Fume Chat: A Perfumed Podcast

I’ve only recently gotten into podcasts (late, I know) and they really help with the daily commute. A few weeks ago Thomas Dunckley (The Candy Perfume Boy) and Nick Gilbert (Fragrance Expertise) launched their very own podcast “Fume Chat“. Episodes are released every fortnight on a Sunday and there have been two so far.

The launch show “Hello World” included some of their favourites new releases and helped feed my mammoth lemming, Galop d’Hermes.  Last Sunday’s instalment was a “Battle of the Bottles” between Thomas and Nick’s picks from Comme des Garçons (I won’t spoil it by telling you who won). I did own Kyoto but this brand has been largely a mystery to me because many of the scents have similar names with numbers, which unfortunately is enough to put me off. I am now considerably less ignorant.

First and foremost, the podcasts are brilliantly entertaining but they are also guaranteed to widen your perfumery knowledge and add fragrances to your To Try list. Both Thomas and Nick are great company and this transmits perfectly across the digital airwaves. They also have an off-beat taste in fragrance which means you hear about scents you might not have heard about or explored further otherwise.

You can subscribe on iTunes via your iPhone or Soundcloud if you’re an Android user like me. Well worth a listen!




Have you tuned in to Fume Chat? Can you recommend any other podcasts?




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10 responses to “Fume Chat: A Perfumed Podcast

  1. Nick and Thomas are awesome. Nice voices too…


  2. Ingeborg

    I tried the first episode today. Having not been in an English-speaking environment for many years, it actually took some getting used to their voices. I did like their light style and plan to follow, even if I don’t usually listen to podcasts (I wouldn’t get through more than a third of each episode on my way to work).


  3. Haven’t had a chance to check these out yet (podcasts are one of those ‘newfangled’ broadcasting formats I haven’t quite got to grips with!), but any venture by this pair is bound to be great. I took an instant liking to the logo, I must say.


  4. Ha! I’ll see your “late” and raise you “never”: so far I haven’t listened to a single podcast in my life 😉 But maybe it’s a good chance to do something new? 🙂


    • I don’t know what your commute is like Undina, but the podcasts have made a real difference to mine. I can tune out all the inane chatter on the bus/train and learn something too 🙂

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      • That’s probably the reason: for the last… many-many years my commute hasn’t been longer than 10 minutes one way by car. Had I have to drive for longer, I would have probably found something other than radio to keep me company.


        • How great that you have always had such a short commute. Mine takes the best part of an hour. I know Birgit used to listen to podcasts while doing household chores if that idea appeals


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