Onda Voile d’Extrait by Vero Profumo  



Push me, pull me.

Onda means “wave” and we are talking tidal. On first spray, the scent rushes over my skin and fills my senses, obliterating all else.

It is a multi-sensory, immersive experience. I inhale its aroma and I see an inky ocean set aflame, I feel warm tar sticking to my skin and I hear a low, wanton growl. Its depths seem phathomless, its heart impenetrable.


Listing notes seems rather inconsequential because Onda is so much more than its perfectly constructed parts, but for the record it has the following structure:

Top notes: Bergamot, lemon, tangerine, ginger, coriander, basil

Heart notes: Iris, ylang-ylang, honey

Base notes: Vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli, musk, ambergris

Forget any misgivings you may have about it being described in various quarters as a veitver-loaded fragrance. The composition transcends that material and any other categorisation for that matter.

While Onda is an extreme and uncompromising creation it’s also incredibly intoxicating. I’m gasping for air while at the same time, wishing to be submerged once more.  I breath it in deeply, feeling the need to possess the fearless qualities imbued within it. Anything seems possible, all bets are off and every risk is worth taking.

Onda has no limits and encourages me to push against mine.

Spice crackles, birch tar burns and vetiver smokes.  A trickle of honey and a handful of petals are included to placate the Spirits.  A spell of protection is cooked up on your skin which will ensure you only let the right one in.

Like all of Vero Kern’s extraordinary fragrances, Onda has a strong personality and a complex one at that. Her power is potent; a vibrating intensity that coruscates across the night sky, captivating all those in her wake.

Talk of power and strength might make you think this is merely a macho show of force; more about business than pleasure. Not so. Onda has a fluid sexuality that is raw, unrestrained and head-spinning. All this without being skank-filled.

It’s a perfume to anoint yourself with, like some ancient rite. Primal and instinctual, but never base or beastly. I find it as decadent as I find it daring. It is a breathtaking fragrance and fantastically chic. Wear it to set the right conditions for drama and get ready for the consequences.


It fascinates me how occasionally a fragrance will suddenly click with you at a particular time in your life. I am finally ready to inhabit Onda and have Onda inhabit me.

2015 was a year of unprecedented personal growth for me. I have challenged myself in ways I would never have done previously. Now I have Onda on my skin, there’s no telling how or where this journey will take me next, but I can’t wait to find out.


Do you have a fragrance that inspires a sense adventure or feels like a protective cocoon?







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45 responses to “Onda Voile d’Extrait by Vero Profumo  

  1. WOW!! Congratulations Tara! So excited for you and what a spectacular first post.
    Portia xxx


  2. cookie queen


    Out of all the Vero Profumo collection, and indeed I wear and adore them all, Onda is the one that gets under the skin and offers a layer of both protection and adventure.


    • It’s wonderful to me that you feel the same way about Onda, Val. There is something deeply affecting about it. It’s perfect for this new road I’m on.


  3. Beautiful. Simply beautiful, Tara.


    xx Tina G

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  4. Wow – what a beautiful review. I felt suspended in time reading this and didn’t want it to stop. It obviously had an amazing effect on you. Now i want to try this, and see what it does to me. 🙂


  5. Nice one Tara! A Vero, especially Onda, for your first post is absolutely fab 🙂


  6. I love the way you write! Felt like I was right there with you!


  7. Sandra

    Wonderful first review Tara! Very moving. I am so excited to be able to read your perfume impressions again. Onda is a fabulous perfume – I can just imagine how you smell. Sandra xoxo


  8. What a fantastic beginning, Tara! Your review is as beautiful as ever. I’m so excited to see that you started your own blog. Congratulations! 🙂


  9. Onda shows perfectly how far you have come. So happy you let your beautiful voice ring out in the blogoshere again. xxx


  10. Lady Jane Grey

    Tara, what an interesting and unconventional choice for your first post ! Amazing review !
    Onda is not mine – or I’m not Onda’s yet (I blame the honey…). But I got Kiki Voile four weeks ago, which makes me swoon and the same time utterly content with myself.


    • I know, LJG but it really fit with where I am right now. Have you tried the Voile? It’s very different to the honeyed edp.
      Kiki Voile makes me swoon too. Amazing stuff.


