NARS Audacious EdP 2019 by Olivia Giacobetti

Contradiction.  A combination of statements, ideas, or features which are opposed to one another.  A situation in which inconsistent elements are present.           

François Nars’ cult cosmetic brand NARS founded in 1994, celebrated 25 years in the business last year.  To acknowledge this milestone, he launched the NARS debut perfume, choosing the brilliant French perfumer Olivia Giacobetti to work with.  Giacobetti  has only  been creating for her IUNX brand and this is her first work outside of that for a number of years.  The fact that she does not just churn out fragrances making her a stellar choice.

White frangipani and smoke of incense  —   Tiare flower, ylang-ylang essential oil, sandalwood  —  White cedar essential oil, white musk.

A study in light and dark, it opens with the frangipani, immediately tempered with Giacobetti´s translucent incense.  A contradictory scent, it never goes near a suntan product.   The sandalwood becomes central, but the frangipani, tiara, and ylang-ylang remain, albeit behind the weightless veil of the incense smoke and cedar. Giacobetti`s use of the white musks keeping a constant translucency.  Effortlessly exquisite.

The bottle, designed by Fabien Barron, sprays with the very finest of mist;  the skin is coated in nearly invisible droplets.  Minimal and all black, it belies the ethereal delicateness of what is inside it.

ED06A0C9-A1D2-4619-9120-4E6300FDA436       Bottle my own.  

For those who have been disappointed that Audacious is not a cloying oud or an ambroxan laden skin-glue, NARS never was going to go with the nuclear creations that come out of the “backstreet abortion clinic perfume” genre.  And that in itself is exactly why this perfume is AUDACIOUS.







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15 responses to “NARS Audacious EdP 2019 by Olivia Giacobetti

  1. Ahhhhhh Olivia Giacobetti! Love some of the IUNX range, Tea for Two and Premier Figuier for L’Artisan and her take on iris for Hiris was stunning. VERY excited to be getting a new one from her.
    Could it be a little understated for my tastes though Val?
    Portia xx

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    • Could be maybe, as something that you would WEAR, but you will see the beauty in it no question. I have never had a perfume that sprays with such a fine mist, and I love that I can coat myself in it. Probably five sprays of this would equal one from a Chanel spray. Whatever – give yourself a drowning in it if you pass a NARS counter.
      The bottle weighs a ton and is simplicity pure. I love the whole package. ❤️


  2. Wow!! I like it! The story the perfume…
    As always love your style Val 💖
    Can’t wait to try xx

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  3. bonkersvanessa

    Beautiful…I used to own one of those light sabre IUNX bottles – the one that smells of lemony roses. Eau Frappee? Adore frangipani and tiare, and ylang ylang is my favourite floral note, so this sounds like a winner. Love your image at the end, hehe.

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    • I know you will love this. See if you come across a NARS counter sometime before the next millennium. I only have the IUNX travels. The shipping cost of the big bottles was 45€. Like no.


  4. Sounds like my kind of Audacious Val. I’ve long been a Giacobetti fan.
    Lovely for summer going into autumn, I bet. Tropical flowers would give me a lift considering far flung holidays aren’t on the cards for a while.
    Great post.

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  5. Tara C

    Sounds lovely! I have Ether and Eau Sento from her Iunx line, looking forward to trying Audacious at some point this fall, hopefully at Nordstrom.

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  6. Oh, that bottle! I want it. Now I need to check if it’s still available.

    I like many of Giacobetti‘s perfumes. I tried just one from her own brand – Talc, but from her work for other brands I like, own and wear Hiris, Premier Figuer and Tea for Two. I also liked when I tried Costes 2, d’Orsey Tilleul, Philosycos, Dzing! and En Passant.

    Now to the search of that bottle! 🙂

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  7. Tatiana

    This sounds right up my alley. I’ve searched but the only place I can find it is on NARS website and I’m reluctant to drop $180 on a blind buy right now.

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    • I think finding a NARS counter would be smarter. I originally got a sample back last autumn. As gorgeous as the bottle. 2ml in matt black glass. Maybe NARS would send one if you asked?
      You never know. Keep me posted. ☺️


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