Oddments from the Cookie Kitchen

I have been wearing the Neela Vermeire Creations Mohur Extrait after my evening shower, just about every day since I got a 10ml travel size. Must be about eight weeks now? And those nights where I didn’t, I wore Lutens’ Iris Silver Mist. I also have about 10mls of the ISM. I desperately want a bottle of each, and have nearly talked myself into it several times. Years of idiosyncratic perfume behavior has taught me a few things though. And one of them is to recognize the fact that 10mls of perfume lasts a really long time, and with the exception of Malle`s Le Parfum de Therese, I have never finished a travel of anything, let alone a full bottle. I still want them. I am hoping that when I have one of those days when everything aligns, when the moon is in who tf knows, and I have had just the right amount of caffeine to not care ……….. otherwise I will wait until they are empty, if that ever happens.


I hate shopping for clothing of any kind. Apart from packs of underwear from M&S. I needed a new sports bra though, as the ones I currently wear have as much stretch as the weights I try and lift.

I grabbed the bras off the rack, and went onto the changing room. You know the kind? The ones with the lighting that magnifies cellulite, and riddles you with prominent blue veins. The ones that are so hot your make up melts off within seconds. I knew I would not be able to do the putting-the-bra-on-backwards-and-twisting-it-round routine, which is why I very wisely took b.londeswunder with me so as to have someone to do it up for me at the back. Watching your mom bending down over her knees trying to shake her boobs into the bra cup, and then proceeding to jump up and down to see if it holds everything together for gym activity? Man.

The only reason I went through this process is because I had no choice. I had to have one. When I try clothes on in a changing room, I inevitabley decide everything looks like shit, and I can get another 5 years out of my ripped clothes, and I run out as fast as possible. And you know what? Things do mostly look bad in a changing room. Hannah is going to teach me to shop online. Properly. And enjoy (I seriously doubt it) trying on things in my own home, in front of my own mirror. I am most certainly not holding my breath.


Part of my brother’s dental kit.

So my brother performed dental surgery on himself last week. Pulled out about a third of a tooth that had been giving him trouble. Using nothing but a Stanley knife to cut into the gum, and a pair of sort of surgical pliers to pull it out. He is a carpet repair specialist, so had both of these tools conveniently to hand. It gave him immediate relief and is healing nicely. This is the same guy that took a hefty swig of bleach out of a glass I had out on the kitchen counter in the first flat I ever lived in. He had come to drop something by when I was not at home, and thought I had left him out a glass of lime cordial – his favourite tipple. It burned his throat, and he was unable to swallow properly, which did affect his voice for a few days. Needless to say he has not contracted Covid 19, having immunized himself at a young age. (I have no idea to this day why I would have kept bleach in a glass, but I did smoke a lot of weed back then.)


…. You have the right not to be killed, murder is a crime, unless it was done by a policeman, or an aristocrat oh, know your rights …… You have the right to free speech, as long as you’re not dumb enough to actually try it …… know your rights. The Clash. Know Your Rights. 1982



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  1. Lady Jane Grey

    You see how dangerous it is to smoke weed ?!

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  2. You’re doing well to restrain yourself from buying full bottles and sticking to finishing your travel sprays first. Even now it’s hard not to get carried away when I find that rare perfume that captures my heart. I’m much better than I was though.

    I still prefer to try clothes on in store but I know the younger generation just order loads and send most of it back.

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    • Netter you nor I buy bottles of perfume very often. I know that the thrill is short lived, and try to remember that. Like, yeah, I would love a bell jar of ISM, and it would arrive and I would love it. And then I would put it on the shelf along with everything else, and the the rush would wear off. Hard to explain. Anyway I do love both of the mentioned perfumes and if/when I wear all that I have, I will then buy a bottle. Says the one who is busy writing to the department stores in Dubai trying to get a bottle of Chanel`s Le Lion shipped to me. Unsniffed. I just hate buying clothes full stop. Steve Jobs had the right idea. All the same t-shirts and all the same pants. Black and denim for me, maybe a white shirt. My colours are the perfumes I wear. xxx ❤

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  3. matty1649

    I prefer to try clothes on in store. I know what you mean about changing rooms. Gone are the days when I would even contemlate going in to a communal changing room. Do they still have them ?

