The Boxwalla August Beauty Box

I feel closely connected to this particular subscription box. I first got to know Lavanya – the talented woman behind Boxwalla –  online a number of years ago through her perfume blog and then in person when she and her family visited London from California.

When her second child was born she blogged about how she had been inspired to start a new venture which turned out to be Boxwalla (which means a “box seller” in India). It was great to see the scheme grow and it has even been featured in Vogue.

Lavanya noticed I had recently got into skincare in a big way and kindly offered to send me the August Beauty Box for review.




The lovely boxes are made from recycled cotton scraps


Before Boxwalla I had been very sceptical about subscriptions boxes. From what I could tell, you’d get one or two things you might be half interested in and then quite a few random bits and pieces of little value, just to bulk it out. Therefore the first thing that impressed me upon opening the box was that it contained three high quality, full sized products and no filler.





Lavanya is passionate about green beauty but she is also only interested in those products that are nutrient-rich and actually work. I felt very fortunate that this box included two items from Odacité because I’ve been eyeing this plant-based brand for a while. However, after reading the packaging of both products I was still none the wiser as to what exactly they were and where they fit into my skincare routine.




This is the where the Boxwalla card came into its own. It detailed not only what the main benefits of the products were, but how and when to use them. As suggested, after misting, I added 2 pumps of the Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Créme (moisturiser) to the Pa+G Serum Concentrate (hyperpigmentation treatment) and applied all over my face and neck.

The emulsion sank into my skin fast and left a non-sticky, velvety feel. I have been having issues with eczema and dehydration but my skin has been incredibly soothed and hydrated since using this concoction. I’ve have also been using the Créme as a stand alone moisturiser. It contains seed oils but smells like herbs.




I only started using lip exfoliators recently and don’t know how I got along with without them before. My lips are smoother (obviously) and lipstick goes on better. The only issue is that I always end up accidently eating some, so an all-natural version is a definite plus.  Nordic Berries Lip Exfoliator by Henné Organics looks stunning, smells amazing and is gentle yet effective.



The box is great value at $54.95, especially when you consider the retail value is $131. The Odacité Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Crème alone costs £60 on Cult Beauty! There is limited availability to buy this box as a one-off if you’re interested.




I really admire the ‘slowness’ concept behind Boxwalla.  It’s nice to find someone who is focusing on sharing high quality products with integrity by artisans and small businesses. This isn’t a throw away buzz which fades soon after the box arrives in the post. Every single one has been curated with care and it shows. Boxwalla make sure that each box builds on the one before so you don’t end up with random products that don’t fit together.

This isn’t just about Beauty either. There are also Food, Film and Book Boxes and all but the Food Box ship internationally.

Boxwalla is a subscription box done right.





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18 responses to “The Boxwalla August Beauty Box

  1. This really sounds like a good concept. 🙂 Unfortunately it would cost a lot to order it to Croatia, I couldn’t avoid customs which is unfortunately high. 😦


    • It’s great that Lavanya has come up with such a brilliant concept and is executing it so well.
      Boo for the high customs charges!


    • Lavanya

      Hey hey Ines. I think I have one or two subscribers from Croatia. I don’t think they were charged customs but I can find out for you..


      • Thank you! That would be great to know. Although what I hear lately about customs, everything over the amount of 20 euros gets taxed. And quite a lot at that. This country sucks more and more for the people living in it (sorry, I can’t contain my frustration).


  2. I know just what you mean about slowness, and highly approve of the obvious care and research that goes into Lavanya’s packages. They look exquisitely ‘curated’ in the pictures. And yes, I reckon they are a cross between a ‘care package’ to yourself, and a grown up version of the lucky bags we used to receive with eager anticipation at parties. 😉

    And I have to ask…are ‘gotten’ and ‘skeptical’ the work of your spellchecker, or have you decamped to Boxwalla HQ? 😉


    • When I was at primary school, the mum of the child having the party was apparently very impressed that I asked for a second goody bag for my sister 🙂

      Lavanya really turned around my view of subscription boxes, though I doubt there are many as good quality and well thought-out as hers. I’m very proud of her, even if I have no right to be.

      WordPress doesn’t have a spell check feature as far as I can tell which is very annoying. Luckily, I have you!


  3. Sandra

    Hi Tara, I too am skeptical about prescription boxes simply because of the eczema and dry skin issue I have. But it probably is a great way to get know different brands since I tend to stagnate and stick to what I know. Thank you for this heads up. Quick question – how would I use a lip exfoliator and do you think it really works? I do not wear lipstick in the cooler months as my lips are so chapped. Sandra xo


    • Hi Sandra,
      Maybe you’d like the Film or Book Boxes if you’re wary of ordering skincare.
      I just rub a small amount of lip exfoliator onto my lips like a scrub while in the bath. I then follow with the Reve de Miel lip balm from Nuxe. I don’t suffer with chapped or cracked lips any more! Lush do nice ones.


  4. Hey Tara,
    Boxwallah sounds fantastic. I wrote about them just before release and love that they offer four box types.
    I had forgotten that they send full sized products though, such interesting pieces and great value.
    LIP EXFOLIATOR!!! Who ever dreamed of such a thing?
    Portia xxx


  5. Lavanya

    Aww – Thank you so much for this lovely detailed review Tara! I’m so thrilled that these worked for your skin!


  6. While I’m not a fan of most subscription services, I think that Boxwalla is that type of business done right, and anybody who plans to spend money on any such experiments should try this one.


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