Giveaway Winner Announced!

To celebrate my one year blogoversary on New Year’s Day, I held a giveaway for decants of two treasures from my perfume collection – Vega EDT and Vol de Nuit vintage parfum.

It was lovely to have so many people (22) enter the draw, a number of whom had been reading but not commented before. I hope you’ll join in again in the future.

I put the names into and the winner is bluefroggi.

Congratulations, bluefroggi! Please email me via abottledrose at gmail dot com with your postal address and I’ll keep everything crossed that your prize gets to you.




Many thanks to everyone who entered and/or sent well wishes. I really appreciated it.





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7 responses to “Giveaway Winner Announced!

  1. Someone rejoicing in the name ‘bluefroggi’ sounds like a worthy winner to me!

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    • I know, but thankfully I have more where that came from.


      • I can do Shalimar in either vintage or current (much prefer the former, obviously), but Vol De Nuit……..don’t make me laugh. The new version is like an imposter and just doesn’t cut the mustard. As you know, the real thing is just so beautifully multifaceted and disturbing and anti intuitive (the oriental notes against the sharp greens and narcissus), and the ending…….well that is where the new and old versions truly are different; the old version literally HOVERS above the skin I find and is one of the most beautiful ambers (on me at least) I have ever known. I ADORE it!


        • No one captures Vol de Nuit in words the way you do. I fear trying the current version again. I can’t even remember what it was like. The vintage is perfume perfection for me from start to finish. It’s the closest thing I have to a signature scent.


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