As readers of the blog may remember Meepsy/Mitzi had a massive nosebleed back during the lockdown here. The vet was not sure whether the bleeding was coming from inside the nose or from the outside. And yes, it was impossible to tell. He gave her some sort of Jackie Kennedy shot, with a lot of puppy-uppers in it and some antibiotics. Which did the job just fine. For a few weeks.Her nose began to have slight scratches on it, which would bleed a little, and then dry up and fall off. It was causing her nose to shrink. A couple of weeks ago we made the decision to take her to the very highly rated animal clinic about a half hour drive from here, and skip the local vet.She was diagnosed with carcinoma on her nose. Unbeknownst to us it is fairly common for white cats, as they have very pink noses. Whatever it is total shit. We made an appointment to have it removed, at the cost of a vacation which we will not be taking anyway because yeah, Covid.We believe that secretly she wants to be a pug-cat and that this is part of the transitioning. Nose-jobs are never cheap.She had the operation yesterday. She is always quiet in her carrier, as she is at the vet. But I know she is scared to death by the way that she behaves. It breaks your heart, but if you have a pet you also have a responsibility to care for them.



The operation and (slight) recovery took about three hours. We picked her up. She looked like death warmed-up with a cone collar, but she crawled out of her carrier onto my lap on the way home and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the massage and rubs that I gave her.She has spent today sleeping in my wardrobe, drooling into the cone, and generally looking rough. Nevertheless she is totally up for belly rubs and a brush, as she cannot care for her self at all. As of writing this she has not eaten or drunk a thing, and of course I want her to.

The day before her operation she received a care-package in the post (her first ever mail) from her Katzen Tante in Germany. She was so excited to sniff/smoke her catnip, and to eat all of the yummy strips of jerky for cats.  That was pre-op and I am sure it gave her the strength to go through it.  Right now she won’t touch a thing.

I blew off my training class at the gym tonight, just in case anyone needs proof as to how much I care about her.

I hope that they have got all of the cancer out, and that it does not crop up somewhere else.  So yeah.

UPDATE. Twenty four hours later.

We loosened her collar last night and she finally ate and drank little water.  She stayed hidden all day today, but I am just home from the radio studio, 21:00.  She came out and let me take her collar off and I massaged and groomed her for a long while, and she ate food which we laced with cat painkiller!  She is now out on the balcony.  



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28 responses to “CATSINOMA

  1. Oh, poor Meepsy (and her humans!). I’m so sorry she and you had to go through that. Let’s hope she’ll recover quickly and enjoys the remaining eight lives.
    It is truly heartbreaking when our furry family members get sick: they can’t explain what they feel, and we cannot even try to pacify them promising it will get better.
    Please, pat her from me (and put on something that helps you to feel better).

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  2. Oh, so sorry to hear Meepsy has been ill. Fortunately she is eating and got out to the balcony. That’s a good signs. Cats are tough creatures to endure pain. It is awful when your furry gets ill. Hugs to her and I hope she recovers soon.

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    • Thanks a lot! She is doing great – and much faster than we expected. I left her this morning lying under a deck chair on the terrace. Well fed, cone collar on, and ready for her 8 hour catnap. xxx


  3. Asali

    Fingers crossed for Mitzi, all well wishing for her to get completely well and cured soon, and a belly rub from me.

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  4. Ingrid Neubarth

    Poor Meepsy, I keep my fingers crossed that she will recover well. I love cats.

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  5. Lyubov

    I hope Mitzi would be climbing the roof soon, Val, and live with you for more years than she had. Kisses from me and my Mika (who is a parvovirus- and two-jumps-from-the-4th-floor survivor).

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  6. Lady Jane Grey

    Oh, damn, I‘m so sorry, Val ! It‘s awful when they are ill – it breaks our harts.
    But you know, kitties are extremely resilient, and fighters too. And have nine lives. She will be back to doing her evil looks on you and Chris very soon !
    Sending lots of love and hugs – this time especially to kitty, also from Couscous.

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  7. matty1649

    I’m so sorry to hear about Mitzi’s illness. At least she’s eating and drinking again.Hoping she makes a full recovery. Our fur babies are precious. XXX

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  8. Tara C

    Poor baby girl. I hope she feels better today and you have many more sunny days together!

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  9. Meeps is a survivor like her human, she’ll bounce back in no time.
    Love is someone putting painkillers in your food ‘D

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  10. I wish Mitza a speedy recovery and good prognosis with no further cancer. You are a fantastic caregiver, and Mitzi knows how much you love her with all of your comfort measures. I wish you many more years together as Mitzi enjoys her many lives ahead! Big hug to you Val! xx

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  11. Gina T.

    Poor baby. So glad that you went to the other vet and had her treated. Speedy recovery. I went through a surgery with my cat March 20 as I was laid off from work. He still is not healed but we are hoping for miracles. Kitty kisses.

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  12. Poor kitty. I am glad she is doing okay and hoping she has a complete recovery.

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  13. bonkersvanessa

    Ah, the answer to my question was here all the time! What a harrowing experience for all of you, and how puzzling for Meeps to go through, as you can’t explain that this is all in a good cause. I am so glad she is starting to eat and drink, and I am sure she loves being groomed by her owner.

    I had to look up “Jackie Kennedy shot”, hehe. You are my go-to reference guide to such things. Also chuckled at “puppy-uppers”. 😉

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  14. Hey Val,
    GAH! So awful when our fur babies are ill.
    Hugs to you and Meeps. Fingers crossed for full recovery,
    Portia xx

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  15. Ingeborg

    Sorry to read the nose bleeds were caused by cancer. Good thing you got a second opinion and Mitzi got the needed surgery without further delay. How interesting to see there’s a difference in the number of cat lives between countries.

    Just read an article about skin cancer in humans. Apparently some go to cosmetic laser clinics to have skin problems treated and in this way a cancer diagnosis and proper treatment is delayed. So important to see a specialist if scratches or wounds do not heal properly!

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    • Absolutely. Definitely. Especialy important as we get older to keep an eye on our skin as some changes will happen.
      Yep. I am glad we have had it dealt with and as I have said pray that it is done. xxx


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