of gorgeous Iris Pallidia; a yellow iris from Italy. It’s doughy and somewhat powdery rather than cold and rooty.

Perhaps surprisingly, iris is not overshadowed by her showier sisters – jasmine and tuberose. They stay in a supporting role and I wouldn’t even know there was tuberose present if I hadn’t read it in the list of notes. The florals give the iris a pretty, dewy backdrop and make this often melancholy material more outgoing and easier to get along with. It’s the polar opposite of my favourite, Iris Silver Mist which I rather love for its insularity.

Irisistible is a gentle perfume but longevity is very good.  

The overall mood of the fragrance is one of shimmering light and buoyancy. Its a fragrance to brighten your mood and add a little colour to dark days. It would be a good scent choice when embarking on a journey of your own because it is both unobtrusive and full of possibility.


iris april


April Aromatics has a substantial collection of organic natural perfumes and an iris is a welcome addition. You can read my mini reviews of a selection of their other fragrances here.




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28 responses to “Irisistible by April Aromatics

  1. Jillie

    That sounds so pretty. And are there little shells in the bottom of the bottle?


  2. matty

    It sounds really nice. I’m very fond of Iris perfumes


  3. I do love a good pun, and this is a corker! And I also like the sound of a perfume that is the polar opposite of Iris Silver Mist. As you know, I have been ‘off’ irises lately, but this one definitely appeal for its lighter character. Not sure about the presumed cassia interlude, but you say it is shortlived. One slight drawback with this brand is the fact that their samples are expensive. I think I paid £8 for one. Just clocked their sample set in fact – 111 euros for 10, so that is about right. They are 2.5ml at least.


    • Vanessa, it would definitely be a good bet for those not keen on rooty, sombre irises. It is very light-hearted. The pun is a fun bonus!
      I find it really hard to pay for samples these days. I have so many and my hit rate is very low.


  4. Hamamelis

    What a lovely review so well written.
    I adore Iristible as you know, it is such a kind-hearted, intelligent (but not boring) perfume, and it tops all my other irisses, including former HG Heure Exquise. The AA samples are expensive but they go a long way, my Iristible one lasted almost a fortnight (one spray). Hopefully Tanja will offer Iristible in 10 mls, as she does with her other perfumes. I bought a FB though! I also love her Pink Wood, a high quality rose – oud, actually almost all her fragrances!


    • So good to hear you liked the review, considering you are such a fan.
      It IS a kind-hearted perfume and very reassuring.
      Thanks for your input on the samples. I’m sure it will be available in the smaller size before long.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. AHHHHHH Iris, how I love the note Tara.
    Sandra also loved this one if I remember rightly.
    Equistrius is my fave iris followed closely by Iris blanc/Iris bleue by L’Occitane.
    Very interested to get my sniff on this one too.
    Portia xx


  6. I like many iris perfumes, and AA makes one of my most favorite linden perfumes – so of course it’s hard for me to resist 😉 to be interested in Irisistable, especially after such evocative review! As much as I hate paying for samples, I might go fo this one.


    • I can’t believe I haven’t tried the Linden yet. It does sound like a real highlight of the line. I think this floral take on iris would suit you if you can get past that rather strange, bitter note in the opening. Others don’t seem to notice it though.


  7. Sandra

    Lovely review Tara. As you know I love Irisistible and I am so pleased to see that you also like it. This is a perfume that I will buy one day.
    Sandra xo


  8. Lady Jane Grey

    I was utterly disappointed by AA‘s Linden parfum – searching for and expecting the scent of the huge linden tree in the yard, where I was playing throughout my childhood… Sigh… Anyway, the parfum you describe sounds very wearable and you even managed to take my fear of that nemesis note of mine (tuberose…). BTW, I love Iris !


    • Ah that’s a shame. I guess it will be hard for any perfume to live up to a special childhood memory like that.
      Irisistble is a very wearable iris and definitely no need to be put off by the mention tuberose!


  9. I have been getting more and more into iris of late, as you know. With both you and Sandra and a couple of others speaking highly of Irisistible, I will give it a try. Gentle, light, and buoyant, something I could do with more of in my life. A perfume friend of mine, not far from here, has a bottle I think. I will grab some from her. Enticing review, but then they always are. Gorgeous bottles. xxx


    • Thanks for having another go at posting your comment. When they disappear into the ether I just want to give up.
      Yes, you are well into iris territory now so it’s worth checking this version out for comparison’s sake at the very least.


  10. Tracey Miller

    Love and hugs to you lovely lady Tara, I am a perfume tragic! I have Eternity by Kelvin Klein, my late husband always bought me, Opium, No 1 son David bought for me, Aromatics Elixer by Clinique, that No2 Nathan bought for me and Elie Saab that my Portia bought for me. I love them all because I love all four of these wonderful peolpe in my life. I do wear each perfume for the mood I am in – cheers me up no end as it reminds me of them and the fun we have together. Love and hugs, Aunty Tracey xxxx


    • Aunty Tracey, your comment has made my day yet again. You are definitely not a perfume tragic because you have a wonderful ‘perfume wardrobe’! We all pick our scent to suit our mood or remind us of a particular time, person or place so you are one of us for sure. Much love and hugs back to you xxx


  11. Dear Tara,
    Thank you for your beautiful review. I do love the rainbow photo very much as well.
    Wishing you lots of fragrant and visual rainbows always.
    Blessings from Berlin,

    Liked by 1 person

  12. davina

    Beautiful review. Sounds wonderful. I like the sound of greek goddess tavelling rainbow. Inspiring Xx


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