In Rotation: Spring 2017

My perfume choices have been all over the places lately thanks to the changeable weather we’ve been experiencing in the UK this spring. As I write this on Monday 10th April, yesterday was 25 degrees Celsius. For that one day heatwave, I spritzed Dita Von Teese EdP for its tropical flowers, hint of spice and oriental-lite base. Today, it’s back down to 15°C so I’m returning to usual perfume programming which currently consists of the following: –




Vaara, Penhaligon’s

Notes: Quince, Rose Water, Carrot Seeds, Coriander, Saffron, Rose, Freesia, Magnolia, Peony, Honey, White Musk, Cedar, Sandalwood, Benzoin and Tonka Bean.

On mild spring days I’ve been testing out my bottle of Vaara. I bought it when a friend was selling off her perfumes and I picked it up for not very much at all. Still, I’ve been re-assessing my collection, spurred on by Vanessa’s brilliant 20 ‘desert island’ scents post and wanted to check that it warranted a place on my shelf. So far so good. The fabulously unique start of quince, saffron, carrot seed and sparkling rosewater hangs around much longer than I feared, before moving into the rosy heart.


28 La Pausa, Chanel

Notes: I can’t find a notes list, but there is A LOT of Iris Pallida.

This huge 200ml bottle was generously gifted to me by the same friend I bought Vaara from.  It’s the original EdT which is no longer available.  Val the Cookie Queen and I tried out the new EdP last year and although it got off to great iris start, it all too quickly dried to down to a squeaky clean vetiver. Maybe the Parfum formulation is a better though. Unlike a lot of people, I’m fortunate in that the EdT lasts reasonably well on me.  This elegant iris feels just right for early spring with its floral-woody character and silky, slightly powdery texture.  28 La Pausa is the refined orris choice.


Antonia, Puredistance

Notes: Jasmine, Rose Essence, Ylang Ylang, Orris, Ivy, Galbanum, Vanilla and Vetiver.

Green florals like Antonia are another staple for me when March finally comes around. It’s luxurious, sun-lit and incredibly well blended. Quite a few green fragrances have a rather mealy-mouthed character, owing to the unforgiving nature of galbanum. However, Antonia is lusciously full-bodied and surprisingly warm. This spring goddess is resplendent in emerald with delicate flowers laced through her hair. Thanks to B for my bottle.




What fragrances have you been wearing lately?


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25 responses to “In Rotation: Spring 2017

  1. I retried the La Pausa EdP and it was just as unpleasant (on my skin!) as when we tried it together. That solid vetiver is most unpleasant. EdT knocks spots off of it. Not tried Vaara, although I love the name 🙂 And although I can absolutely appreciate Antonia for some reason it doesn´t feel right on me, cannot quite pinpoint why. I am wearing a ton of N°5 in all variations and have been for the last few months, interspersed with various Veros. Some Hermès, and recently Portrait of a Lady. That´s about it. Hmmmmmm.


  2. I can confirm that Val rocks Portrait of a Lady! Must retry Vaara, having had my interest in quince piqued by sniffing Galop on V the next day. I used to like La Pausa a lot – considered it the ‘cryogenic iris’ in my collection, but I am not as drawn to the note generally these days, no idea why.

    Our weather wasn’t as spectacularly summery up here, but we had two glorious days at the weekend with temperatures in the 18-20 C range. After days of being charmed by Naja, as things hotted up, I reached for Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur and Songes. Both probably OTT as gardening scents, but no matter.

    Thanks for the blog linkage! And spritz your Antonia with abandon! I have more than enough for two.


    • I can really imagine Val rocking PoAL. La Pausa is a “cryogenic iris”! Let me know if you’d like some Vaara after re-trying or you need a decant to re-test.

      I love your gardening perfume choices! I think we just have to wear and enjoy our perfumes at every opportunity. I bet Songes was blissful.


  3. Lady Jane Grey

    The warm weather in London on Saturday put me in a bursting fresh mood and very much liked 3 lovely scents at Perfumer H (L.Harris at Marylebone): Cologne, Grapefruit and Vetiver – unfortunately, I had no time to go back and buy any of them, but I’d love to… I WANT to put down my usual heavy orientals, and I’m longing for fresh and clear and green… My most frequent spring choice so far was Angelique by our beloved Papillon, on cold spring days I reached for Cuir Beluga


  4. I’m gutted to hear about the La Pausa EdP, very sad… no need for me to seek it out, luckily I have some EdT left.
    I’m currently rotating through all the Puredistance perfumes and loving them.
    For sporty days I’m wearing the orange blossom Diptyque L’eau de something (can’t for the life of me think of the name right now – old age…) for its lightness and assiciations of summer vacations.


  5. Have not tried any of these, but they all sound wonderful. Trying Elizabeth Arden White Tea. Nice!


  6. Sandra

    Hi Tara, I always have a difficult time choosing perfumes in spring. The one warm day we had on Sunday I wore vintage Diva. Other than that I am wearing a lot of Dior’s Bois d ‘Argent. Sorry to hear about the La Pausa edp. I quite liked several of the new edps more than the edts. Sandra xo


    • Hi Sandra,
      Lovely to know you enjoyed the heat on Sunday too.
      Bois d’Argent is a beauty.
      I agree some of the Chanel EdPs are better. I thought Cuir de Russie, Coromandel and Bois des Iles were fabulous.


  7. Hi Tara, haven’t tried any of these perfumes mentioned. Here it’s Autumn with lots of rain, so over the heat of summer. I usually just spritz my Opium pour Homme it’s familiar and I enjoy it.


  8. I’m trying to wear all perfumes from my recent Top 20 inspired by the same Vanessa’s post. Antonia is one of them, and I can confirm that I still love it! Will find my Vaalara sample and re-try it tomorrow. Probably should do the same with La Pausa – I just don’t remember what I thought of it. Though maybe it’s for the best with the recent re formulation?


    • Yay for you still loving Antonia! It’s a pretty special green.
      I can always give you some La Pausa if you find you like it. Though I guess the fact you can’t recall it doesn’t bode well.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Hey Tara,
    I’m all over the place this month too. Burberry Brit woman EdP is getting a heavy workout this week but everything else is in flux.
    Love your three in rotation, not for me personally but I can imagine them all working so well for you. AND you wafting them with such panache.
    Portia xx


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