  11. Great review, Tara, like what you say about how a scent can suddenly click with a particular period in your life. Onda edp was too much for me when I first tried it several years ago but who knows this might have changed. Good opportunity to try again. Looking forward to your reviews! Esperanza


  12. Congratulations on the blog, Tara! And what a post to start with! I love Onda (I didn’t know it meant wave – thanks for that tidbit!) I can’t wait to read more!


  13. Congratulations on the launch of the new blog and what a stunning first post to kick off the New Year! Your review really smoulders and crackles, and like Pats133 it makes me sooo curious to try this one now. I must say that any perfume that coruscates has my vote. Indeed ‘coruscating’ is a good way to sum up your writing!


    • Thanks, V! I definitely made the right choice. Smouldering and crackling is very appropriate for the new year – my own little fireworks display!
      I’d love to get your take on it. Like me, you’ve come a long way from the early days in terms of taste.


  14. Tara C

    I have not tried the voile but I have the regular extrait and it is a tiger. A true masterpiece of perfumery by Vero Kern, proving great things can still be created even this age of IFRA and masses of mediocrity.


    • Tara C, I totally agree. It’s great that there are still a few perfumers like Vero out there making artistic, moving perfumes. The extrait is a tiger for sure!


  15. Tara!!! I’m so proud of your first big effort in 2016! Great start! You’ll see: in no time (just 2-3 years) it’ll get easier 😉

    I haven’t tried this version of Onda but since the first two absolutely didn’t work on my skin, I’ll probably skip this one – unless I naturally come across it somewhere (since I enjoy Kiki and Mito, given a chance I’ll try any others of vero’s perfumes – you never know when something catches you).

    From my perfumes mostly I get just a feeling of enjoyment… Though I did use Boxeuses as my secret weapon during hard meetings at work in the past.


    • Haha! Thanks, Undina. I thought it would be a good for me to start the New Year in a bold way. I’m glad I did.

      The Voile worked for me much, much better than the other two formulations so do try it if/when you come across it.

      Boxeuses reminds me of you and I may just make it my next post…


  16. Yay Tara – so lovely to ‘hear your voice’ again! I must try Onda – I’m not usually drawn to vetiver but your words about it not being just about vetiver make me really want to try this. Also, I really must get better acquainted with Vero (I sniffed some of them ages ago at Scent Bar which is never the best way. Especially with Vero, I am told :-))


    • Lovely to see you, Lavanya! I really think you should try Onda. I struggle with vetiver fragrances more than any other, but here it’s so stamped down under the leather and spice. I’d love to know what you make of it.

      It’s true you need some time to get acquainted with Vero’s creations.


  17. What a wonderful surprise and brilliant opening to your 2016: congrats on A Bottled Rose.
    Your review of Onda is sublime “an inky ocean set aflame”, wow! I know exactly where you come from with Onda, and although I think it’s a fabulous perfume, I’m not sure I’d actually give it much wear. You’ve made me want to use the rest of my samples to put it to the test, though, and Rozy too which I find quite similar.
    Happy new year


    • So happy you found me, Asali!

      Nice to know my weird imagery makes sense to someone 🙂

      It’s funny, I hadn’t thought of Onda and Rozy as similar but they are my two favourite Veros.


  18. Gorgeous. Reminds me of Kate Bush’s Ninth Wave…

    My cocoons you know already. Vol De Nuit vintage, my obsession for which grows stronger every moment the number of drops diminish, and Bal A Versailles parfum, just because there is nothing stronger, warmer or heavier, for winter. I even lock it under a veil of talcum powder to make it even cosier. When I smell into my sleeve (I do the same thing with Night Flight) I find it impossibly comforting.

    Keep the posts coming!


    • Thanks, Neil!
      Funnily enough, I’m wearing vintage Vol de Nuit edt today. I find it comforting for reasons I’m not quite sure.
      Love the talcum powder idea. I need to acquaint myself with Bal A Versailles parfum – I may just be ready for it.


      • IT REEKETH.

        But when you tame it (her? – and definitely try the unscented talc idea; it really ‘seals’ rich orientals in beautifully on the skin and makes them even furrier) Bal A Versailles in its closing stages is absolute heaven.

        I want to try this Onda business now as well.


  19. poodle

    I’m late to the Onda party here but just wanted to say what a great post this is. I just bought a bottle of the EDP. It’s magical. You’re so right about it being an almost empowering scent. I have no regrets about purchasing it because it makes me feel amazing.
    Best of luck to you with this new blog venture!

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  20. Ingeborg

    So happy to have found your new blog. Your writing is wonderful, just like it was over at OT.


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