Heading Down Under

I can’t quite believe it, but on Friday I will be flying to Australia for 3 weeks. I’ve never visited the country before but have wanted to for a while, largely because I’m fortunate to have made so many great friends through perfume that happen to live in Sydney. Not least of these is the big-hearted bundle of fabulousness that is Portia of Australian Perfume Junkies.




I’m going at this particular time to attend Portia’s wedding, now that Australia has marriage equality. I’m sick with excitement at the thought of getting to hang out with my pals and see the sights. Portia is generously taking me travelling so I’ll get to see the Whitsunday Islands and The Great Barrier Reef as well as Uluru where our mate Tina G has put together some wonderful plans for the three of us. I’ll also be staying with another ex-perfume blogger who I can’t wait to see again.

Normal service will resume on 6th August with a Mood Scent 4 post. I appreciate your patience in the meantime!



Perfume has brought me so much, it’s quite extraordinary and I’m truly grateful.




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18 responses to “Heading Down Under

  1. matty

    have a wonderful time and big congrats to Portia xx


  2. Have a ball and enjoy every minute. Big congratulations to Portia & Jin – cant wait to see all the photos.


  3. Have an absolute ball and blast! It will be the trip of a lifetime for sure. And many congrats to Portia and Jin on their impending nuptials. X


  4. Ingeborg

    Safe journey! Australia and New Zealand are two countries I really want to visit at some point. I’m sure you will have fun, and sharing the experience with perfume friends will make it extra fun. Please do make a blog post about it in August/September for those of us who only get to travel closer to home this summer.


  5. Enjoy your trip, give a hug from me to everyone I know 😉 and bring back a lot of impressions, energy and pictures to share with us.


  6. Lady Jane Grey

    Enjoy the fabulous country (Whitsunday is paradise on Earth!) and its fabulous people – and please give a big bearhug and a kiss to Portia from me.
    Looking forward to your pics 💕


    • I am going to hug Portia to pieces and probably burst into tears when I arrive 🙂
      I feel bad for not hearing of the Whitsunday islands before the trip was organised but they do look stunning.


  7. Sandra

    Wishing you a safe journey Tara! You will have a marvelous time and loads of memories to share when you return. Sandra xo

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  8. Have a fantastic trip!


  9. O M G! It’s HAPPENING!
    So excited Tara. Safe flights and travelling.
    We are going to wear you out.
    Thanks to all your lovely commenters. Bear hugs all round.
    Portia xx


  10. Sounds like a fabulous trip coming up. Enjoy! I have now started following Australian Perfume Junkies.


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