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SERENITY: Scent Semantics #12

Hey Scent Semantics Crew.

Our very last Scent Semantics. 12 months flew by in the blink of an eye. Even for the six bloggers who have been on the Scent Semantics journey lives have changed inextricably. Suddenly the world opened up and needed us all to get back involved, produce, create, scrutinise, write and read. Sheila is fulfilling lifelong dreams, Daisy is travelling and making podcasts happen, Elena is now a published author and the blog is going great guns, Undina has had family come to the USA and work, Old Herbaceous has also dealt with upheavals in the family and I’ve been getting back into Trivia work, events and property purchasing. Add to this the pall of C19 and Ukraine. It’s been a big 12 months.

Scent Semantics? We get a word, we get a date, we have to choose a single fragrance that fits the word and then have to explain how it fits together, in our way. As much or little as we feel the word/fragrance connection needs. We are going to probe a little into how each of us bloggers see the world, fragrance, ourselves. We get to see how one word can inspire different directions in connection. or not.

SERENITY: Scent Semantics #12

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