Saturday 2 May – Friday 8 May.

Life is pretty normal for me now. The restaurants re-open next week which means I am back to my cookie prep this weekend, and on Tuesday I will have the first Cookie Run (my weekly delivery to Salzburg) in about eight weeks, I will be wearing Malle’s Rose & Cuir. The longest break I have had from work since we started the business some twenty years ago. Despite it being a bit weird at the beginning it has been a pretty relaxed time. I know the I am both privileged and lucky to be able to say that. So many people have lost their jobs, are still in lockdown, are having to teach, feed, and keep kids happy. People have died, people are sick. I am aware.

I delivered some cookies to a store in a huge shopping mall just outside of Linz. As you know masks are mandatory inside shops and buildings, public transport and so on. We spent a good hour walking around the mall and I tell you this. There is no way I am gonna do that again. By the time we left we were ready to freak out. It’s like you can’t think properly with the mask on. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not against masks in any way. They serve a purpose and were necessary to get us out of the lockdown. We drove on into Linz city. I have no problem going into a shop on the high street wearing a mask, when you come out you can take it off. That is doable. But a shopping mall? No chance, I hate them at the best of times.


In the Linz harbor, there are a lot of warehouses, containers, and cranes. The whole area has been pimped up by turning into a graffiti gallery. Some of the artworks are enormous. The artists came from all over the world, and it is quite a hotspot. It was not really open when we were there, but that has never stopped my husband and we were on our bikes so we just biked through the whole area. Very cool.

I am trying to call it physical distancing now, and not social distancing. Makes more sense.

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My cat continues to be fine, and I continue to find lurking bloody sneeze drops in the bathroom.

That is really about it. The drama of the last few weeks has died down for me, back to business as usual. Well, not quite. Gyms are not open yet, that will be at the end of the month. But I have done at least four proper workouts a week over the last eight weeks and am dead chuffed with myself. So —– I will pop back in a fortnight with an update and see how it is going with all of you in different countries. Anything dramatic should happen just drop it into the comments here at anytime, Tara and I wanna keep up.

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Lockdown Free Perfumes of the Week.

Chanel 1957 and Boy. Frederic Malle – Une Rose. Vero Profumo – Mito Extrait. Neela Vermeire Creations Mohur Extrait and a ton of Bombay Bling.

“And you may ask yourself, well how did I get here?”  Talking Heads.  Once in a Lifetime.




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  1. Gina T.

    I am not running out into the world any time soon. I will sit back and see. I think the U.S., late to shut down, is opening too soon because they care about the economy more than people. Have you taken the cat to the vet? Bloody sneeze drops sounds scary.

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    • Morning from here Gina. Noooo. She is at the moment fine. She sneezed her bloody nose all over my bathtime nearly two weeks ago and I still find minute drops hidden under the loo cleaner. Amazing how far it went. I am no fan of the US but most people stuck between a rock and a hard place. The economy breakdown will be pretty awful. No need to run anywhere! ❤️

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  2. We do wanna know what’s happening with people!
    I still have 6 weeks to go. I miss my old life, as good as I have it here with my parents. Even when I go back home it won’t be back to normal for at least the rest of the year. It’s great that by the end of the month you will be back to your old routine, albeit with a mask.
    You’ve done so well with your workouts, you should be proud. It’s really hard to push yourself on your own. I’m piling back on the pounds and it’s hard not to worry about it. I’m doing much more cardio now but it’s a very sedentary life.

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    • I think they will relax the mask rules at the end of the month. We’ll see. It is definitely a lot tougher in the UK for everyone. Going back to your place will be a lot more normal than you think. Six weeks seems long but it is doable. And even though I think it is a bit extreme, fat better to be over cautious.
      Yes, it is hard to push myself. But I know how good I feel afterwards, every single time. I have missed cardio, but warm up with jumping jacks (which without fail make me wanna wee myself) and squats. Most excited about the cross trainer and rowing machines when I get back to some kind of normal. And never forget I have My trainer checking in on me which always puts a rocket up my backside. ❤️


  3. bonkersvanessa

    I am glad you will be able to resume your cookie runs and I’m sure your customers will as well. And I can well imagine that wearing a mask for a prolonged period of time would be horrible. I have tried a couple of times at home and wanted to take it off after a minute or two. Echoing Tara on the congratulations about the workouts – not that you need much motivation to exercise, unlike many people. 😉

    Here we await viruses speech on Sunday about how the lockdown might be slightly eased. Haha, that should be ‘Boris’s’, but voice recognition went for virus instead! To be fair he may still be shedding some.

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    • I think everyone know the British PM is gonna talk on Sunday. That is interesting. Here they just talk, no riling everyone up with newspapers full of speculation. I am sure you will “allowed” more flexibility in your movements.
      I know exactly how crap I will feel if I don’t workout. . So that wins. I do my playlists as I do weights, and loud music is the ultimate motivator. Proven.
      The masks do suck if on for too long. But you know? Suck it up. But not in a mall!
      I will be watching BoJo tomorow.


