April Aromatics Mini Reviews

Berlin-based April Aromatics offers a luxurious collection of roll-on oils and EdPs as well as  room and body mists. Tanja Bouchnig exemplifies the strong connection you usually find between artisan perfumers and their perfumes. She takes a holistic approach; the all-natural botanical essences are based in organic jojoba oil or organic alcohol and the scents are infused with the essences of semi-precious stones.


“I strongly believe that people can feel the love and energy I give into my perfumes, may it be conscious or unconscious.”- Tanja Bouchnig


I’m extremely grateful to The Perfume Magpie for generously sending me samples of 8 of the 13 Eau de Parfums. All quotes from the April Aromatics website.


Purple Reign

Notes: Natural Lilac tincture, Violets, Lavender, Osmanthus petals, Jasmine flowers, Orris Root, Oppoponax, Purple Light

“Purple Reign is more than a perfume, it is a scent designed to improve self-awareness and to raise our energetic vibrations.”

Purple Reign is a floral bouquet largely consisting of deeply fragrant lilacs and violets, supported by lavender and osmanthus. It contains the various facets of all these flowers; green, metallic, powdery and cool.  It covers the purple olfactory spectrum from pale lilac to darkest indigo.


Notes: 100% natural extracts of Jasmin Grandiflorum, India and France, Ylang-Ylang/ Thailand. Pink Grapefruit USA.

“An aphrodisiac par excellence.”

Wow this is like inhaling a jasmine bush at nightfall.  Jasmina is incredibly lush, radiant and full. While deeply sensual, I don’t find it uncomfortably indolic or heady. The pink grapefruit gives it freshness in the early stages while the ylang lends it a creamy feel later on. A must-try for jasmine fanatics.

Calling All Angels

Notes: Incense, Labdanum, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Accord, Benzoin, Elemi Resin, Frankincense, Amber Accord, (from natural essential oils), Honey Accord, Precious Woods Accord, Opoponax, Rose Otto, Love and Angel Guidance

“…implementing the elements of Earth, Ether and Air. Made with love, inspired and guided by Angels.”

Incense has long been used to appease the gods and so it’s fitting that Calling All Angels isn’t sweet and fluffy but an enticing concoction of honeyed resins. If you could see the scent it would be emitting a warm, golden glow. The frankincense is very nicely balanced with the balsams so that it never feels too harsh or too sweet.  It’s pretty impressive.


Notes: Rose Otto/Turkey, Rose/Bulgaria, Rosewater, Rosewood/Brasilien, Pink Grapefruit/USA, Ambrette Seed, Tonkabean, Orris Root, Organic Alcohol

“The rose is a symbol of love, peace and beauty and is seen as the “queen” of all flowers.”

This is an armful of red roses which showcases the multi-faceted nature of the natural essence. Rosenlust is spiked with pink grapefruit in the opening and to start with it’s a little spicy, a bit metallic and a tad green. As it develops the roses warm up and bloom on the skin, becoming more softly honeyed. This is a rose true story.





Notes: Botanical musk, botanical ambergris accord, tonka bean, cacao, opoponax, vetiver, tobacco.

“The mystery of Avalon, the holy place between the worlds of gods and mortals, is the inspiration for Earth Star/Erdenstern.”

Erdenstern is deep and dark with tobacco leaves, earth, vegetation and woods. The botanical musk gives it lift while cacao gives it a twist.  There’s also something ashy about it, as if the tobacco leaves have already been smoked. It’s an extremely well balanced, complex and unusual composition. The dry and cool notes of vetiver and tobacco are tempered by the sweet and warm notes of tonka bean and cacao. If Calling All Angels is golden then Erdenstern is dark grey. I can imagine it wearing beautifully on a misty autumnal day.

Ray of Light

Notes: Accord of lime, lemon, pink grapefruit, orange and bergamot, galbanum, green mint, vetiver, tobacco

“Picture a classical still life: citrus fruits surrounded by mint leaves, a pipe on the side…””

True to its name, Ray of Light is a shining star-burst of citrus. It zings and fizzes with a classic lemon cologne opening, only more substantial.  It feels as if someone has struck a bell and the high pitched tone rings out, clearing all fuzziness and making you intensely aware. The tobacco gives a sense of something deeper and darker behind the brightness.

Liquid Dreams

Notes: Lemon Peel/Sicily, Lindenblossom/Bulgaria, Narzissus/France, Osmanthus Blossom/China, Organic-Alcohol

“This youthful, light scent is reminiscent of an open field of greens and flowers.”

I love the name of this fragrance. Liquid Dreams starts with a lucid mix of lemon and Linden/lime blossom, becoming a little greener and grassier.  It’s more subdued and more floral than Ray of Light, with a romantic quality that makes me think of a  willowy girl in a wildflower meadow.

Precious Woods

Notes: 100% natural extracts of Sandelwood/India, Sandelwood/Neukaledonia, CederwoosVirginia/USA, Cederwood/Himalaya, Cistus Vetiver Bourbon, Patchouli/Indonesia, Buddha Wood, white Sage, organic alcohol.

“It mirrors the image of an Indian Forest after a rain storm with its grounding earthy sweet bosky scent.”

Hmm, I wonder if it’s only synthetic woody fragrances that I have a problem with because I really enjoyed Precious Woods. The word that struck me before reading the overview on the website was “grounding” and then saw that it’s used twice to describe this scent. It has a light yet clinging quality, like the scent of incense which has permeated your clothing. It feels more like wearing a woody essential oil blend than a perfume and that always gives me a soothing feeling of wellbeing.




Have you tried any of these or the ones I haven’t mentioned by April Aromatics? 


