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Hi there A Bottled Rosers. Thanks Tara for letting me infiltrate you inner sanctum.

I thought it might be nice to introduce myself to those of you unfamiliar with me and Australian Perfume Junkies through some of my all-time favourite fragrances. If this works and Tara continues to enjoy my presence here, I think it might be a seasonal concept. So each season, according to your Northern Hemisphere weather, I’ll tell you what I have that gets quite a bit of wear. So Portia’s Autumn List will be like an all-star list.

Here’s a pic of Tara and I on holidays earlier this year in the Whitsunday Islands, Australia.



Autumn is my favourite time of year. The blistering heat of summer recedes and the nights turn cool. I love the breadth of the temperature variation from day to day too. Here in Sydney we have quite a long Indian Summer so temps may range over a week from 11-30C during the days. That gives quite a good variety of fragrances that I can choose and still feel like I’m fitting into the Autumn spectrum. That’s not to say I always choose something Autumnal particularly, but that is the parameter we are working within here. Get it?

Ambre Céruléen by Huitième Art

You want a sweet, refined, thick yet light amber that will enfold you in its arms and sweep you away? Ambre Céruléen is the answer. Simple, comfortable, warm and inviting. I love the way I smell when wearing it.

Aromatics Elixir, Clinique

Yes, the one and only. Long-term love and long-time department store beauty, Aromatics Elixir has been pumping out its spicy, herbal, smoky woods vibe since 1971. You have probably smelt it wafting by in the street and shopping malls for years. The brighter sister of Aramis, Azuree and Cabochard, all created by Bernard Chant. Particularly fitting for Autumnal blustery days.

Cuir Beluga, Guerlain

Cuir Beluga is a strange beast. The sweetness and patchouli override the leather for much of my wear. It isn’t till almost the very last gasp that leather becomes the defining note. I wear it all year round but when Autumn hits I feel it fits the mood perfectly.

Equistrius by Parfum d’Empire

This is by far my most worn iris-centric fragrance. Though to say it is only an iris fragrance is doing Equistrius a major disservice. I also find it so perfectly blended that most of the notes I’m supposed to be smelling have all combined to become Equistrius alone. The chocolate, leather and amber are significant bit players. A very pretty choice for the warmer days of autumn and can happily segue to evening wear.

Mohur by Neela Vermeire Creations

My rose above all others. Thick and ropey gouts of Bulgarian and Damascene roses all mixed up with an Indian spice shop and the resins from a souk. Mohair is a big fragrance that happily crosses the divide between French perfumery and subcontinental attars. More going on than you can poke a stick at Mohur is the queen for me.

Olympic Amber by Olympic Orchids

You want a simple, straight up amber with a little bit of a growl, burnt caramel and a warm cocooning presence? Olympic Amber is an excellent choice from indie perfumer Ellen Covey. Particularly fabulous after soaking in a bath of her Amber/Labdanum Bath Oil. Sweet perfection.


portia autumn.jpg


So, what are you guys wearing this Autumn?
Portia xx




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32 responses to “Portia’s Autumn List

  1. Woo Hoo! So excited Tara!
    Thanks for having me over here.
    Can’t wait to see everyone’s comments.
    Portia xxx


  2. I LOVE seasonal perfume posts so huge thanks for this, Portia.
    I’ve been adoring your vintage Miss Dior even more now the weather has changed. I’m wearing Coromandel today.
    Passage d’Enfer is another perfume I pick up again at this time of year.


  3. I happen to be wearing Cuir Beluga today and it is spot on for Fall! It’s a 3 season fragrance for me as the heat of and humidity of NY/NJ summers is too beastly!

    Other Fall Favorites include: NVC Mohur Extrait, L’AP Seville a l’Aube, Jo Malone Myrrh and Tonka, among others.


  4. Well -take a look on APJ to see what I’m wearing. I bought a bottle of Equistrius and ended up giving it away. A rare mistake. Could be the original, that you have, is better. I would love a bottle of Aromatics Elixir ….. jealous. I hate Cuir Beluga. So nice to see you here Portia. Bussis.


