Stash by Sarah Jessica Parker

Notes: Grapefruit Zest, Black Pepper, Sage, Atlas Cedar, Patchouli, Ginger Lily, Pistachio, Olibanum, Massoia Wood, Vetiver and Musk


I first met my friend Anna Maria on holiday with Portia in Venice a couple of years ago, then in Paris, and in her home town of Austral, Sydney last July.  She very generously gave me a bag of beauty products and jewellery, plus a bottle of her latest fragrant discovery, Stash by Sarah Jessica Parker. Anna Maria said she was really impressed by it and was interested in my thoughts – so here we are.




I had been curious about Stash partly because I like SJP but also because I had heard good things about it when it was released in late 2016. I had also thoroughly enjoyed reading The Perfect Scent in which Chandler Burr charts the development of Sarah Jessica Parker’s first fragrance.  What we learn during the book is that while Lovely is the first perfume that was released, she actually wanted what we find in Stash: something decidedly darker.

It couldn’t be much further from the pink ballet slippers of Lovely, coming across as positively niche in character.  I had tried Stash on paper once but the difference on skin is considerable. It’s grimy and musky in the best way but wears close, like a greasy leather glove. I was happy to discover that despite the connotation of its name, Stash smells nothing like weed.

I’ve occasionally found grapefruit reminiscent of body odour but here in the opening it’s perfectly pulpy and zesty. Stash‘s heart is cedar of the dense variety found in Tam Dao by Diptyque, but there are also the nutty, milky woods of massoia and a nice base of mineralised vetiver. The incense of olibanum is what marks this fragrance out for me. That spike of burning joss sticks gives it a twist and saves it from smelling like a run-of-the-mill masculine.

The musks make it feel a little oily rather than skanky. It’s attractive in an undone, dirt-smeared kind of way. Stash is much more intimate than I expected and I like the fact it feels slick. If you prefer more throw, you’ll have to lean heavy on the sprayer. Now we’ve reached the depths of autumn, it feels just right for “sweater weather” and ideal for spritzing on a scarf.

While it’s much better than I imagined, I still need to layer something floral over the top to make it suit my style. The incense-flecked orange blossom of  Seville a L’Aube by L’Artisan Parfumeur works fantastically well.

It’s pleasing that there is a niche-style perfume like Stash on the high street for a bargain price. It may be unlikely to revive the fortunes of celebrity fragrances but at the very least it offers an alternative to the candy dross that passes for a lot of mainstream output these days.

SJP may have had to wait just over 10 years to launch her dream perfume but I have no doubt she feels it was worth the wait.


woman with newspaper and zip make-up

Do you admire Stash or do you prefer another SJP fragrance? Are celebrity perfumes really over?

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27 responses to “Stash by Sarah Jessica Parker

  1. I loved The Perfect (Commercial) Scent, and was agog wondering about the one that got away. Covet was also all kinds of weird, thinking about it – have a cute mini of that somewhere. Currently I admire rather than love Stash. I haven’t tried layering it though. I am not really into layering generally, as if you go that route, the huge number of possible perfumes to wear on any given day suddenly skyrockets with further permutations!

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    • Yes, I was super curious about SJP’s first choice for a perfume so it is good to finally get to experience it. This style of scent isn’t really me as much as, like you, I admire it. Layering means I can wear it comfortably but it’s not something I do either as a rule. Totally agree about the potential option paralysis! I do find it a seductive idea though.


  2. I was surprised by Stash and now I like it a lot. When it first came out, I tried it on a strip in store. Didn’t like it but kept the strip. Over the course of a couple of weeks, I kept smelling something very alluring across my bedroom, and finally discovered it was the paper strip with Stash. So I went back to Ulta and got some when it went on sale. It works better on skin than on paper (which should be the case with perfume!) and I prefer the drydown and base notes to the opening. It’s still not “me”, or something I reach for often, but I enjoy wearing it on some evenings or before bed.

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  3. MMKinPA

    I love Stash. A regular fall perfume for me. Interestingly, I often don’t enjoy cedar in perfume but here I love it! Plus, I found it at TJ Maxx for next to nothing (in perfume dollars).

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    • Agree. I often struggle with cedar but in this composition it doesn’t bother me at all.
      Wow, it’s already cheap so it must have been an absolute steal. Good find.
      There’s a lot of L’Artisan at my local branch.


  4. Loved reading your thoughts on Stash, Tara. I love Stash as well although I don’t wear it very often. I will try your layer suggestion as it sounds fabulous with Seville and might experiment with some other fragrance as well xx E

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  5. I own a bottle of Stash as well as the oil and I enjoy them both very much!

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  6. Mrs Holly Cranmer

    Enjoyed your musings on Stash. I did not love it on paper but it works so well on skin. I like it so much I am on my second bottle and contemplating buying a back up – just in case…..I met a friend yesterday and she was wearing it – smelt fabulous on her and I think would be very acceptable on a man.

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  7. Loved reading your thoughts on Stash, Tara!! I hoped that you would enjoy it in your collection and also think of me! I sometimes layer mine with O de Lancome, as I find the Bergamot and the Whisky Incense partnership to me suits my body chemistry and I just love it on myself. I would not normally layer a fragrance but I have read of people who do, and I find something unusual during that day. Its also my little secret as I go about my day at work. The only other celebrity fragrance I wear is Truth or Dare, which I learned about from Portia. Also Fancy Nights in my cupboard as my cheat for Coco Noir?. I class Dress designers Frags as Celebrity Fragrances, such as Michael Kors, Gucci, etc as they are not soley producing Fragrances.

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    • I’m so pleased you enjoyed the post, Anna Maria. Stash will always remind me of you and I’m very grateful you encouraged me to try it again.
      Ooh I have O de Lancôme and can see that working well over the top too. Great tip.


  8. I have a bottle of it. I love the bottle itself, the weight of it in the hand. Stash is one of those perfumes that needs to be smelled from a distance, and then it is really good. Honestly, we are not meant to coat the inside of our nostrils with those ingredients. But we all do. And probably won‘t stop. On saying that, I am making a real effort, which includes waving my wrist like a mad woman, about a foot away from my nose. Hahahahahahaha. Hugs.

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  9. With me being extremely snobbish about perfumes, I was surprised how much I liked Stash. I have both – the EdP and oil – but use oil (several drops in bathtub during morning showers) more often than perfume: not because of any particular reason, I just don’t wear any of my perfumes too often.
    Usually I’m not into layering… but I see how some combinations might be interesting – thanks for the idea, I might even try it.

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    • This does seem to be one celebrity fragrance that has grabbed people who might normally avoid that category. I can see why and the oil does sound very appealing and versatile. It’s no wonder it has got more use than the perfume – less competition 🙂

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  10. I finally manage to stop by, sorry for the absence.
    Stash does sound lovely (he, pun unintended), but as it isn’t available here, and these days I don’t really hunt anything down, it’s probably not one I’ll ever try. But I agree that it’s great that there’s something like this available at a low price tag, when all others brands seem to know only up up and up again.

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    • Never any need to apologise!
      I’m amazed it’s not available over there as it is mainstream and seems to be doing well. But yes, my days of hunting things down are also over for the most part.


  11. Brigitte

    Last winter a good friend gifted me her neglected 1 oz bottle of Stash. First spray on skin it reminded me of pickles….I happen to like pickles. Kept wearing it for three weeks straight until I almost finished the bottle…have a few sprays left. It’s good and what a value. Still haven’t gotten my nose on Lovely, though.

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