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    • I hope not, given health concerns!

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    • Hi there Matty! Oh my gosh no they do not. I think those disappeared years ago. In fact I had forgotten about them until you mentioned it. I hate the whole process of taking off my shoes and jeans, or t-shirt (which is already sticking to me through fear) and trying on something. Shudder. Sometimes with my daughter outs telling me to take a picture of myself in the mirror with the new piece of clothing on so I can see how it looks. Nooooooo. I pull on my clothes and run for the nearest coffee place. I muuuuuuch prefer buying books and make up and perfume and teas. xxx


  4. Tara C

    Sports bras… those things are like trying to get in and out of a straitjacket. I switched to the softer, stretchier cycling bras by Rapha, no painful contortions required. But may not be enough support for you.

    Perfume-wise, you and I are the complete opposite. I’m the person who buys a tiny dabber sample and then decides from that to buy 100mls. The few times I’ve attempted to exercise restraint by buying a 10ml travel spray, I’ve used it twice and then immediately bought 100mls. And I’m really sad I left my bottle of Mohur in San Diego. I end up buying two bottles of lots of things to deal with that frustration. And buying backup bottles I’ll never need but feel safer knowing they are there. Yes I am a perfume nut.

    I admire your brother, he has a lot of spunk. I dug a plantar’s wart out of my foot one time with a pocket knife, but would not be brave enough to attempt dental surgery.

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    • I like the bra to fit really snug and quite tight. Which is perfect for me to train in. And when I take it off I prepare myself for the relief. Hahahahahahaha. Oh that is some hardcore crazy perfume behavior Tara! Love it. ❤ If I ever finish anything, (and I am close with a lot of my Chanel Exclusifs,) I don't think I will care. Very little, next to nothing, that I have that I would want to replace. My brother is batshit. xxxx ❤


  5. I agree that 10 mls is likely enough of most perfume, but there is something about owning the full bottle that I love. I guess I just love the bottles and having a collection? I admire your restraint!
    I also hate shopping in a store and trying things on. I am quite good at online shopping now; I order from few select stores that I know my size and therefore, very few returns needed. And I’ve learned that if I love a bra and it fits, I purchase a few to last me for a few years.
    Fragrant hugs! xx

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    • I’m with you — there is one brand for which I absolutely know my size(s), and they use the same dye lots from year to year, so I can buy something one year and find a matching piece the next. I just wait until they have a sale online and get what I need then. I refer to this as Garanimals for middle-aged ladies, lol! And they take returns at their stores, so on the rare occasion when something won’t work, I just take it there for a refund.


      • I love it, Garanimals for us! Makes life so much easier!
        One benefit of middle age; we know what works for our bodies and sense of style and no need to constantly follow trends. Makes shopping and dressing simpler.

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    • Oh I much prefer to wear my perfume from a full sized bottle, don’t get me wrong. It is just that it would be smarter to finish, or nearly finish, what I have first. Because what if I don´t? Then I do not need the bottle. Logic. Hahahahahahahaha, says a sometimes blind buyer – as with the new Chanel. See above. I am going to get good at online shopping. Stay tuned. (I recently bought a pair of Nike’s and an Speedo online, both perfect.) So I am learning. Baby steps. xxxxx


  6. So true about changing rooms! You’d think some retailer would figure out how to make them a bit more flattering, but maybe that would be deceptive. They need something like the “Touch Up My Appearance” feature on Zoom that I have come to know and love!