    • HA! Indeed.
      Your list is super cool.
      I have a few Equistrius bottles and all of them smell much the same to me. Admittedly my nose lis pretty blunt.
      Cuir Beluga took time to grow on me, it is strange and awkward. Once I fell though it has become a fave.
      Portia x

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  5. It’s time to break out the two J.Crew Arquiste fragrances I have, No. 57 and No. 31; they are perfect for fall! In my part of the US, October is like a long Indian summer and right now our weather is just about perfect. I love both Aromatics Elixir and Azuree, so I’ll pull those out — thanks for the reminder! I also like VCA’s L’Automne in this kind of weather; clear and sunny during the day, cool at night but not yet cold. Papillon’s Dryad will be getting some outings too. I think I might branch out into trying some leather fragrances this fall and winter — suggestions? I usually like greens and florals, some but not many gourmands — is there a leather out there for me?


    • Oh yes OH,
      There is definitely a leather out there for you. Azuree is a bit like it but what about Bandit? Niki de Saint Phalle has a leather/moss feeling in the dry down and a is superlatively green up top.
      Maybe the crew will have some suggestions?
      Portia xx

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      • Ooh, great suggestions! Both Bandit and Niki de Saint Phalle have been on my radar, so maybe I’ll move them higher on the wishlist!


        • Brigitte

          I will second the Niki but also suggest Ineke’s Evening Edged in Gold (which I believe is a floral leather…it is a very refined suede like leather to my nose and I drained a full bottle one winter because I wore it daily), Jo Malone Peony Blush & Suede (great for a leather newbie as the suede is barely there) and my recent leather love TF Ombre Leather which you can get a big free sample of at Sephora which is all I would need. Like you leather is very underrepresented in my collection.

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  6. Olympic Orchids Amber/Labdanum oil is so gorgeous for fall! I’ve been dabbing it on for the cozy warmth. Recent fall scents for me include Parfum d”empire Ambre Russie, Auphorie Binturong, Tom Ford Amber Absolute, Areej le Dore Flux de Fleur, Niki de Saint Phalle, Chanel Venise, Coromandel, Bois de Iles, Coco, and 31 Rue Cambon, Amouage Fate and Memoir.
    I would love a bottle of Aromatics Elixir and thank you for reminding me of L’AP Seville a L’Aube, need to bring out my bottle as well.


  7. I say, P, I remember liking Equistrius a lot ages ago, and then simply forgetting about it, as I do with so many perfumes when they get overlaid with a few more years’ worth of sampling. Given my current iris perfume doldrums, it would be interesting to see if Equistrius could reignite my interest in the note. I wore the dregs of my Prada L’Eau Ambree decant today. Now sadly discontinued, I saw it as an anytime stable, including for autumn.


    • Hey Vanessa,
      Equistrius is exactly one of those frags. It was on a refind of my decant that I fell madly, deeply in love. I have been so terrified of it being Dcd that I bought some back ups from FB sale docs. Should have enough for this lifetime at least.
      GRRRRR at all DCing. I was recently gifted a L’Eau Ambree Shower Gel. SO GOOD! Let me see if there’s a frag decant around my place.
      Portia xx


  8. I love to see you everywhere, dear Portia 🙂

    Since I live in a strange climate with one season unnoticeably floating into the other, it usually takes me a while to switch my mind into the next season. Let me think… Amouage Lyric and Memoir, Chanel Cuir de Russie, Jo Malone Dark Amber & Ginger Lily and Sweet Milk, L’Artisan Tea for Two and Mona di Orio Vanille.

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  9. Ingeborg

    I don’t really have very specific autumn perfumes, anything with amber or sandalwood would be great. Here 17.6C is a record for this late in October and next week we may be close to the first frost, so my guess is that your perfumes for winter would fit our usual autumn temperatures. This year has been unusal, with high temperatures both in spring, summer and autumn.


    • Hi there Ingeborg,
      Yes, our mild climate means that even in the depths of winter we can have 20C days, they aren’t common but it happens. So I could easily go through the year with only a summer and autumn catalogue of scents.
      Global warming is becoming ever more present.
      Portia x


  10. Sandra

    Hi Portia,
    Love your list. I just finished a bottle of Equistrius- so good in the transition weather. Cuir beluga is a staple of mine in the colder
    months. Mohur is perfect for all seasons.
    Sandra xo


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  12. Brigitte

    The two I know are Aromatics Elixir (which I wore in the 1970s) and Olympic Amber- I thunked a partially used full bottle last Spring it was that good. I have my own labdanum 10 percent oil from Eden Botanicals which I will be marinating in a vanilla bean so that it sweetens up and turns into my very own amber body oil in a few months.

    My number one fall favorite is 1000 Flowers Reglisse Noire but now I am yearning for a bottle of Bottega Venetta which I think would be awesome in the late Fall early Winter…thanks to you, for making me re-test my sample-LOL!


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