Cheap Shit Portia Loved – 2019

By Portia

So many lovely Best Of 2019 posts or Gift Shopping posts popping up, don’t you love reading other peoples lists? I wanted to give you all something a bit different. A budget version. The things that cost peanuts yet delivered in spades. For you, for gifting or even as a Best Of Cheap Shit list.

Cheap Shit Portia Loved 2019

4711 Remix Cologne 2018

ALL about the zingy citrus and available for almost nothing 4711 Remix Cologne is so wearable and refreshing.It lasts about 2 hours on me and I’m ready for a respritz or something new. Warm enough to wear all year but cool enough to keep me grounded.

Le Bain by JOOP!

So I saw a piece on Le Bain in Fragrantica a while ago and they waxed so lyrical about it that I went right on over to the discounters and grabbed a gift set. TOTAL blind buy. Mainly Le Bain is a vanilla fragrance with a sheer overlay of an aldehydic floral. So wearable and comfortable, it’s like I’m wearing a favourite T Shirt.

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Lovely is one of those fragrances that non perfumistas really love, as well as us. I often smell it on people on public transport, in malls and galleries. It’s so singular that I always compliment the wearer and ask if it’s Lovely. Though I don’t wear it a lot it remains a firm favourite. That hefty sheer lavender, patchouli and musk work perfectly for me.

Our Moment by One Direction

OK, I am going to keep on loving this original release from One Direction even though you all Poo Poo me. Fruit and creamy, tropical, white florals with a soft focus musky woods base. I seriously don’t understand why you all aren’t screaming for gallons of it. A cut price Guerlain style sweet fragrance, LOVE it.

Teazzura by Guerlain

OK, this didn’t start out as cheap but now you can get a bottle at the discounters for nothing. Chamomile, fresh tea leaves, citrus and a white musks base is all tied up with a cool fresh water accord. Longevity isn’t so great, I’m lucky to get an hour of fragrant before it becomes a very soft murmur of clean laundry. It is pretty though and the opening citrus/tea/chamomile harmony interesting. Respritz after about 15 minutes to give MUCH better projection and longevity.

Tabac Original Shower Gel by Maurer & Wirtz

This one is SERIOUSLY cheap. I think you can grab a bottle for well under $10. Don’t worry, it’s such a beautiful fragrance you won’t even notice you’re having a bubble bath in dudes fragrance. Makes terrific bubbles and leaves my skin very softly scented. Just enough to continue on my day, even without fragrance. Yet it doesn’t seem to interfere with my frag choices either.

TABU Shower Gel

HA! You should see your faces reading this post. Eyebrows shooting up in snobby questioning mode. This is a HUGE secret, “TABU shower gel is freaking gorgeous.” It’s a very pared down version of the perfume. All the soft, fluffy, cozy bits. Seriously, I absolutely love this stuff and have myself quite the hoard and it costs about $5 or less for a tube. YEP, you read it here first. Go crazy.

Now you need to tell me what cheap shit YOU loved in 2019 please. Come on, share the love crew.

See you all in 2020

Portia xx



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40 responses to “Cheap Shit Portia Loved – 2019

  1. I think the cheapest stuff I loved this year was Chanel Venise —- 😉

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  2. Val cracked me up. I’m rather similar – no cheapies for me but I should get a bottle of 4711 one summer. It’s such a classic.

    Great fun end of year post, Portia. Loved it. I can well imagine Tabu shower gel being a winner.


  3. I love the name of this post so much!!
    Stash and Lovely are my two cheap loves ..
    You are so good in finding the positives in fragrance and in people Portia…one of the many things we all love about you xx

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  4. My best cheap fragrance purchase this year and also my best of 2019, is JD Duality. $38/bottle for an amazing perfume that stands up to the best of niche and the best of vintage. The longevity and sillage are amazing. Other favorite inexpensive (not cheap!) finds from the discounters include Mugler Alien Essence and flankers, Elie Saab Le Parfum, Oscar De La Renta L’Esprit, Fath de Fath, Guerlain L’Instant and Magic, Valentino Donna and Valentina Poudre.
    Like Val, my cheapest Chanel was Venise.
    I love vintage Tabu and need to get some of the shower gel!

