A Stunning New Word – And Some Ramblings

By Val the Cookie Queen

Hi Guys 
Dropping in for my bi-monthly visit here at A Bottled Rose.  About a year ago I heard the most wonderful word used on the radio, sometime around 4.00am.   I sleep with BBC World Service playing softly at the side of the bed. I often hear interesting things but have no recollection when I wake up.  However on this occasion I got up and wrote the word down.  I have been waiting ever since to present it in a post.  
Forgive me those who are familiar with the word,  I was not.   It covers a host of events and situations in life.
I will in this case use it in relation to my feelings regarding the current perfume scene. My anticipation at new releases and the continual disappointment that follows. Anticappointment.
Perfume is subjective, we all know that, I name no names.  Nine out of ten things that I sniff are awful and the one out of ten that isn’t is not what I would buy. Hahahaha – it makes you wonder that I don’t just give up, huh?
To give up an addiction one first has to want to, and I don’t.  
Before anyone jumps out at me, I know there is good new stuff, but let us be honest here, it’s few and far between.  
Fear not.  I still have classic signs of addiction.  I recently bought 50mls of Dior”s discontinued Mitzah from a perfumista friend who scored a half gallon in Paris.  
I tried it once years ago and did not like it.  LMAO.  But I have moved on and I reckon I am gonna love it now.  It was shipped to Tara and I will get it next week. 
Which brings me nicely to my ramblings.  I’m heading to London tomorrow, along with BlondesWunder, and as you read this we will be in Pack’n’Panic mode.  
I will get two full days with Tara, an evening with Portia, time with Bonkers Vanessa, a meet up with Megan In St Maxime, and most of us are going to The Art and Olfaction Awards. Keep your eyes out on my Instagram …
anima vi
I have a date with a favourite blogger, (to be revealed in my next post) and together we will spend some time with Nathalie Vinciguerra, the founder and CEO of Anima Vinci.  These perfumes excite me and come highly recommended.  Stay tuned. 
What perfume will I wear to the Art and Olfaction Awards? I hear you ask. Why Vero Profumo of course. Naja Eau de Parfum, including notes of red apple and leather. Launch date to be announced.  
Have you ever been anticappointed?
Britain Bound Bussis
 Apple image by John Hyde Phillips


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17 responses to “A Stunning New Word – And Some Ramblings

  1. Marian

    What a fabulous word


  2. Lyubov

    Always reading your postings in one breath, Val! Wrote the word down. And yes, I have it at times, but maybe I am more of a rookie, and lot of new fragrances still manage to astound me – especially ones made with accords that are not my cup of tea (acquatic, ozonic, sandalwood, oud, freesia, lily-of-the-valley, melon/watermelon, cumin, ylang-ylang). The mass market and the designer perfumes are regularly anticappointment (who would wear those Moschino-s, miss the time of Couture!, Cheap and Chic and Moschino edp), but I can still point some pretties – the flankers of Aromatics Elixir, most of the new Hermes frags (a passion we share, don’t we?), the Bvlgari teas, Prada, Cartier…pfff, I will make a long list, but cannot help sharing the precious SJP Stash! Soooooo, much more fab unexpected surprises and love for the newcomers from me!


    • Brilliant comment! Thanks a lot Lyubov 🙂 Since you mention Stash I met say I have a bottle waiting for me in England. I am extremely excited and cannot wait to try it. Everything about it has my interest piques, and I love the bottle. So I do still get very excited. I do also still get astounded, but not always in a positive way! Hahahahah. Yes, we do share a Hermès passion, for sure. And I have not yet tried the Bulgari teas. perhaps I will have a chance do that with Tara, she may know more, being a tea freak! I will report back on my Stash experience. Bug hugs. Val xxxxxx

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  3. Lady Jane Grey

    OK, I had to look it up, because it wasn‘t clear to me (I have a limited phantasy…) – so it‘s „the merging of anticipation and disappointment“. Oh well, as of parfum during the recent years it‘s got more and more disappointment and in fact less and less anticipation. But then again, I don‘t know anything about Anima Vinci…


    • Hi LJG 🙂 I couldn’t agree more. I don’t know anything about Anima Vinci either, except what I have heard is enough to get me to take a look. Will let you know over breakfast on Saturday with the female Blogger Crew. Mwah. xxxxxxx


  4. Anticappointment pretty much sums up my perfume life these days but it’s still fun to get excited about something.
    I can’t believe it’s only 3 sleeps till we get to hang out together!


