Current Skincare and Body Favourites

I’ve fallen for a few amazing products over the course of the last few months so I thought it would be fun to share.

OSKIA Renaissance Cleanser

I avoided this cult cleanser for ages thinking it was a gel formulation for oilier skin types. It’s actually suitable for all including dry skin and comes out as a pink emulsion that feels lovely on the face.

Let’s be honest though: perhaps the main reason I love it is the smell. It’s a soft rose scent accented with chamomile. I like it so much I can’t imagine the pleasure I get from it wearing off. I usually change my cleanser every time one runs out but I can see this one being a keeper. It has a pump but oh how I wish it had a flip top. Taking the lid off irritates me every use. Maybe I should leave it off.

C.E.O. Serum by Sunday Riley

I’ve tried many vitamin C serums but this is hands down my favourite. It used to be that I’d go for the highest percentage of the strongest form (say 30% L-Ascorbic acid). This meant they were often unpleasantly grainy and stung my skin over time, if not immediately.

I’ve now learnt my lesson. Using a lower concen tration on a regular basis can be just as effective and doesn’t punish your skin barrier.

C.E.O. 15% Vitamin C Brightening Serum contains THD Ascorbate which converts to L-Ascorbic acid on contact with the skin and doesn’t oxidise. It also smells like oranges and has a pump dispenser, not a dropper. The search is officially over.

OSKIA Renaissance Mask

This British skincare brand is knocking it out the park. Along with the cleanser, I’ve fallen hard for this award winning mask.

Skincare gurus don’t usually bother with masks because they say it’s what they do day-to-day that counts. However, I enjoy a face mask on a Sunday while soaking in the bath. This one has resurfacing properties with 9 active ingredients. I don’t have an acid in my daily routine, partly because I use tretinoin and partly because I can’t be bothered with another step.

This thick pink gel turns white when properly massaged onto the skin, which I get a kick out of (hey it’s the little things). It gently exfoliates but never leaves my skin feeling tight or irritated, even if it’s feeling fragile. It simoly leaves me with super soft, radiant skin.

Reviving Pine Bath Milk by Weleda

I bought this after seeing it recommended by Lisa Eldridge in one of her videos. I love aromatic scented bath products and this has an unusual milky pine aroma that makes me feel like I’m bathing in a forest pool of tree sap. That may not be everyone’s idea of good time but it is mine.

Geranium Leaf Body Scrub by Aesop

No one needs to spend £27 on a body scrub but this was gifted to me for my birthday and it’s a real treat. It comes out as a transulcent gel but you really feel its exfoliating grains when applied to the skin. It contains milled pumice and micronised bamboo stem, fragranced with geranium leaf, mandarin and bergamot oils. Again, the scent is wonderful: the greenest leafiest geranium you can imagine.

Balance – Restoring Bath and Shower Gel by Cowshed

I can’t imagine there is a Cowshed bath and shower scent I wouldn’t like and intend on trying them all. This restoring blend features essential oils of rose geranium, linden blossom, frankincense and ylang-ylang. It smells lovely and completely natural.

Have you tried any of these? Do you have a recent discovery you’d like to share?



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18 responses to “Current Skincare and Body Favourites

  1. I have as you know of course, only recently got into skin care. I always thought because I had been lucky enough to have good skin I did not really need all this extra stuff. I will leave it at that as I want to write a post about it. Let‘s just say Oskia is on my list of stuff I will have to try. Weleda is in every supermarket/drugstore here, and it‘s good stuff. I have a Caroline Hirons Spring Kit on the way, billed to you. So that will soon be a whole bag of recent discoveries. Ahahahahahaha. And i absolutely have to add the Medik8 retinal gear – oh my gosh, that has been life changing. And Vit C serum and and and —— Sunday Riley CEO will be my next purchase. Oh man. Better shut up now.


  2. Hamamelis

    I am using mostly GoW products at the moment, their vit C serum, super bakuchiol (plant derived alternative to retinol) and neurophroline. When needed I add some kind of seed oil. I never use a cleanser, I use these microfiber cloths to remove make-up (which I don’t use a lot of). My skin is looking very good at the moment, rosacea 95% gone, healthy and natural glow, and not at all bad for a 58 year old :-). I use Weleda baby lotion (Malva), coconut oil based and as good as scentless. I rarely take a bath, and use various softly scented showergels. I may look into Medik8 as I have to pay taxes on the GoW products because Brexit.
    Nice post, always good to learn about new products! I hope you are oké, I am coping but still quite stressed.


