In Rotation

Spring has sprung in the UK and so the perfumes I have in heavy rotation at the moment reflect this. I use the season as the first criteria for narrowing down my daily fragrance selection, followed by mood. So of the several scents I feel appropriate for this time of year, here are the ones that are currently getting the most wear and why.

Vol de Nuit EdT (vintage) by Guerlain

Notes: Bergamot, Galbanum, Petitgrain, Jasmine, Jonquil, Violet, Carnation, Rose, Spices, Woods, Iris, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Amber.

I think it’s the large amount of Guerlainade that does it – Vol de Nuit just makes me feel so grounded. If I’m feeling stressed during springtime, I always turn to this enigmatic chypre oriental: it soothes me. The vernal scents of green leaves and delicate flowers are weighed down in the rich earth, dark woods and emerald moss.

I have a 93ml refillable cannister which is three-quarter full, but I still feel uneasy as I watch the level drop. Vol de Nuit is the fragrance that I feel most at home in.

Champaca EdP by Ormonde Jayne

Notes: Neroli, Pink Pepper and Bamboo,  Champaca Absolute, Freesia Absolute and Basmati notes: Myrrh, Green Tea and Musk

I wear green-tinged fragrances in March/April to echo the resurgence of nature. Most greens have a bitter edge but this pale green floral is nothing but fresh, breezy and easy to wear. It reminds me of the striking rice terraces of Bali, the most breath-taking place I’ve ever visited. This is probably because of the bamboo and Basmati rice accords.

For me, Champaca is a relaxing, beautiful, feel-good perfume that transports me to much more scenic climes. It’s filled with light, air and lush vegetation.

Diorella Edt (vintage) by Dior

Notes: Sicilian Lemon, Basil, Honeysuckle, Peach, Vetiver and Oakmoss

Diorella has such a fruity zing it mirrors the bright new mornings after the clocks go forward. When I first spray it after the winter, I’m reminded of just how much I enjoy this early love of mine. It always feel right, whenever, wherever.

The zesty citrus, gentle florals and fresh herbs make it uplifting while the mossy base gives it an air of easy-going elegance. It’s a killer combination.


My bottles of Diorella, Vol de Nuit and Champaca

Which fragrances do you have in rotation right now?




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26 responses to “In Rotation

  1. jackiehutchings

    Diorella is my all time favourite. I’m never without it 🙂 Jo Malone’s Grapefruit is close second for zingyness.


    • Hi Jackie!
      Diorella is fantastic. I always forget just how fantastic until I wear it again in the spring.
      The current version is the same scent as my vintage but a bit paler somehow.


  2. I can always wear VdN, I just love it. As we talked about before I don’t at all like the level in my bottleeither…
    Spring for me is usually about spring flowers, so it’s typically Chamade, lilac frags, Narcisse Noir, some dc’ed Aqua Allegorias and diorissimo. However, as it’s only starting to be Spring here Chamade is the only one I’ve worn so far.


    • Thanks for sharing your spring favourites, I love to reading them.
      You know, I tried Chamade the other day but I don’t think I was the mood for the aldehydes. Will try again.
      We are united on the vintage VdN front 🙂


  3. I actually wear most perfumes I own throughout the year, regardless of weather, but reach for violets and flowery things a bit more often. I sometimes wish I would get on with all the green things, but so far my dislike of these notes hasn’t changed.


    • Yeah, I think I’m a bit weird about the season/perfume matching thing. I just enjoy it and think I get might get bored of my favourites otherwise. It also helps with the selection process in the morning 🙂

      I’m yet to find a totally green fragrance that really clicks with me but I still have hope.


  4. Hamamelis

    Lovely post and photo! At the moment Ostara and Journey are favourites, but I am still wearing more wintery perfumes as well. I have a bottle of Champaca, thank you for reminding me of it because it is a lovely perfume which I don’t wear often enough.
    You have me curious about Diorella, I have never smelled it (I have Cristalle in EdP which maybe similar) do you get any jasmine from it? I have a travalo filled with Vol de Nuit extrait, current version, courtesy of the lovely Steven from Place Vendome. I haven’t worn it often, but will try it again.
    Do you take your rotation perfumes out of the dark and have them out in the open while you used them? I keep all my fragences in a drawer, but they look lovely on your pic in full daylight!


    • Hi Hamamelis
      I keep my perfumes in their boxes even if I am wearing them regularly. I’m just paranoid about exposing them to light and heat, even it’s only for a few days/weeks. Maybe I will try and get over that. They do look lovely out.
      Yes, I do get jasmine from Diorella but it’s “in the mix” if you know what i mean.
      I hope your Champaca and Vol de Nuit get some skin time now.


  5. cookie queen

    I don´t really do the season thing either. On saying that though I do wear the Vero EdPs much more in the warmer weather. And the Mito Extrait. Also champaca. Interesting. I will definitely explore the OJ. I got to have a couple of spritzes of Vero’s VdN edp in Milan. (She walks around in a cloud of the stuff 🙂 ) She wanted to show me why most of the perfumes nowadays just don´t compare. Like I don´t know that? Actually I sat on the hotel bed with Vero for about 90 minutes sniffing a lot of the new stuff. We had such a good time and I am very thankful we were not recorded. I shall treasure the memories.
    I don´t think I will admit in public that I have not tried Diorella.
    I do have some various VdNs that people have sent me and just love it to pieces. Bussis. xxxx


    • Oh to be a fly on the wall while you and Vero discussed the new stuff 🙂
      Too funny that Vero thought you needed an example of how it doesn’t compare to the old. I bet she rocked that cloud of VdN. I’m happy that you love it too.


