Slowdive by Hiram Green

Notes: Neroli, Orange flower, Tobacco flower, Dried fruit, Beeswax, Tuberose and Resins.

Hiram Green makes high quality, opulent perfumes that sing on the skin. My particular favourite of his collection is the glorious sunlit orange blossom, Dilettante. These beautiful fragrances are handcrafted from natural ingredients at his base in the Netherlands. A bonus is that they are available in 10ml sprays as well as 50ml bottles.

His latest release is the evocatively titled Slowdiveslowdive.png

Slowdive is a languid, floral tobacco-themed fragrance and its name suits it perfectly. After an opening of unctuous honey tinged with Play-doh, you gently drift down into its swirl of petals, tobacco leaves and dried fruit.

It’s a lot brighter in feel than many tobacco fragrances which tend to reside in shuttered gentlemen’s clubs. Slowdive has the warmth of days filled with hazy sunshine, ripe fruit and the low hum of bees flitting from bloom to bloom. The beeswax gives it a sumptuously soft landing with its honeyed waxiness.

It makes me think of an autumn harvest, but if you love honeyed and/or tobacco scents, you’ll enjoy it at any time of year. It has a caressing, lazy mood which I’ve found immensely enjoyable on these gloomy London days. It’s the feeling you get when you kick off your shoes and sink into a big, squashy armchair at the end of a tiring day. It has that sense of letting go and having nothing better to do than watch the sun melt into the horizon, bleeding into colours of amber, gold and ochre.

Slowdive is a fragrance to relax into; a place to rest your aching bones. The sillage is low-key but within its orbit, you can’t mistake its distinctive character.

One thing to make clear regarding the presence of tuberose, is that there’s no need to be put off if you normally hesitate at its mention in notes lists. As I’ve said before, natural tuberose is not the stonker of the synthetic variety, which can trample over everything in sight. Here, the natural absolute adds a flowery creaminess to the composition without overpowering the other accords. It’s probably what makes Slowdive such an uncommon tobacco perfume.

It’s definitely a fragrance anyone could wear comfortably and combining the traditionally masculine tobacco with the uber feminine tuberose, makes for a clever and interesting pairing that works beautifully.




How do you feel about tobacco/honey perfumes?



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15 responses to “Slowdive by Hiram Green

  1. I have just received a bottle of this and I find it freakish and fascinating . Exactly as you describe it ; beautiful ( even if I don’t know if I can actually wear it).

    I like HAVING it though. Like some medieval mead. Utterly original and unique !


  2. Tara C

    I got lots of honey and just a bit of tobacco. Don’t smell the tuberose at all as such, it must be well-hidden. Lovely stuff, I bought a bottle immediately.


    • The honey is prominent and luckily it’s the good kind, not the skanky urinous kind. For me, the tuberose just adds that lovely touch of creamy floracy.
      Enjoy your bottle! I’ll own some Dilettante one day.


  3. Sandra

    Hi Tara, I love your description of Slowdive- you make me want to go out and buy it immediately. My only hesitation is that I normally struggle with beeswax. Sandra xo


  4. This perfume has many notes with which I struggle – tuberose (and it doesn’t matter that it’s natural since I do not like how actual flowers smell), beeswax (it goes unpleasant on my skin half of the time) and tobacco is just not a favorite of mine. And still I hope to try this perfume (and Dilettante too) because I feel good about this brand and like, own and wear Arbole Arbole.

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  5. Vanessa

    I like the sound of everything about this perfume – its brightness considering it is a tobacco scent, its langour, the tuberose note – everything except the hint of Play-Doh, haha. But try it I definitely would.


  6. So beautiful Tara, I want to straight away try this brand. Both this one and Dilettante makes me very curious, and at the moment I just seem to find brands that are natural to be the most innovative and/or simply good.
    I love honey, and the name is really good too, it almost seem onomatopoeic.


    • Yes, the name alone made me curious. It’s a great honey scent and they can be so tricky. I really think you’d enjoy it. We are lucky to have a few natural perfumers doing such gorgeous, refined, work.


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