Fun in London with The Candy Perfume Boy – Photo Essay


By Val the Cookie Queen from APJ


A Day with The Candy Perfume Boy, BlondesWunder and Kimball Shirley, cartoonist extraordinaire.



Up bright and early on the Thursday before The Art and Olfaction Awards saw us heading up to Victoria Tube Station to meet Thomas, The Candy Perfume Boy (CPB) and Kimball Shirley, a very dear family friend of many years.  An American spending a little time in London.  Formerly of The Simpsons, and now of the animated sitcom Bob’s Burgers, we roped him into being our paparazzi.  He is now working on a fragrant comic picture of us all.  And we are freaking beyond excited.  
Successfully meeting outside the Golden M in Victoria, we all headed to Les Senteurs to meet up with the utterly charming and vivacious Nathalie Vinciguerra, founder of the Anima Vinci perfume range.
Beautiful uplifting fragrances, designed to pull at the heart and the spirit. BlondesWunder fell so in love with one she left with a decant.  It was the CPB that introduced me to the Anima Vinci range, albeit virtually, and it led to setting up the date with Nathalie whilst I was in London. (He attended the launch in the South of France).
Suddenly finding ourselves in dire need of refreshment, Nathalie invited us to her office inside the mind-blowing Michelin House in Chelsea, originally opened in 1911.
The building has an incredible rooftop terrace and we took our refreshment up there, happily spending another hour sniffing our way through the scents again.  
There are five perfumes in the collection, each one is enchanting. I will introduce them in my next post here.  
It was about time to take our leave and head off to The Holy Nando’s.  Thomas and I had promised this for ourselves several months earlier. I had never been, and he worships there.  This was a serious event and we treated it accordingly. 
Undisputedly delicious and I now understand his regular attendance. As long as he works out properly during the week, and runs regularly, I am OK with that. 🙂 Meanwhile I need a serious stash of their Drizzle Oil.
Having found out earlier in the day that Thomas and Nick had won a Jasmine Award for their Fume Chat Podcast, we forced ourselves to eat ice cream at Fortnum and Mason’s in celebration.  Why not?  Kimball had never been.  He had a banoffee cardiac arrest in a glass, topped with honeycomb chunks and a quarter litre side serving of liquid caramel to pour over it, as and when.  
I do not have the words to do justice to the absolutely brilliant day that we had.  Bucket list date with CPB, hanging with a dear friend, and my daughter along to share my strange habits with both of them.  She had them laughing tears.  I’m gonna make her pay one day.  All my street cred is shot.
Candy Burger Bussis


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16 responses to “Fun in London with The Candy Perfume Boy – Photo Essay

  1. Oh my word, what a spectacular day in such illustrious company too! I loved the Michelin building with its roof terrace – would have enjoyed people and traffic watching from that great vantage point. And I chuckled at The Holy Nando’s…I really must try it sometime, as we have one in Stafford!


    • Hi V! Have you never been to Nando’s? It was sooooooo good. You would have more than loved the Michelin Building. Google it. Beautiful building. Was a superb day. ❤


  2. Loved reading about this fabulous day, Val. So many lovely and interesting people – plus perfume, Nando’s and ice cream! It doesn’t need to get better than that. Looking forward to trying the Anima Vinci fragrances at some point.


    • I didn’t have ice cream. Don’t like the stuff. Compromise was an Affogato – double espresso poured onto a ball of vanilla ice cream. Glad we do not have a Nando’s here. Thanks for the post!!!! xxxxxx


  3. Looks like a lot of fun, Tara And what a gloriously sunny day in London, too.

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  4. Sounds like a great day! But now I’ll have to figure out what “Nando” means 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Nando in Australia is a chicken burger chain of fast food. Looks like a brilliant day xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah you have Nando’s in Aus, Anna Maria? I guess it must be the same chain from what you’ve said. It seems pretty addictive to those who love it 🙂


    • Hi Ms AM!! It is a chain but dunno if I would call it a burger chain. Anyway, I had hummus and a grain salad and it was really really good. And being there with Thomas, was of course the ultimate. Xxxxxx


  6. Woo Hoo! Great day. well jell.
    Portia x

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