  6. Hey Tara,
    I just reorganised the most used section. Shalimar Parfum & EdT, Fendi (the original), Bulgari Man In Black (just bought it and can’t stop spritzing), DIOR Mitzah, Tubereuse 3 by HdP, Midnight Oud by JHaG, Madonna TorD Naked and Sharp by Andrea Maack.
    I’m ready for autumn, which only arrived this week.
    Portia xx


    • I love Tubereuse 3, especially for Autumn, and it’s a mystery as I have a hard time with many tuberoses and absolutely can’t abide immortelle, but here somehow it’s just amazing! One of my all time favourites perhaps.


      • Wow, that’s interesting. I have a hard time with tuberose and immortelle too so I’m doubly fascinated. If it’s one of your all time favourites that counts for a lot in my book. I must seek it out come autumn if not before.


    • Ha! I love how organised you are Portia. I’m glad I’m not the one who likes the change of season for a change of perfume. Your autumn choices are predictably fabulous.


  7. What is this thing called rotation, hehe? 😉 Seasonality is sort of there in the background for me, but easily overruled by criteria such as weather – it is also cold up here half the time it’s meant to be spring! – stuff to test, and very often (I’ve noticed lately) whatever comes to hand that I might have left lying around in a handbag or on a table. That has accounted for several wearings of Eau des Merveilles lately.

    And I have been wearing Ostara and Journey too, thanks to Hamamelis sending them, along with Fleur de Cassie. Then I had quite a spell of other mimosa-forward scents before that – Etro Rajasthan and JM Mimosa & Cardamom (via Undina), which are definitely on the spring spectrum. Plus today I made a conscious spring choice from my collection, namely TF Black Orchid Voile de Fleur!

    Am I right in thinking you like oakmoss and herbal notes quite a bit?


    • Oh dear V, is the title a grammatical faux pas? I was hoping to make it a regular feature.
      Yes, it’s as much about the weather on the day as the season because they’re not exactly predictable over here.
      Mimosa is definitely spring-forward and hurrah for TF Black Orchid Voile de Fleur! I’ve never tried Fleur de Cassie because I thought it had a strong almond note.
      I love oakmoss and I like herbs if they are not medicinal or curry like, which leaves a rather small window.


  8. What a classy collection! Love VdN but my decant of EDP is getting seriously low. 😦 I don’t have anything in rotation but it’s getting rather warmer here and some of things I enjoyed last month don’t feel as fitting. For some strange reasons, I’ve been wearing chocolate/cacao scents in the last few days. Weird…


    • Ooh I hope you write a post about the chocolate/cacao scents, I’d love to read about them. I still want a good non-sugary chocolate perfume.
      Nice to hear I’m not the only one sensitive to the weather when it comes to perfume choices.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I’m with Vanessa (What “rotation”?!! 🙂 ). Regardless of the time of the year, I rarely wear the same perfume more often than once a month, so while, again, as Vanessa, I have a seasonality on the back of my mind (e.g. I rarely wear ambers during summer months), I wear so many different perfumes each month, that it’s almost impossible to name favorites that get more attention. But I can tell that my spring started with mimosa-centric perfumes, then I plan to switch to lily-of-the-valley, lilacs and then – linden.


    • Okay, I will have to think of another title. I cannot argue with you and V 🙂

      I loved reading how you’re moving through the florals. They all sound so pretty, I wish I could find some to love.


      • No-no, the title is totally fine. We were both playing on not understanding the word since we both do not do anything that can be described as a rotation. For all “normal” people it’s the correct term.
        It’s like “Have you enjoyed the weekend?” – “Weekend?! What weekend???” (meaning “I completely forgot already I had one” or “I was so busy that it can’t be considered a weekend at all”).


        • Oh okay, that’s good then! Thanks, Undina. I guess I’m used to V letting me know when I slip up with grammar (which I’m grateful for). I guess I don’t really wear decants and don’t have that many (for us!) full bottles so I can wear the same few quite consistently.
          See how good your English is? You’re explaining humorous remarks to me now 🙂

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  10. Your choices for Spring are lovely Tara, I understand having a current rotation, I am doing this at the moment. Reveal by Calvin Klein, Wish by Chopard for work, Opium per Homme and now because of Portia Truth or Dare by Madonna.


    • Hey Anna Maria!
      It’s fun to rotate a few fragrances for a while. I could have guessed Portia got you into Truth and Dare! It’a actually very nicely done and perfect for warm weather.


  11. Annette

    What lovely choices for Spring, Tara. Vol de Nuit is such a beautiful perfume, a true classic. For some reason, I’m longing for lilac-based scents, they remind me of my Grand Mothers garden and seem so lovely for this time of year. Enjoying your blog!


    • It’s lovely to hear you’re enjoying the blog, Annette.
      Lilac perfumes are perfect for spring and how nice that they remind you of your grandmother.
      Vol de Nuit is very special.


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