Summer Break

Just checking in to let you know there won’t be a post on the blog for a few weeks. It’s time to take a break. I’m off  to Majorca on Monday for a lazy holiday by the sea which is something I haven’t done in ages and feel I really need.

For the last few years I’ve done city breaks and traveled with hand luggage only. The result of suddenly not having a restriction on liquids is that I’ve started throwing whole bottles into the case with abandon. Hopefully I’ll be able to lift it. I haven’t even started on the perfume yet…





If you’re heading off yourself, have a wonderful time and if you’re not, I hope you manage to do something fun for yourself before the end of August. We all need a break from the daily grind now and again.

Back soon!




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9 responses to “Summer Break

  1. Wow, go and have lots of fun! 😀 And take lost of pictures for some after-vacation posts.


  2. Thanks, Ines! Bologna with you guys was totally amazing but it’s time to take it easy 🙂


  3. Have a great time. That’s rather a lot of bottles, haha! Does the hotel have equivalent sheliving? I know you are (by your own admission) a born again ‘skincare junkie’ now. 😉 You can lend things to other members of your party, which will lighten their own cases. Plus the whole lot can readily be construed as ‘holiday weight training’. X


    • There’s so much more to pack for a beach holiday, V! I will be sharing with Lisa and Mia but I’d probably take most of this lot for me anyway, to be honest. The skincare obsession has definitely added to the load. I’m not taking my retinol, niacinamide or an acid but can’t be without Vitamin C, Buffet and a spritz. In my defence I’m forgoing make-up!


  4. Enjoy your vacation! With all those bottles (not talking about perfumes) will you even have time to do anything else but use the products? ;-P

    Whenever we fly to Hawaii, I bring with me 3-4 full size bottles of sunscreen (they don’t have a brand I like there so I cannot buy locally). But other than that, I put extra efforts in having everything close to the amount I need – and it’s while I almost never travel with just carry-on luggage!


    • Thanks, Undina! I expect the application and re-application of sunscreen to take up a considerable amount of time 🙂
      I looked again at the pic to see if I could jettison anything but only realised I need to add The Ordinary Marula face oil, ha ha.

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  5. Enjoy your holiday Tara, just take your time and relax. Looking forward to some photos on Insta and your next posts upon your return xx


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