Most Worn – Summer 2019

I don’t plan on posting perfume reviews during August and Strange Tales From The Cookie Queen will be taking a break until the end of the month. However, Portia will be joining ABR on a monthly basis (yay) and inspired by her own excellent Summer List, I thought I’d share my own most worn perfumes this season.

The U.K. has experienced another heatwave this year with temps hitting an all-time high for July last Thursday of 38.1 degrees Celsius (about 101F). No joke when you don’t have aircon. Thank goodness for the cooling, distracting powers of perfume.


Eau de Rochas by Rochas

I love this cheapie from 1970 so much. You may not envisage it from the wide-ranging notes list but Eau de Rochas is all about lime and patchouli on me The tart lime against the raspy patch is bliss and has been perfect for muggy (overcast, humid) days. It makes a pleasant change from the white flowers or clean citrus. The bottle fits in well with my home décor too which is a bonus, haha.

Frangipani by Ormond Jayne

A dear friend in Sydney gave me a travel spray of this swoon-inducing fragrance when I stayed with her last summer. It reminds me of her every time I wear it. Frangipani is my favourite of the OJ white florals. It’s all creamy petals and tropical langour with zero screechiness. A squeeze of lime cuts through the buttery flowers like an ocean breeze.  The carefree, barefoot feeling it gives me is priceless: carrying me off to the Polynesian islands which I hope to visit for real one fine day.



Eau de Mandarine Ambrée by Hermes

The Hermes Eau de Cologne collection is top-notch and in an ideal world I’d own all of them. Eau de Mandarine Ambrée takes the fruity note that makes me the most happy – mandarin – and combines it with a lightweight, sunlit amber to extend its lasting power. My friend was disappointed that the mandarin didn’t last longer and gifted me her bottle but it doesn’t bother me. It can be a little syrupy so I wear it when the heat is in the low to mid twenties.


Prodigieux le parfum by NUXE

I love the original NUXE multi-use oil – it has a sprayer and dries quickly, as well as smelling great. The scent reminds me of summer holidays sur le continent. Where others cite Bronze Goddess as their beach perfume of choice, I’m not so fond of the prominent coconut accord. Prodigieux le parfum is the perfect beachy scent for me with its notes of orange blossom, magnolia and vanilla. It brings me all those old school sun lotion vibes while I’m chained to the office desk. I only wear it when the temperature hits the high 20s. It doesn’t feel right to be laying on the sand – olfactory speaking –  otherwise.




Iris Silver Mist by Serge Lutens layered with Seville a L’Aube by L’Artisan Parfumeur

Here’s the curveball. EauMG recently posted a fantastic Instagram story about how she was standing next to an older lady who looked like an ex-model and smelt amazing. She screwed up her courage and asked what she was wearing. It turned out to be Chanel’s Paris-Venise (neroli, vanilla, tonka) layered with Iris Silver Mist. MIND BLOWN. I don’t own the Chanel so I improvised with the orange blossom oriental Seville a L’Aube instead. It it worked well. The Artisan can be a little ‘thick’ and sweet so ISM’s cool steeliness was a great counterbalance. I just need to use a bit less SaL’A or flip the order because I lost that stunning iris after a while.


How’s your summer coming along? Any perfumes you’ve been loving in the heat?



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16 responses to “Most Worn – Summer 2019

  1. Hamamelis

    Hi Tara, it has been as hot here as in the UK, possibly hotter, 40C. at some point. I am glad the average Dutch summer has returned, westerly winds and temps between 21 and 24C. I have worn a lot of AA Unter den Linden/Liquid Dreams, Mito, Eau du Sud, Lustre and Cristalle/Cristalle Eau Vert.
    I enjoyed Daughter of the Forest immensely, read it when we were on holiday. After a pause I will continue with the next one in the series.


    • I had no idea the heatwave had reached The Netherlands too. I imagine you are as ill equipped for extreme heat as we are. Yes, it’s quite a relief the weather has gone back to normal though these cloudy, rainy days aren’t much fun.