  4. Tara C

    Our lockdown was extended to May 25 as we have enough ICU beds but not enough personnel to staff them. This is rather annoying, as we pay the highest taxes in North America here in Quebec and yet our hospitals are chronically understaffed. Even during a regular flu season they are overwhelmed with 13+ hour waits and people lying in the corridors. The system is so rigid and bureaucratic (not to mention xenophobic/racist) that they won’t give credentials to foreign doctors & nurses to practice here. I am quite fed up with the politics.

    For me personally, things are fine, I continue my quiet life of reading, yoga and dog walks. The weather has dipped back into winter so the bike rides are on pause, 3C today. We even had snow yesterday morning. So the lockdown is rather inconsequential. Still wearing my heavier scents, plenty of amber, incense and patchouli. To pass the time we are planning an October road trip across Canada. Dreaming of better days to come.

    So glad to hear things are getting back to business where you are! I’m betting your weather is better too. :-). xoxo


    • Hi Tara! Excuse the late reply, no excuses really, slightly busier than usual yes, but really too lazy to turn on the desktop. But never mind. First Post Covid Cookie Run completed yesterday, and am now at home with coffee and here we are ……. Politics, yeah. Here, there, everywhere.
      It is chilly here today, around 5 degrees, known as the “Ice Days” in Austria. No one plants their window boxes until they are over; even after a lot of warm and even hot weather, the cold May days always come. Gonna go for a long walk around lake later this afternoon. Need to get my ass out into the fresh air. A road trip across Canada sounds fantastic, and a realistic dream. (I am not a person who dreams of things that I know are impossible). Better days will come, of course they will, they always do. Hugest of hugs. xxxx


  5. matty1649

    I’m so glad your business is getting back to normal. I’m still in isolation. I miss seeing my family.

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    • Hello Matty! I hope that with the new, rather confusing rules, that you may be able to meet up with at least one member of your family? Keep me updated if you have a chance.
      And thank you, I am glad too, although the break was really good! (It would have been terrible for me had this happened in the winter months. That is high season for me, and the bike shop is dead. Financially we would have died, rather than having had to just be careful.). ❤ xxxx


  6. Hiya Val,
    So happy for Austria. Korean Air is flying into Vienna from Seoul again already. Not yet from Australia, but we are still hopeful for November. Not expecting but fingers crossed hopeful.
    I’m starting to get a little antsy at the limitations but an still abiding by the rules. Our PM wants us to start coming out of hibernation but the states are dead against it. Especially NSW because we have over half the cases in all of Australia.
    All of Australia deaths is currently at 97 and still only three under 60 years old. Our national daily confirmed cases is sitting around the 20-25 mark currently.
    Hugs and love,
    Portia xx

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    • Hi Honey! There is no reason not to be hopeful for November, I am. But we take things as the come, especially when there is not a damn thing we can do about it. Your figures are very low. Hopefully the will stay that way. Hugs and love back x 10. ❤

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  7. Hi Val! I’m so happy for you to resume work and your cookie runs. And proud of you for prioritizing ongoing workouts from home. I have been running and hiking with my dog mostly for exercise which I’ve enjoyed, but have also done weight workouts in my home, not as often as I’d like due to preferring to be outdoors. Slowly things are opening up here in Colorado. I agree with you it is difficult to shop with a mask on, but I’m happy to wear one with grocery store visits the only place I’ve gone. I think going forward protecting ourselves with mask, physical distancing, and good hand washing will keep us safe. I feel it is important for the vulnerable to continue to stay home and those that can, resume working with precautions. xx

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    • Hey Kathleen! I prefer to do weights at home/gym over everything, and should be ashamed to say it. Hahahahahahahaha. But I do bike, and as I said to TaraC above, I am going out today. There is a great walk not far from here, around a lake, in the mountains. About 6km, with ups and downs. I will walk it fast and when I am done will tell myself, wow, that was amazing, you should really do that every day. Hahahahaha. I am absolutely fine in a mask in stores, and will wear one as long as it takes. But not in a mall. I am going to Viena in a couple of weeks with my daughter, and will have to wear a mask on the train. I will wear one that is looser than my other ones —— Exactly, resume working with precautions. A lockdown can only work for a period of time. Lots of love. ❤ xxxx


  8. Hi Val!
    I’m glad life attempts to get back to normal for you! You’ll be our guinea pig to see how it goes 😉

    I’m extremely envious of your workouts! The only activity I managed (almost) daily were evening walks. On the other hand, it was more than I did several months before the lock-down 🙂

    No changes for us until the end of May (though, they opened half of the state parks, so we plan to go for a hike tomorrow). I do not believe into prolonged wearing of masks: I think that people will not do it properly, will touch faces with not clean hands to make it more comfortable – and end up doing more harm than good. I can only imagine how uncomfortable flying for hours while wearing all those home-made masks can be (these are our new rules). But of course I’ll follow the rules, especially when it comes to grocery stores since not going there is not an option for most people, regardless of how vulnerable they are.

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    • Hi Undina! Life is pretty normal now, kind of. I agree about prolonged wearing of masks. Oh man, flying would suck. Going on a train will be challenging enough. We live in interesting times, our old lives just disappeared in a puff of smoke.
      The workouts were not really hard, I love loud music and a double hit of caffeine – which makes them very approachable! Did you get out on a hike?
      I will make another espresso right now. To celebrate you, and me managing to reply to your comment. ❤ ❤ ❤

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