    • Well done for tackling your rosacea, that’s not essy. A natural, health glow is the ultimate goal.
      Sorry to hear you’re still stressed. Different countries are all at different stages. For once, we seem to be doing okay. I hope things improve for you and your business soon.


  3. I use a mix of Asian beauty products plus tretinoin gel and use sunscreen every day. This has done wonders on my skin and is cheap too. I sometimes diy my vitamin C serum, or use some of The ordinary


    • I’m yet to get Into Asian skincare apart from Hado Labo but I know it’s highly rated and mostly affordable.

      Isn’t it great how a few targeted changes can make such a massive difference?


  4. Well, all these brands – including Hamamelis’s GoW, which I have now un-acronymed thanks to Google 😉 – are new on me with the exception of Weleda (like Val, I have seen it abroad, especially in German-speaking countries), and Cowshed, which I think I spied once in T K Maxx.

    The Oskia cleansing gel sounds divine. I do have a quite hit and miss strike rate with skincare due to my eczema and contact dermatitis, Vit E allergy etc, and sadly cannot dabble in tretinoin, though I am envious of those who can. And many organic products turn out to be irritating, often when they say ‘suitable for all skin types’.

    I mostly have to stick to bland formulations from the likes of La Roche-Posay and CeraVe, though I am enjoying using that Murad serum you and Val recommended on the ‘safe zones’ of my face (not near eyes!). I have been known to apply three different things on different areas, my neck being able to take stronger formulas. But it is a nuisance as there are some lovely products out there.

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    • It is hard when your skin is so easily inflamed, but V. However most people are more sensitive on their necks so at least you have that advantage.

      Agree about the difficulty with organic brands. I actually think scientific brands like Medik8 are a safer bet because so many ‘natural’ ingredients are potentially irritating.

      I’m a big fan of LRP and CeraVe. The latter have launched a hyaluronic acid which looks good.


  5. Same as Val, I owe you changes I made to my skincare routine. And same as she, I plan to do some posts about it (for my new Sunday Self-care series). My eczema was recently more or less under control, so I’m experimenting more with different skincare potions. My problem is that I’m not always clear on what can be used with what, so it takes a lot of reading. And recently I scaled down on what I use because I’m trying to take care of acne and use Differing for that purpose, which irritates my skin if not to do it carefully. But I’ll look into the first 4 products from your post once I need any of them.


    • That’s lovely to hear. I enjoy a self-care Sunday myself so can’t wait for your new series.

      There are lots of myths about what ingredients can’t be used together but of course, you need to keep it simple in your Differin routine. Good to hear your skin improving overall and you’re able to experiment more.


  6. Never heard of Oskia before but now I’m intrigued. 🙂


  7. Lady Jane Grey

    Hiya T., interesting post, thank you ! Was smiling about your exchange with Val 🤣
    I was using the Vit.C serum by S.R. for years – generally, topical Vit.C is one of my holy grails…
    During the last 14 months I completely changed my skin care – went fully natural, but not less highly demanding. So I still get my Vit.C fix, but purely plant-based. I‘m getting truly surprising effects and results and the products (mostly quickly absorbing oils) are extremely pleasant to use. After a longish testing my chosen ones are Odacite, Earthwise Beauty and Lilfox for my face, and H is for Love for my body.
    Sending lots of 💕


    • That’s so interesting to hear. I know Odacite but not the other two. I’m pleased this new routine is working for you. Vitamin C is a HG product for me too.
      Thanks for reading!


  8. Hayley

    Hi Tara I love these posts I’m so nosey and love reading routines and favourites.
    I’m also after a recommendation if you can help. I recall reading you were a fan of Decleor BB cream, which was my absolute favourite, it looked and felt nice. It’s now been repackaged as one product suits all skin colours and as I’m alabaster it’s too dark. I wonder if you have come across anything else to rival it, as I’m struggling to find one I like.


    • HI Hayley,
      Wow that is so annoying. How can one shade suit all colour tones??
      I’d suggest investigating the Erborian BB (or CC) Cream if you haven’t already.
      Hope you manage to find a replacement.


  9. Hayley

    Thank you Tara, that’s brilliant, I think I might try the BB cream it seems very promising. Can’t believe Decleor have took such a backward step!

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