    • Hey Tara! Yep, the excitement remains and we plod on, tripping over a gem every so often, which is enough to keep us running in the wheel. And we love it. Yep, countdown on! xxxxx


  5. crikey

    Oh, I do love a good portmanteau word! (And have to, begrudgingly, credit Bush Jr for coining the magnificently useful “misunderestimate.”)

    My most crashing case of anticappointment recently, as you know, was my visit to Serge Lutens’ gaffe in Paris.

    (wait… you didn’t like Mitzah last time you tried it? Oh damn, I do hope that’s changed…)


    • Afternoon Crikey! I’m a perfume junkie,so whichever way it goes, I will be happy as Larry having it in my cupboard, it`s a cult frag. However, recently having fallen deepinto the amber hole, I feel very sure I am gonna go crazy for it. Waaaaaaay late to the amber party, but yeah ……. Bussis. xxxxx


  6. Tara C

    I have basically stopped ordering samples due to this phenomenon. It became such a waste of money I gave up. Now I pretty much smell stuff if it falls under my hand in a shop, or is a free sample included with purchase. That sai, I have run across a few things I liked enough to buy in the past few months: Hiram Green Slowdive, Bruno Fazzolari Ummagumma, and Mad et Len Petits Papiers.i’m sticking to a lot of old favourites though, including Mitzah (of wh8ch I bought a gallon when I heard it would be discontinued).


    • Oh! Another Mitzah fan, I am excited to join this group! I have not ordered samples in years. I do need add though that with regular trips to Vienna, and the willingness of the store there to swap cookies for perfume, I manage to get hold of lots of things. Way in the past when I did order, I would get so excited that I could pop, and then I was almost always extremely disappointed. But there was that one order that consisted of the Vero Profumos …….. so I guess you could say that it does pay off big time,now and again!! Hugs, Val. xxxxxx


  7. OMG, there’s a word for it which is not just grumpy old lady (me!)!
    There’s too much muddy water out there.
    Have a fabulantastic time, some of the perfumes in the awards sure are interesting and some of them memorable too 😉

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  8. I love the word but I’m past this phase of my perfume hobby: I still LOVE smelling new stuff, but having had a lot of disappointments in the past, I stopped being excited about any new releases, even from favorite brands; and once I stopped paying for samples (I just wait to either smell it for free at a store or do friendly swaps or borrow-a-sample stints), I stopped being disappointed. So now I’m just mildly curious, still trying to smell as many new things as I can get, but feel mostly fine when I write the next “Meh” as an impression from the new sample testing.

    I like Mitzah (and have a bottle to prove it) but I think it might be not cold enough already to wear it (I mean, for you since here it was too warm for the last couple of months).

    Enjoy your trip!

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    • Sat on the train heading into London Town. I agree with you. Waiting for things to drop into my hands is absolutely the way to go. I still get very excited about perfume in a number of ways, but not samples. Been wearing MdO Ambre in the heat and love it. So let‘s see with Mitzah!!!! Always so great to see you. Hugs. Xxx


  9. This is my default state nowadays, and I have all but stopped sniffing in actual shops and duty frees at airports to prevent any more occurrences of this unfortunate feeling. Instead I am hugely reliant on friends – not least your good self – to lob potentially interesting things into my lap, and am now officially hovering below Undina’s level of ‘mild curiosity’ in-store. 😉


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