2nd Birthday Giveaway!

This week marks two years of A Bottled Rose.  To celebrate and to thank you for reading, I’d like to give away hefty spray samples (pictured) of two of my favourite launches of 2017 to one winner.

It’s probably not surprising that both come from indie perfumers, however an honourable mention should be made of Superstitious by Frederic Malle Editions de Parfums, of which I own a travel spray. It’s glorious.

The first giveaway sample is from my bottle of Naja by Vero Profumo which is a captivating concoction of citrusy lime blossom dusted with pollen in the top, suede-like osmanthus in the heart and a base of golden blond tobacco. Of course, this is Vero Profumo so there’s a lot more to it than that, including wisps of smoke and a touch of spice. This is an uncommon tobacco perfume with the texture of suede and layer upon layer of contrast. Despite being full-bodied it never feels too much. Naja is a enthralling chiaroscuro. As is her way, Vero takes structure of classical perfumery and twists it in a new and entirely modern direction. You can read my full review of this bewitching shape-shifter by clicking here.

Second comes Dryad by Papillon Perfumes. This wood spirit starts with bright green galbanum, continuing to wend and wind its way through to the heart of the ancient forest. The best part is the vintage-esque drydown reminiscent of old-school oakmoss.  If you do not normally favour green scents or are yet to find one that you really click with, then I recommend you try Dryad. Where many in this genre lack depth and interest, this is a sophisticated chypre fragrance with an oriental slant and no astringency. My full review is here.




To enter, please tell me in the comments what was your favourite new perfume (or fragrant discovery) of 2017. I was going to limit the draw to the UK because it’s so hard to smuggle perfume out of the country but if you’re based abroad and willing to take the risk your prize might not make it to you, please join in the fun.

The giveaway will close on Monday 15th January. The winner will be generated by Random.org and announced on Wednesday 17th January.

Good luck!




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42 responses to “2nd Birthday Giveaway!

  1. Dear Tara,
    Congratulations on your 2-year blogoversary! I enjoy coming here whether you write about perfumes, skincare or perfumistas gatherings and hope that you’ll keep doing it for many more years.

    Do not enter me into the draw, but I can offer a “muling” service if a winner happens to be from the U.S. (I’ll cover the shipping inside the U.S.).

    Once again – congratulations!


    • Thanks very much, Undina! It’s good to know you enjoy the varied content.
      I may well take you up on your kind offer if the winner is from you side of the pond. Much appreciated.


  2. Happy blog birthday dear Tara!
    Time really flies and I’m glad to be able to read your blog regularly.
    I’ll participate in the draw even though perfumes cannot be shipped to Croatia, but they can be shipped to Slovenia where our company also has offices. 😉


  3. oldandsmelly

    Happy birth of your blog day. My favorite of this year is Papillon’s Anubis, don’t think it came out this year but was new to me. Also liked and bought a bottle of Fico D’India by Ortigia Sicilia, a lovely masculine/unisex fig and wood cologne.

    Im in the US


  4. Sandra

    Happy Blogoversary Tara! It is hard to believe that two years have gone by already. Congratulations. I would love to participate as I am intrigued by your review of Dryad. My favorite discovery of the year is a tie between NVC Rahele and Frederic Malle’s Dries van Noten – two very different perfumes. Sandra xoxo


  5. Congrats on your blogging anniversary! Echoing Undina’s comment about enjoying your posts on all fronts. My favourite discovery of the year may be HOCB Immortal Beloved, or rediscovering AG Songes. DNEM though, as I have samples of both these beauties! Look forward to reading much more from you in 2018 and beyond.


    • That’s really lovely to hear, V. I appreciate the support.
      Maria tried sending me her perfumes twice but both times they were returned to her. So annoying. The House of Cherry Bomb perfumes sound really interesting.


  6. Bee Wyeth

    Congratulations on your blog birthday! I have really enjoyed your reviews – long may they continue. My favourite fragrances of the last year were from Naomi Goodsir – the older Bois d’Ascese and the new Nuit de Bakelite. Both very gorgeous but very different. Wishing you all the best for this year – happy blogging!


    • Thanks so much for your kind words and wishes, Bee. That means a lot.
      I’m a big fan of the Naomi Goodsir fragrances. I only tried Nuit de Bakelite on card and would love to try it again properly. Bois d’Ascese is such a striking smoke-fest. You’re in the draw!


  7. Congrats, Tara! Keep those great posts coming. Have not tried either of these. Would love to. Cartier L’Envol EDT is one of my stand-outs of 2017. Another super scent from Mathilde Laurent. Thank you. R


    • That’s really encouraging, thanks Richard!
      Oh I’m a massive admirer of Mathilde Laurent too. The work she’s done for Cartier is really outstanding, especially Les Heures.


  8. Cheers to 2nd blog birthday. Here’s to many more fragrant years to come 🙂


  9. tfk31

    Happy Blog Birthday !!!!
    I enjoy reading your fragrant musings.
    Please DNEM as I have decants of both scents, but wanted to pop in to offer you congratulations .


  10. Stephen

    Happy Blog Birthday and thank you for sharing your musings. I’ve been bowled over by the Mendittorosa range and am particularly enjoying Le Mat.