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  5. Tara C

    I think my cheapest purchase this year was a $30 bottle of Mugler Aura at the discounters, aside from a few travel sprays/samples. Oh, maybe a 15ml bottle of Kyse Delizia de Marshmallow? Plus tons of bath gels and lotions from Bath & Body Works at about $5 a crack. My favourite cheapie perfume has been Natori, for a while, but I’m sure stocks will eventually dry up. I also got a tester bottle of Mancera Velvet Vanille for $35. 🙂


  6. matty1649

    I got a couple of EA tea very reduced at All Beauty. Also Adam Levine for her.


  7. Marion

    Natori by Natori. Roses, plum, jasmine, ylang ylang, one of the best Rose/plums out there. Testers without caps are as cheap as $14 for 1.7 oz.


  8. Ingrid Neubarth

    Have to get my hands on that TABU Shower Gel. 4711 also make great shower gels, I especially like the original 4711. Perfume-wise I’m like Val, cheapest was Paris-Venise.


  9. I like the sound of the One Direction one! And the Joop Bain sounds like a knock off of a Caron bubble bath Rachael Potts got me into called Royal Bain??? Something Bain. Which was also cheap to start with.

    I have been liking a tobacco vanilla celeb scent to do with twins called Ashley something?? Dear, dear, I should come back later, bringing my brain next time!


    • Hey Vanessa,
      WOW! That is a bunch of nearly sentences…..
      Bain de Champagne (Royal Bain de Caron) is the one you mean. Not nearly as effervescent as that.
      Maybe it was Nirvana Black or Nirvana Bourbon by Elizabeth and James. It’s a release by the Olsen Twins, named after their other two siblings.
      Hope that helps.

      You can come anytime and comment Vanessa, with brain in gear or neutral. It’s just nice to see you here.
      Portia xx


  10. I rarely either buy or even try “cheap” perfumes. I don’t expect to find anything interesting there (I know it’s possible – just not too probable), and my collection of amazing perfumes is big enough for me not to be tempted just by low price: I don’t have space for more perfumes, so I’m careful with not increasing the “bottle count” unless I have a good reason to. But I still like to read about others’ finds.


    • Hey Undina,
      So nice to see you.
      You are 100% right. There’s PLENTY of dross out there.
      I like to offer decent bargain solutions though, not just for people on a budget but also for people who love the thrill of a bargain. Sometimes the thrill of an under $10 purchase can lift a day from grey to clear skies.
      Portia xx


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  12. Alexandra

    Hey Portia, I am totally with you on Tabu. I even have the EDT. Love it and cheap as chips. Also Buy Yardleys violet in the same chemist, beautiful, soft violets. If I really want to splash out, I can buy matching soap and talc and still have change out of $30 odd. At first, I read your post as cheap SHIRT and was expecting some beauty of a floral/ fluo/ technicolour little number!


  13. Gina T.

    I have Tabac, Joop, One Moment and Tabu because of you. And many others.


  14. Adam Levine For Her. Cheap, but definitely not shit.Your Tabac and Tabu gels sound glorious.


  15. Lisa

    I agree with Le Bain it’s so wearable and I get that ever so slight cherry tobacco aroma. It’s also very warm. Joop Femme has been a lot of fun too. I am going to look for your other shiz as well. I also enjoy Lovely and Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy. You should try Adam Levine, I get a feeling you love balsamic too! Have a wonderful Christmas!


  16. Mark Whitney

    Tabu is the best cheapie for either sex for the cool weather..
    Shower gel,soap,lotion talc etc all available when I go to Thailand, of all places…
    Another of my staple cheapies is Alyssa Ashley musk..
    Never offensive and always recognisable!


  17. Greg

    I think my cheapie highlight this year was Guerlain L’Homme Ideal Cologne for $20. That’s been getting quite a bit of air time since I bought it.


  18. Narth

    Lush’s Rose Jam perfume which I believe they just re-released and is no longer a limited edition. I sprayed some on my arm, walked out of the store, turned around and bought it. It deeply pleases me.


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