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29 responses to “April Aromatics Mini Reviews

  1. Lovely reviews, Tara. I have tried all if them and Precious Woods is my favorite. When I want to ground myself I use PW especially in wintertime. Like taking a walk in the Woods. On my skin its feels more than a essential oil blend. But I had this with Ray of Light. Did you like Calling all angels most?


    • Hi Esperanza,
      I would say that Calling All Angels is the one I was most impressed by as a composition but Precious Woods was my personal favourite. So surprising considering my usual tastes. The same rules don’t seem to apply to natural perfumes – for me anyway.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Tara,
    Oh no…. Every one of these sounds quite fab…. Trouble!! Purple Reign has been on my radar but I guess I’ll have to try a few more too. Hehe.

    Tina G


    • Oh dear, apologies Tina 🙂
      They are really worth checking out. There is a sample pack which isn’t cheap I’m afraid, but you can really tell they’re top quality.


  3. Hamamelis

    I am happy you reviewed these! I have sampled both Purple Reign and Jasmina, and Purple Reign has been on my wish list since, even though it seemed simple it just keeps sitting somewhere back in my olfcatory mind! Your reviews make me curious after the others. It is just the price that is holding me back, it is not that I don’t think they are worth the money, on the contrary they are high quality as far as I can smell, it is more a question of affording them…
    Meanwhile I have fallen for rose more and more, isn’t it a surprise how our tastes (needs?) in fragrance changes. Current favourite: Rose Etoile de Hollande, Rose Absolue, Eau Rose. I would love to try April Aromatic’s roses, there is also one with orangeblossom if I am not mistaken. Thank you Tara for keeping up the blog, I read it always!


    • Thank you for your kind comment, Hamamelis. It’s so nice to know you’re reading, I appreciate it.
      It is interesting how our tastes in perfume change and I think it’s great because it means there are new genres to explore 🙂 Those are some fine roses.
      You’ve made me curious about the orange bloossom as i love that note if it’s not soapy.
      I know exactly what you mean about the price point. I agree they are worth it but it’s hard for me to justify a bottle when I own so much already. I’m trying to sell some I don’t wear much so I can invest more in indie brands.


  4. Hi Tara. Loved reading your thoughts on these perfumes. Another I really like is Nectar of Love with a heady floral mix and sandalwood. Strangely enough I’m doing a little post on April Aromatics soon. I’m quite a fan of the range. The scents make me feel calm for some reason and at the moment that’s a good thing. x


    • Hey Megan,
      Thanks for your tip-off about Nectar of Love. I’ll look forward to reading your post about the brand. I’ve been really impressed. I can imagine the scents making you feel calm but I hope you don’t need that support for much longer.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. WOW! What a line up. You make them so alive for me Tara.
    If you suddenly had the money for a bottle which one would you buy first?
    Portia xx


    • That’s lovely to hear, Portia!
      If money were no object I’d go for a bottle of Precious Woods which is really unexpected. I don’t often gel on with woody perfumes but that feeling it gives me is very reassuring.
      I think you wrote about Jasmina a while ago and can imagine that suiting you beautifully.


  6. Ooh, I am not familiar with any of these – I only ever tried her original range that had that nice linden one in it. Was it Tanja Bochnig who created that rose scent in memory of Tama Blough? That was a lovely gesture. I never smelt that one either. She certainly seems to have been busy lately all right. Of the ones you review, as always I can easily tell from your descriptions which might suit me – namely the Jasmina and the Precious Woods. Though I would have to correct the spelling on the company website of ‘Sandelwood’ and the ueber-quirky ‘CederwoosVirginia’. That is a gig I would like actually, proofing the translations into English of French or German perfume sites.


    • Yes, it was Tanja who created the rose for Tama. A very kind thing to do indeed.
      It’s nice to hear you can easily tell which you’d like from my little summaries. I can see both Jasmina and Precious Woods working well for you. I’d like to try Unter den Linden as I remember a few bloggers friends liking that one.
      You’d do a terrific job of perfume translation proofing!


  7. Dear Alexandra,
    I love the way you perceived some of my perfumes. Really nice mini reviews. Thank you and Blessings to you,


  8. Sandra

    Hi Tara. I have always been interested in trying this line. You make them sound all worth seeking out. Thank you for the lovely reviews. Sandra xo


    • Hi Sandra,
      Hope you are enjoying the summer heat in Vienna, as you usually do.
      I think you’d like this line as it’s top quality. They do a sample set where you can pick and mix the ones you fancy.


  9. cookie queen

    Hey Tara. I have some samples of these somewhere. Must dig them out. xxx


  10. Liquid Dreams and Purple Reign really appeal to me – someday i will get myself sorted with a sample of them both. I have been aware of April Aromatics for a while and have always read such positive reviews on Tanja’s work. Thanks for the reviews Tara – you have helped me narrow down my ‘want’ list. 🙂


    • Very happy to have helped, pats133!

      I’d also long heard good things about the brand so was very happy to finally get a chance to try quite a few of them. It’s nice when a line lives up to, or as in this case surpasses, your expectations.


  11. Arriving a little late (as usual). 😀 Great mini reviews, Tara! I’m glad you enjoyed AA experience. To be honest, I always thought I didn’t like all natural perfumes but April Aromatics really changed my assumption. Really, they are good. xxx


    • Totally agree. I have changed my mind about naturals of late. You just have to find the right ones for you. April Aromatics works for me and after testing a bit more I may put a bottle of Precious Woods on my wish list . Thanks so much for sharing your samples with me

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Late to the ball also, I read but somehow missed out on commenting everywhere 🙂
    Anyway I loved your mini reviews which made me want to try all Tanja’s other perfumes again, other, since my favourites where not among the ones you reviewed, and I’ve kind of stuck to those. So favourites are Tempted Muse and Unter den Linden, both are out of this world gorgeous.


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