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    • I have this theory, that if something looks good in a changing room mirror, it will look stunning when you get home! I wonder if it more to do with the lighting than the mirrors. Usually way too bright. I mean I sound like I shop all the time. I do not. Hahahahahahaha. Only when the number of holes in my garments are more than the material holding them together. ❤ xxxx

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  7. bonkersvanessa

    Priceless post, and I can so relate! One of the unexpected upsides of lockdown is not having the temptation to try on clothes in a T K Maxx changing room, which has the most malevolent funfair mirrors in retail.

    Well done to your brother on his self-administered dentistry. My own dental problems are not as acute, but when it comes to trying to get my neighbour to fix his noisy boiler it is also proving to be like pulling teeth.

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    • I have never been into such a changing room and the very thought has me reaching for a Xanax tbh. Yes, he actually did a really good job on it. He said the second that he pulled the piece out there was a wave of relief from the pain. He cared for it and it did not become infected. So far so good. Ah, the boiler —— ❤ xxxx


  8. Hey Val,
    HA! I buy online in the USA and get a friend to send it over. Fortunately when you get to my size you’re just happy if it fits in the places it needs to and billows elsewhere. The US is particularly good for fat clothes at very reasonable prices.
    The Clash knew about stuff.
    Portia x

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    • What???? You cannot buy anything in Australia? Nevertheless another online shopper. Thet really has to be the way for me to go. Or at least look online first before gong to a store so I know what they have beforehand and do not wander around looking until I freak and leg it. Remember the looking for a t-shirt saga in London?? I have not changed a one bit. xxxxxx


      • Well, yes there are clothes in Australia. Sometimes I’ll grab some Ralph Lauren Polo or UniQlo but GAP seems to make stuff so much better for me and we don’t have it here.
        Yes, I totally remember the search for the perfect grey T Shirt. Indelibly imprinted.
        It’s different for you, you really care about how fit and gorgeous you look. While it is an admirable quality and I know you work super hard at maintenance and upkeep, it is a million miles from my own experience of the last 20 years.
        Why would you change? Perfection needs no remedy.
        Portia xx

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  9. What do you know about Chanel Le Lion Val? I am so curious and can hardly wait until next year! As a Chanel fan, I get super excited about new offerings from this house.

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    • Aldehydes. Birch. Tolu Balsam. Opoponax. Vetiver. Nothing like Coromandel. Soft leather drydown. That is from someone who has a bottle who I trust. Well, you know how excited I get too. I wrote to Harvey Nicks in Dubai. Dunno if I will get a reply. Will buy it if I can – with all the money I save through using my travels!!! I will let you know.


      • I look forward to Le Lion, I’m saving for it as well. I usually don’t get the opportunity to sniff the new Chanel releases but feel confident in blind buying as soon as it is available in the US.
        Best wishes with getting a response from Dubai! If you get a bottle before me, I’m counting on a review! xx


  10. By now you probably know that I’m usually a boring voice of reasoning, right? Today I will be the opposite 😉 You should get both perfumes not waiting for the travel bottles to be over. Why?

    Mohur Extrait was a limited edition. Once those beautiful red bottles are gone, perfume, most likely, will be re-released in the… less special transparent bottle. For the same price, won’t you rather have a special beautiful bottle?

    ISM. It has been reformulated once. Tara likes this version more than the original one, I haven’t tried it yet. But if your travel spray is of the same version as Tara likes, get it now before they have reformulated it again. They will! Corporate greed is unstoppable.

    As to the clothes, I’m with a couple of other commenters above: once I find something that fits me perfectly (it doesn’t matter, in store or online), I start stalking that item (usually online) until I can buy extra 1-2-3 for future use.

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    • That my dear is very wise advice. And yes, I have the same ISM as Tara and it is better than the the earlier version. When I have made the final decision of spending 400€ on the unsniffed Le Lion, I will consider your opinions!! When I find a basic I like, black vests for example, then I do always by say five at once. Stay tuned! Off to bake. ❤️


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