Boujee Bougies – Mini Reviews

Nick and Pia of Olfiction launched their luxury scented candle brand Boujee Bougies this time last year. Lockdown turned out to be the perfect time as sales of scented candles went through the roof. I’m not surprised because after only buying a single candle in my life, I purchased four – one being a Boujee Bougie.

They were kind enough to send me all five mini candles recently so I got a chance to sample the whole line.

Queen Jam

Tart berries, purple roses, flashes of green

Named after a Finnish conserve, Queen Jam was exactly what I was expecting: a rich rose jam scent. I normally swerve gourmand fragrances but I found this hugely comforting and can quite imagine many finding it addictive. Juicy berries and rose petals are swirling in syrupy jam. The overall effect is that of a jammy, fruity rose edged with leaves and this greenery contrasts beautifully with the sweetness. Queen Jam is full of character and a great sense of fun. It also has a tremendous amount of throw, I could smell it at a distance even when unlit.

I burn it when I feel life is a little too austere and I’m craving a bit of guilt-free indulgence.

Cuir Culture

Old books, worn jackets, pup masks

Genius name alert! I love leather but wondered if this would be a little too much on the skanky side for my prim tastes. This was purely going on the description which talked of it being raw and raunchy. Up close it does smell like a tough, spicy leather. However when lit, I actually find it to be rather low-key with a subtly sensual quality. It’s quietly reassuring and perfect for a chilly winter’s evening.

Imagine being curled up in a worn leather chair in a dusty old library with a good – somewhat racy – book. That’s Cuir Culture.


Houseplants, jungles, joy

The name says it all – the scent of cacti bursting with moisture. This is a bright green scent with a distinctive tomato leaf note. I don’t know how Pia managed to make this fragrance so dripping with sap. Underneath the the tangle of greens there is a fuzzy white musk which amps up its radiance. This is not a deep, dark green aroma (my usual preference) but one of plant stems full of vitality, straining towards the light.

Sales of houseplants also went up through the pandemic (again guilty – I’m so predictable) because they impart such a feeling of wellbeing. Succulent brings a riot of jungle palms and desert cacti into your own humble abode.


Whispered confessions, incense smoke, gold leaf

Another inspired name. This incense is warm and woody rather than cool and mineralic. The enticing golden glow that veils the incense comes from amber and labdanum. The really clever thing about this scent though, is the surprising inclusion of aldehydes. I kept wondering what I was picking up on and that’s it. These cool, soapy notes give Gilt a nice amount of uplift and the feeling of calm you get from stepping inside the hallowed stone walls of a church. Brilliant.

This one always hits the mark for me.


Sulphur, burning flowers, brimstone

I was attracted to the idea of a smoky magnolia more than any of the other candles but was unsure about the presence of a sulphurous grapefruit note. Again, I needn’t have clutched my pearls. Hellflower is a sparkling, green grapefruit laced with lush white florals. There is a suggestion of brimstone smoldering in the background but if anything, it just serves to highlight the brightness of the citrus floral bouquet.

Hellflower is a luminous, stimulating scented candle that I like to burn on my desk while working.

I was impressed if not surprised by the quality and ingenuity of each and every candle, all having an inspired, playful twist on a familiar theme.

If you fancy treating yourself or someone else to a Boujee Bougie, there is currently 20% off everything on the website until November 28th with code Boujee20. Which one would you go for?



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14 responses to “Boujee Bougies – Mini Reviews

  1. Wow! They really sound amazing, even the ones I usually wouldn’t go for (Suculent for example).


  2. Great review! You almost convinced me that I need these candles! 🙂
    “Almost” – because as with many other areas, it seems that I like buying candles more than I like using them. Not in the last turn because Rusty wouldn’t leave them alone. So, whenever I burn one of then, I should pay attention to what he’s doing. Which limits both time and places when/where I can use my candles. But if I manage to go through those 4 candles that I currently have, I’ll check these out next year.


    • That would be an issue. Keeping an eye out for Rusty the whole time would rather defeat the relaxing, ‘self care’ aspect of a lighting a scented candle.
      He’s worth going without though!


  3. Wow, I agree that they do indeed sound most unusual and inventive. I was drawn to Gilt when I first heard about the ranage, but all of them sound interesting and appealing in fact. I love your three word/phrase summaries too – they draw the reader into the mini-review to follow. I’d still probably go with Gilt if I was buying one as it sounds the most “me” on the face of it.


    • Hi V,

      I must tell you that those little ‘scent impressions’ came from the brand and not me! Perhaps I should have been clearer about that.

      I would definitely say Gilt is the one for you.


  4. OOOH Tara,
    You know how much I love these candles. Last year I bought a bunch and gave them as Xmas gifts. They were such a success I bought a few more this year.
    My fave is Succulent but I also really loved Hellflower. I’ll be burning GILT for Xmas around the house.
    Portia xx


  5. Lady Jane Grey

    First I read it as „Guilt“ instead of „Gilt“ – I must be filled with guilt to the bottom of my soul…
    But then again, it comes down to the same common denominator : I love to burn incense in my place…
    Sending lots of love, dear T. !


  6. Aren’t they amazing? I bought the set of minis when they first came out and Queen Jam is my favorite. Succulent, too, I think, although I haven’t burned that one yet! So juicy. I wanted more from Cuir Culture and kept having to get closer to smell it as it burned.


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