Portia and Jin Tie The Knot – Photo Essay

With a bit of planning, it worked out perfectly that I was in Australia for the wedding of my dear friend Portia (from Australian Perfume Junkies) to the adorable Jin. The Big Day came on the 28th July, towards the end of my stay, but I wanted to start with it and then post about the rest of the trip.


Me and Jin



It was an emotional day, maybe more so because I was there for the run-up to the event and attended a planning meeting the day after I arrived in Sydney. It was held at a local Italian restaurant and the dress code was casual. The informal vibe suited the happy couple perfectly, however a string quartet kept it classy.



Eleven of Jin’s South Korean family had flown in and he was given away by his father. Considering being gay isn’t even acknowledged in South Korea this was a big deal and a testament to what an exceptional person Jin is.

Portia was given away by his cousin, Mark, who flew in just for the day. They all walked down the aisle to Amazing Grace which is Jin’s mother’s favourite hymn. I understand she shed a tear. The Celebrant was a fellow drag queen and  long time friend of Portia’s, Sandy Bottom, which made proceedings more personal.

We were very firmly – and understandably – asked to put our phones on silent and not to take photos during the ceremony.  A funny thing happened when Jin realised he had not in fact switched his own phone off. This may have been Portia’s faovurite moment of the whole day.


Portia and Jin with their Best Men and Women


The couple said their own vows to each other and exchanged Tiffany diamond earrings. This was harder than they expected because their hands were shaking. It was extremely touching. These two are such a great match.



The rose-cut diamond stud in situ.


Speeches took place after the starters. Portia’s BFF Kath gave a moving speech and read out messages from those who were unable to attend. The words from Val the Cookie Queen and her family were received with “aaaahs” around the room.



BFF Kath


Portia’s Best Man Phil came up with my favourite line of the event “Portia has found the Jin to his Yang.”





Portia’s wedding day scent was Rahele by Neela Verneire Creations. Jin, entirely coincidentally, wore Bombay Bling! also by NVC. I went for vintage Miss Dior Parfum which I fell in love with after Portia introduced me it to.




You can tell the food was fabulous from me stuffing my face rather than posing for this photo (top right).



Tina G, Scott and Ainslie Walker 


After the cake was cut, Portia and Jin invited us all to have a photo taken with them.




Below is the Aussie crew I hung out with in Paris earlier this year.



Michael wore Sheiduna by Puredistance, while Anna Maria  and Scott both wore Shalimar, which is a favourite of Portia’s.


Me and the married couple.

It was interesting to learn that one gentlemen told Portia he expected the “gay wedding” to be over-the-top and showy. It was the exact opposite, being intimate, warm and relaxed. A Turbo Trivia regular summed it up for me when she said to Portia that she told her mum “You could cut the love in the room with a knife”.



Huge congratulations to Portia and Jin who I know will continue to share lots of laughs and exciting journeys for many, many years to come. I love them to bits.


Thanks to Portia, Anna Maria and others for some of these photos. 



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36 responses to “Portia and Jin Tie The Knot – Photo Essay

  1. matty

    What a wonderful day. Thank you for sharing these fab pics.


  2. Jin

    We love you Tara!!!
    And my family fell in love with you too!!
    Thank you for coming down all the way, It was more special because you were here with us, And Portia was so sad after you left. We would love to have you here again. Anytime.
    Let’s meet up in south Korea next time as we discuss 😉 then go some where else!!!!


    • Jin!!!!! I’m so choked you made the effort to comment. Thank-you! I feel teary all over again.
      After 3 weeks, I wouldn’t have blamed either of you for being glad to see the back of me, haha.
      Yes, I can’t wait for our next adventure together!


  3. Tara C

    Thanks so much for sharing the photos and the narrative to this wonderful day, so much love there and around the world for Portia and Jin!


  4. Tara,
    You are a superstar. Travelling Australia with you and having you with us through so much of the wedding process made it all the sweeter.
    It’s like Jin and I have gained a sister.
    You were calm, serene and in control through some boundary pushing experiences, tiredness, climbing and trekking through Kata Tjuta, more food, friends, fun and adventure in three weeks than you could poke a stick at.
    Jin and I keep saying how fabulously easy it was to have you here, can’t wait to join you on another adventure really soon.
    We love you.
    Portia xx


  5. Seeing your photographs and reading your post made me a bit emotional, I can only imagine how it must have been to be there in the flesh. 😢😘


  6. Musette

    I love both of them so very, very much. Such warm, kind, loving people – it is no surprise at all that their marriage was surrounded by warmth, kindness and love. Thank you so much for sharing this day with us, via your great photos and commentary! xoxoxo


  7. tiffanie

    “You could cut the love in the room with a knife.”

    Those words made me a bit teary. I need to wipe my eyes. That last photo of Portia and Jin says it all. Love triumphs over all. Thank you for sharing with us. Perfume people are amazing people.


    • Hi Tiffanie,

      I think having the wedding in such an intimate environment made everyone a part of it and able to literally feel the love in the room.

      Perfume people are the best!


  8. What a lovely story! What joy in these images. Love to you all.


  9. Lady Jane Grey

    That must have been such a touching ceremony – sounds amazing ! I like that you let us know the perfumes the guest had on 💐
    Down-under is such a lovely place, with lovely people !


  10. Tara what a wonderful write up! It’s so true, love was in the air! It was a perfect wedding, gorgeous atmosphere and glowing happy couple. Very special times. So glad to have you here!

    xx Tina G


  11. It was a wonderful day with lots of love and friends. It was a very warm and thoughtful wedding just as Jin and Portia are xxxxx
    So happy you came to Australia Tara xxx


    • It was such a great atmosphere, Anna Maria. So different to a conventional ceremony which can put a distance between the couple and the well-wishers.


  12. Kathleen

    Thank you for sharing the photos and some details of Portia’s special day marrying Jin. Wishing them all the love in the world!


  13. Tara,
    Thank you for helping Portia and Jin to share their special day with us. I just wish there were twice as many pictures 🙂 They are such a great couple, and they seem to be surrounded by wonderful people.

    I look forward to reading more of your travel reports.


    • Many thanks, Undina. I hope you get to meet them before long.

      I’m looking forward to catching up on your New Orleans posts. I definitely have the travel bug.


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  15. Oh, what a happy, happy day and I loved the relaxed way that Portia and Jin tied the knot. I must say they both looked the epitome of snazzy in their wedding attire. I can quite see that attending their marriage was the jewel in the crown – and ear lobe! – of your visit. Big congrats to both and good on you for making the epic trip.


  16. So nice to see the wedding through your photos Tara. This one looked like it was a truly personal one and lots of happy memories too. ✨


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  18. This is the most fabulous post Tara. Coming back and reading it again, seeing the pictures and reliving that extraordinary day is so uplifting. You captured the essence of our big day, helped keep it all running smoothly and are an excellent travel companion.
    So lucky to have you in our lives buddy.
    Portia xxxx


    • That is so lovely to hear Portia! How nice you reread the post. Still can’t believe you made it possible for me to be there and see the best of Australia. What an amazing few weeks we had xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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