Last Minute Change of Heart by Freddie Albrighton 

By Val

A Floral Woody Musk.  Rolls eyes. 

It’s the sweet floury coating on the long pack of Bazooka Joe – the one that divided into 5 chunks making it easier to break off the pieces.  I would shove it into my gob all in one go, chew until my jaw ached, and then blow thick bubbles, big enough to cover my whole face including bangs. 

As the blast of Hubba Bubba divineness softens – luckily it takes a long time, YUM – I get a gorgeous artificial blackcurrant creeping in through the gumpowder.  There’s a foamy pink sweet shrimp note somewhere in there. Fabulous.  (Do you get foamy pink shrimps outside of The Commonwealth, please stand up).

You can really spray it like a Bro.  Like all of Albrighton’s perfumes, it fades out beautifully until it disappears, leaving no long term chemical burn. 

It’s a brilliant fun wear (read that as joyful) because the last thing it is, is cheap or nasty.  It’s sweet, but kept from being thick and sticky, with a soft base of cashmere, spiced cedar, a sandalwood and musk. 

Freddie Albrighton will go far, you mark my unhinged words. 

Last Minute Change of Heart is expected mid-May 2022. There are a number of stockists. Check his website.


PSA. This is an experimental blog post.  I am still MIA – due to a trauma in my life that resulted in a nervous breakdown.  I will not answer questions but will accept all prayers.  It’s rough. 


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15 responses to “Last Minute Change of Heart by Freddie Albrighton 

  1. So good to see you here again, in an experimental or any other way. You are never far from my thoughts, as you know. Now I don’t remember Bazooka Joe (wasn’t big into bubble gum as a kid), but I do remember foamy pink shrimps! I love the specificity of your imagery and hope to visit Freddie’s shop in November before a gig in Stourbridge that night. Carry on feeling a bit better, as I infer you are? x

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  2. You certainly have my prayers …. lots of golden vibes heading your way.

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  3. Ana Maria

    I hope you’ll emerge the other side, scarred but still able to find joy in life’s journey. Love, Ana

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  4. matty1649

    You have my prayers as well. Glad to see you posting.

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  5. Hamamelis

    How very good to see you here. It makes my day. I often think about you and, I believe, I understand how rough dealing with life trauma is and how specific and individual the requirements are to learn to live with it. Sending you strength and whatever you need on any give day.
    Bazooka was my favourite gum, exactly as you describe easy to divide but which child would or could do that?
    Life is still rough here, getting better but you know, two steps forward etc. There was an article in the Washington Post last Saturday (‘Super short workouts can be surprisingly effective’) and it includes a paragraph about our business. Not bad huh? We need it, after covid this senseless war is making the economic climate difficult. Nothing compared to having your house bombed or worse, but it is taxing. Austria is on the map again, if it flies and you are no longer MIA it would be lovely to see you. XXX

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  6. Lisa Aldred

    Amazing, fun & brilliant review – if this is you not at your best Val, you’ll blow me away when you’re 100% (which you will be soon) well bloody done, I know it’s not been easy but you’ll come out on top before you know it. Lots of love xxx

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  7. Mariann

    Loved the review, i’m glad you experimented and sending virtual hugs your way! I’m sorry its rough 😔

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  8. Tara C

    So glad to see you post, I’ve been worried about you. I went through a nervous breakdown myself at the age of 27 so you have my utmost sympathies. Wishing you better days ahead.

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  9. Sending you much love, Val ❤️

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  10. Val! I’m so happy to see you here! You’re constantly in my thoughts. Sending you love. Be kind to yourself and take it super-easy: other than absolute necessary minimum, do not force anything on yourself. But if it feels… not wrong, try writing here, and we’ll be glad to read whatever you choose to review.

    Sweet bubblegummy perfumes are not my thing, but since I remember Freddie from his blogging days, your review makes me curious. So, I will try it one day.

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  11. Lady Jane Grey

    Wow, that sounds like a surrealist‘s painting – artificial blackcurrant with foamy shrimp… I‘m pretty sure it‘s not for me, but I‘m sooo happy to read from you again. Instead of prayers I‘m thinking of you, as always.
    Love 💕

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  12. YAY! So good to read you back on the blogging horse Val.
    This sounds so far from anything I’d want to smell of but Freddie seems to have a masterful touch so as soon as it gets to Oz I’ll give it a spritz.
    Hugs and love and hopefully for your speedy recovery.
    Portia xx

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  13. I loved an ‘Anglo Bubbly’ which is probably much the same as Bazooka (was that the one in which you collected wrappers to get X-ray specs? LOL) –
    I have missed your music, posts and sunday pictures! Sending healing thoughts and a virtual hug for continued healing and betterness! – Patsi x

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