  11. crikey

    Many happy returns! I seem to have fallen rather hard for a few things this year, though few, if any, of which were new in 2017, (like Guerlain’s encens mythique d’orient, and Beaufort’s Fathom V) But maybe Zoologist Civet squeaks in, if you count when it was stocked in the UK…


    • Cheers, crikey.
      There is something very seductive about that Guerlain incense and Zoologist’s Civet is fantastic. I still haven’t got to try Fathom V yet but hear great things about it.
      You’re in the draw!


  12. Lady Jane Grey

    Two years already ?! Congrats, my dear, and I hope for many more to come!
    I don‘t follow the new parfum releases in detail anymore (therefore I’m so happy to learn about them on your blog!), but I‘m sure that the exquisitely lovely Dryad is from 2017 – I spray it, and it craetes pictures and coloures in my mind… ( no need to include me in the draw).
    Sending lots of love,


    • Doesn’t time fly, dear M?
      I’m happy to hear Dryad caught your attention, as well as your imagination, last year. It’s perhaps the one perfume I can wear even when I’m feeling fragile.
      Lots of love to you!


  13. Clarissochka

    My favorite was La Parfumerie Moderne new release – Belle Reeves. I am in the US and am willing to take a chance


    • Hi Clarissochka,
      I don’t know Belle Reeves so thanks for brining it to my attention.
      Undina is going to help me transport the prize if it should go to someone in America – so fingers crossed it would get there. You’re in the draw!


  14. Where on earth have the two years gone? The blogosphere is a better place with you in it Tara. Not to mention my life. Congratulations and keep it up, come what may. Ich hab dich lieb. xxxxx


  15. Hayley

    Hi Tara thanks for a fab competition I would love to try these 😊 they sound amazing. There’s so many perfumes I haven’t tried so new releases take a back burner, so my favourite perfume discovery is an old one…. L’air de rien by miller Harris. I just love it, it’s perfect for lazy chill out days.


  16. Laura Dias de Almeida

    Thanks for the giveaway !
    Amongst other fragrant discoveries, 2017 saw me melt for 4160 Tuesdays Killer Rose. I’m not really into rose perfumes, but this is a stunning exception.


  17. Congrats on two years Tara! I always love reading your posts and you always write so beautifully, your words are like scent on screen.
    Lots of love from this Aussie xx


  18. cassieflower

    Happy 2nd blogaversary Tara. I enjoy your site tremendously. There’s a couple of things that lit my fire in 2017, the Papillon discovery set, wow, these are potent beauties. Gucci Bloom, rather surprising really, but I found that I kept going back for a spray of this. I ended up buying it for my daughter as a little reward for dog-sitting, so I get to experience it vicariously😉. And finally, Miss Dior. I know, it’s not a newbie but I rediscovered this after more than thirty years so it’s new to me all over again. I’ve purchased two little vintage parfum so I’m not likely to ever forget it again. Happy new year to you, and wishing you many more years of success. Thanks for the draw. Póga💋

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Póga, that is so lovely to hear. It’s great to have you as a regular reader.
      The Papillon perfumes are potent beauties indeed. I do think they are Parfum strength. I really admire and envy your vintage Miss Dior Parfums. i only discovered it properly last year and have just a little of mine left. Good thinking regarding Gucci Bloom!


  19. MMKinPA

    Congrats! I am a new reader having discovered you through the Mood Scents project. The new releases in 2017 that captured my attention were Tauer L’Eau and Sonoma Scent Studio Bee’s Bliss, which I know is difficult to get outside of the US. My most worn was probably Alahine, at least in the cooler weather. In the warm months I wore Dame Sky Father quite a bit- also new in 2017.


    • It’s so nice to hear you’ve found me via the Mood Scent 4 project. We’ve decided to keep going this year. Loved reading about your 2017 discoveries. I only know Alanine which is so popular as a winter warmer. You’re in the draw!


  20. Lyubov

    Happy 2nd Blogoversary, Tara! Cheers to many more! I always keep an eye on your cosmetic adventures!
    I should have greeted you over a week ago, but, you know, I am a recurrent procrastinator…! Guilty!
    My discoveries for 2017th, which are predominantly 2016th releases (being late to the party, I know…) – a huge pile, but I can still distinguish some like the second wave of the Zoologist range, especially Nightingale, No 5 L’Eau, Violette edp – Molinard, SJP Stash, Francesca Bianchi, Santi Bourgas, Sammarco and…Papillon range! I guessed the name of Dryad in one of the FB frag groups, but never get to try it. Still, I got the first four perfume samples from Liz Moores – they made it through the different custom’s policies. Sooo, wishing on a star…! Thanks for the chance!


    • Hey Lynbov!
      Sorry I missed your comment . It’s great to know you read and thanks for your good wishes.
      I LOVE your favourites from last year. That’s a really fantastic selection from indie to mainstream. I’m curious about the Violette from Molinard. I need a good violet in my life. You’re in the draw!

      Liked by 1 person

  21. Ingeborg

    DNEM since Royal Mail must be one of the most draconian about checking for “dangerous content”.

    I find your blog interesting and very well written and especially like what you write about different perfume events and about perfume shopping in London.


    • Thanks Ingeborg, I’m afraid Perfume Lovers London seems to be on an extended hiatus so not as many events to write about but good to know you still find the blog interesting and the compliment about my writing means a lot. It’s good to have you along.


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