In Rotation – Autumn 2017

It’s autumn in the UK and I’m really enjoying wearing my two favourite releases of this year (practically non-stop). They are both by artisan perfumers whose work exhibits great depth and attention to detail. As different as they are, each fragrance feels perfect for this time of year.

I spent a few days at a forest lodge in Scotland earlier in the month and the autumnal countryside was stunning. The scents of green leaves, woodsmoke and damp earth filled the air.



Dryad by Papillon Perfumes

Narcissus, Oakmoss, Jonquil, Costus, Galbanum, Clary Sage, Deer Tongue, Cedrat, Benzoin, Lavender, Thyme and Orris

Liz Moores is very connected to nature in all its forms, so it’s no wonder she should see the soul in a tree and create a perfume in its honour: Dryad. Bitter greens are crushed underfoot as the woodland becomes denser and darker. The drydown has the glorious feel of a vintage oakmoss chypre. Green perfumes are rarely this complex or classy. Wear it while wistfully wishing you lived in the forest, or kicking up leaves walking through the park.


Naja by Vero Profumo

Osmanthus absolute, melon, linden blossom, tobacco

The green in Naja is a neon bright lime.  It starts out like juice, then blossom and finally powder. This provides an overlay to the palest blond tabacco which feels just right for these damp days with a hint of bonfire in the air. Naja is a perfume full of contradictions that exist side by side. It is body and spirit, dissonance and harmony, purity and poison. Wear it to weave protection spells and cast out evil. It’s the perfect perfume for the run-up to Halloween.


Coromandel by Chanel 

Bitter Orange, Neroli, Jasmine, Rose, Orris, Patchouli, White Chocolate, Vanilla, Woods, Incense

While I’m wearing Dryad and Naja on skin, I’m also wearing Coromandel on fabric. It’s my favourite scarf perfume. I sprayed it onto the front of my long black cotton scarf once I’d wound it round my neck.  The luxe patchouli works really well when you can catch wafts of it as you walk. I have the EdT version which has wisps of incense which show up in mild weather.  It really complements both Dryad and Naja. Wear it to amplify and complement the wonderfully musty aromas of autumn in a super chic way.



What fragrances have you been turning to lately?


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14 responses to “In Rotation – Autumn 2017

  1. Beautiful photos of your holiday! Looks like the perfect retreat. Thanks for the reminder about Coromandel, a sample of which I think I got at a PLL event, but which sadly fell out of its little brown envelope, so could be any one of three now. If I find it, I will try that scarf trick, something I have inadvertently done with numerous perfumes in the past, palimpsest-style! Love your description of Naja. It is so original in its structure.


    • For some reason I thought you owned a bottled of Coromandel, V. Whether you find your sample or not, you are very welcome to some of mine. It is the ultimate scarf scent in my view!
      Naja is utterly unique.


    • I think Coromandel is extremely hard to mix with anything else – so you should recognize it from the description once you try it 🙂


  2. Lady Jane Grey

    Do you know that feeling when rummaging in your parfum box you find a long forgotten bottle and suddenly, day after day, you cant’t stop wearing it? Une Fleur de Cassie by Frederic Malle…

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  3. It is still summer here (+27C today), and I’m a little tired of it already – I want to wear my Fall perfumes!

    Your pictures are so beautiful and serene – I would love to spend 2-3 days in such cabin. I love Coromandel (when I can wear it): I bought a decant when I should have bought a bottle of EDT. But I still have enough of it and I look forward to wearing it. I still need to get to try Naja – I keep reading positive comments about it, and not just from Val 😉


    • Wow, it really is still hot there. I totally got in the autumnal mood yesterday. I genuinely like this time of year – I love the aromas and cosying up. Buying new cold weather clothing also helps. I loathe Jan and Feb though so have to make the most of it until then.

      I hoped the break in nature would be good for my spirits and so it proved. I want to do something every year if possible.

      I’d be happy to send some Coromandel and Naja via our friendly mule if that is a possibility, let me know.

      Too funny about Val 🙂


  4. Oh, what a lovely looking spot for your holiday.

    yep, Coromandel has moved to the front of the shelf. And… my Dryad sample arrived. First sniff was lovely, but I’ve been too distracted to try it properly yet.

    it’s grey and miserable up here right now, but it’s just too *warm*. It’s so unnerving. I look outside, and bundle up in almost-november layers. And then walk along, stripping off layers of scarves and gloves on the way to the station. Bapteme du Feu is there a lot at the moment (the dry gunpowder and orange and spice seems to belong to rainy days.)


  5. Dryad and Naja still need to be tested, and with coromandel I always struggled with the patchouli. Recently, however, I discovered that no 22 is really absolutely lovely. Wether that’s because I actually prefer the edp version, or I’m so underwhelmed with most new niche that no 22 was a life belt thrown at me, I can’t say for sure, but im a little bit in love.
    Rotation, hmmmm, I think I’m more likely wearing something new most days, but my winter delivery came out of hiding with its sharp ginger and mellow metallic incense.


  6. Oh Tara your holidays looks so good and green yess.. love it. Also Coromandel is on my to buy list, I absolutely adore it. I got a little bit of my craving lately with SJP Stash, loving the incense at the end of it for me. I sprayed some of my Misia sample on a scarf last winter and I can still faintly get it, so yes love that idea xx


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