I’m In Venice!

As you read this I am in Venice pinching myself because I can’t believe my luck. It will be cold in February but hopefully that will reduce the “aroma” from the canals and keep the number of other tourists down to minimum.


I’ve always wanted to visit Venice and mentioned this to Portia during our Skype chat over Christmas. She generously invited me to join her, the lovely Jin and their fellow Aussie mate, during their time there. They are on a European trip comprising 11 cities in 7 countries over about 5 weeks. I had just been on an expensive transatlantic trip but I’ve learnt that when an opportunity comes up in life I need to grab it with both hands.

If you missed it, you can catch up on some photos from Portia’s triumph at Perfume Lovers London last month here.

Portia and me

I won’t be around to answer comments until the weekend but feel free to share a destination that’s on your bucket-list or your own experience of Venice.












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20 responses to “I’m In Venice!

  1. Sandra

    I hope you are having the time of your life Tara! Can’t wait to read all about it. Sandra xoxo


  2. Enjoy your trip, Tara!

    I do not have any lists: I hope to live long enough and be healthy to visit whatever I’ll think of. Right now I want to go to Hawaii for a vacation – even though I’ve been to there many times.


  3. Tara enjoy the experience – it’s quite mind blowing when you get lost in those back streets! I visited for the for the first time recently and loved it. Definitely get to the Guggenheim if you can – it’s spectacular.


  4. Enjoy your fantastic trip Tara! Venice is on my bucket list; I’m so looking forward to reading all about it! xx


  5. India is on my bucket list, but I would like to make sure I went with a seasoned traveller who knew the ropes, as it could be a bit daunting otherwise. Venice I have been to a few times, always in the summer when it was heaving with tourists. Still magical at any time of year, and it is of course very easy to get lost and find a quite back street or two all to yourself. Look forward to a full report! x


    • I wasn’t planning on a post as no perfume featured but maybe I will write something if you think people would be interested.
      Portia is thinking of going back to India next year so as intimidated as I am, I’ll think about joining them. I agree it would very daunting otherwise.
      Venice was still pretty busy so I can’t imagine it in summer.

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  6. Yeah loving spending time with you Tara looking forward to reading your blogxo


  7. Have all the fun, sweetie. I’ve only been once, and that was for work, but Venice is magical. I’d love to go back for the Biennale. May be in 2 years….
    My bucket list is long:
    Argentina, Bali, Bhutan, Chile, Costa Rica, Corsica, French Polynesia, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India (may be I should team up with Vanessa for that, Mael is not keen) Java, Jordan, Madagascar, Mauritius, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Sardinia.


    • I love your bucket list, Sabine! Yours is a really interesting one. Bali is like paradise on Earth, you have to go. Only been to Mauritius apart from that. I do fancy Costa Rica, French Polynesia, NZ and Bhutan which I believe is where you find the happiest people on the planet.


  8. Lady Jane Grey

    Venice is unique. I always travel there in late autumn when the light is magical, and the early morning chill makes the city appear full of secrets…
    Peggy’s collection is one of my museum favorites ever – the location, the Palazzo, the garden, the Angel…


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