      I’m so happy you enjoyed Daughter of the Forest! I’m also going to continue on after a pause.


  2. WOW Tara,
    That is some serious heat. Especially surprising for a country that’s built its houses to keep the heat in rather than let them cool quickly.
    What a stellar line up of summer spritzes. That Eau de Rochas has been on my To Buy List for a while. You’re not the only perfumista whose nose I revere that really rates it. It’s also incredibly affordable which is a nice surprise.
    My Nuxe has shimmer through it. SO GLAM!
    Portia xx


    • Portia, you’re right. We will have to adapt though because this extreme weather isn’t going anywhere.

      Ah that’s nice to know. I thought I was the only one banging on about EdR though I know Ines likes it.

      OF COURSE YOUR NUXE HAS SHIMMER IN IT. Would you even be Portia Turbo if it didn’t?


  3. I’m so sympathize with your weather ordeal! In that heat I can’t rest (for example, while in Hawaii) – let alone live and work. I hope, it’ll get back to normal temperatures soon.

    I love-love-love our weather: we had just a few really hot days this summer, and now it’s mild and pleasant.

    OJ Frangipane is one of my favorite tropical perfumes (Tiare being the second one), so I glad you enjoyed it. I also like that Hermès though I forgot to wear it this summer.

    Waiting for the next heat wave, I put Jo Loves’s No 42 Flower Shop Into the fridge to spray it on cold but since then there wasn’t a warm enough morning for me to want to use it.


    • Undina, trying to sleep is the worst. Being in Hawaii rather than London would help though 🙂

      It’s great that you love the weather where you are. I love Scotland and Australia but I couldn’t cope with their climates.

      Nice to know you love Frangipani too. That languid feel is everything.

      What a brilliant idea to put No.42 Flower Shop in the fridge. Florist fresh!


  4. Tara C

    We’ve had some 40+ days here in Montréal too, thankfully we have AC. This summer I have been having a leather, immortelle and patchouli craze, oddly enough. I’ve been wearing Cuir Cannage, Cuir Mauresque, Patchouli Flash, L’Innommable and Blanche Immortelle. Today it’s Patchouli Patch layered with Un Bois Vanillé. Go figure!


  5. Ha! I love it. Sounds so chic for the summer. I keep meaning to wear Rose Oud in the heat like they do in the Middle East. Patchouli Patch with Un Bois Vamille is a great combination.
    Thank goodness for the aircon.


  6. Lady Jane Grey

    I‘ve had too much stress this summer, mostly running around without parfum, or with the first best sample I grabbed…
    There were though two excellent scents of a lovely Canadian lady, bought in her enchanted shop in Cowichan Bay (which is an enchanted place itself…). Wild Coast Perfumery’s Whistler and Pender Island have accompanied me through the summer – they are all natural artisanal scents. I find Whistler pleasantly cooling (the juniper berry, or the vetiver?). And Pender Island’s careless meadow beauty was all I needed during those rather stupidly complicated and wicked times…
    Sending loads of love for the rest of the summer !


    • I loved your photos from Canada. What an amazing place. I can imagine wearing those scents has boosted your sense of wellbeing since.
      Sending lots of love and relaxation right back at you!


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  9. What a refreshing and summery selection. I particularly loved your review of Frangipani – such a beauty. And I must try Eau de Rochas again, which I can’t quite bring to mind.

    I have been enjoying all the ‘Van-‘s in Sylvaine Delacourte’s collection you gave me. Aptly for someone whose nickname is Van. Also Songes edp and the late lamented Plus Que Jamais. The latter in tribute to my French house, to which I am ever more attached despite the legion manifestations of damp!


    • Thanks, V. Very good of you to catch up on my post while busy catching up yourself.

      I must dig out the decant of Songes you kindly gave me. It is gorgeous with a similar tropical vibe to Frangipani.

      You know, I have long had an ebay alert for Guerlain Plus Que Jamais on you behalf but I only ever get occasional notifications of lipsticks up for sale with the same name. Your beautiful French home is well worth all the time, effort and love you’re putting into it. You will prevail over the damp!


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