11 Candles In Antwerp – Freddie Albrighton‘s Lutens

I do love the smell of the standard tea-lights. (Is that hyphenated?) I always have one burning in the bog. It’s lovely to go into, amazing how much warmth and smell one candle can give off. The whole loo is so gemütlich. Inviting a Wordle session ——

Pretty similar in a church, but of course much more intense. The larger number of candles heating and expanding the air above them, as they flicker and glow.

It would appear that Albrighton had 11 relatives, all of whom have turned their toes up. And he lit 11 candles, in Antwerp, for them. I don’t think they all died in Antwerp though. I mean that would be a bit odd. Unless they al fought in the Siege of Antwerp. Or the Battle of the Scheldt. I dunno.

A CLASSICAL WHITE ORCHID bouquet, spiked with pink pepper, melts into a bed of dense creamy candlewax. Beschreiben von Parfüm muss man lieben!! I am sure he missed out jasmine ——

Basically it’s a very appealing creamy waxy white floral. It stays on the skin perhaps longer than his other fragrances, but that is not a negative thing. It’s gorgeous on your clothing the next day I must say. Very Lutensian in smell, with a name that Serge himself might well have come up with.

Does it smell of candlewax? Yes. Would we have known that had candles not been mentioned in the name? Probably not. Does it matter? No.




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19 responses to “11 Candles In Antwerp – Freddie Albrighton‘s Lutens

  1. Tara C

    Sounds lovely – I have no idea if he has distribution in the US but his scents sound intriguing!

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  2. Hamamelis

    It is lovely to see you here again. I am so happy you’re enjoying perfume, and describe it so vividly. Hopefully all good sign. I love the German bits…gezellig ;-). I’m not sure if you ever learned the Dutch word for the bog: plee. It sounds like play.
    If I come across 11 candles I will surely try it, tea-lights and jasmine, I could use some of that.
    Hugs and love dearest CQ!

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  3. I loved this review so much, especially the idea that Freddie’s relatives might all have died in Antwerp. Given the hours of gridlock invariably prevailing on the Antwerp Ring, the possibility cannot be discounted.

    The perfume itself sounds right up my street, and am intrigued by its waxiness. And Lutensian style. Who of course had those dear little sample palettes of wax scents back in the day.

    So good to see you here – and on such great blogging form!

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  4. As I was reading the review, I started thinking: Tara’s writing is great but really different from her usual style… Then I came across the German phrase and got even more surprised: “I didn’t remember Tara’s being fluent in German… And then I scrolled up to see that it was Val’s post. Everything fell into place. 🙂
    Val, glad to see you!
    Perfume?.. To tell you the truth. I’m not sure. If I get a chance, I’ll probably try it – just because I “know” Freddie (virtually from his blog years ago). But in general I don’t trust much self-taught perfumers.


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