Mxxx. by Eris Parfums

Gentle Reader, I hope all is well with you and yours at this strange and anxious time. Val the Cookie Queen will be starting a weekly coronavirus lockdown journal this Saturday. In the meantime, let’s try and distract ourselves with  perfume. 

Notes: Blue Ginger, Mace, Saffron, Olibanum, Pink Peppercorn,  Cacao, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Benzoin, Castoreum, 7% Natural Ambergris, Pierre d’Afrique (Hyraceum), Green Vanilla.

I feel like Mxxx. is winking at me. It is knowingly playing with a few perfume tropes but you need to be in on the joke to appreciate it fully.

The original Mx. was a warm and inviting comfort scent with accords of gingerbread and saffron over light woods and cosy musks. With this 2019 Extrait de Parfum reboot, perfumer Antoine Lie has added an animalic twist as well as increased strength.




Mxxx. starts out sweet: a swirl of vanilla and chocolate with a nice sprinkling of saffron still present. At this stage you might feel you already know everything about this perfume – yet another sugary confection. But no.

It mellows and darkens from creamy yellow/orange to deep brown. It transforms into dark chocolate praline with a background of salty feline fur. It matures and becomes a more grown-up affair in a matter of minutes. This effect is achieved by taking a cacao note and undercutting it with ambergris (the real deal no less). The result is a deceptively simple on the surface but on closer inspection, a seductive underbelly is revealed. This is my favourite part of the scent’s evolution. The moreish combination of cacao and ambergris shows just why salted caramel has become so popular.

Featuring the unholy trinity of castoreum, hyraceum and ambergris, you’d be forgiven for thinking this would be eye-wateringly sexual. It’s not quite. Somehow Lie has kept these beasts on a leash. It is more slinky and overtly suggestive than outright skanky. I am irritatingly squeamish but find it wearable.

The base is more familiar territory. It’s like one of those robust Middle Eastern sandalwood fragrances studded with spice, incense and oud. (Anyone remember Tom Ford’s Sahara Noir?) Its voice drops several octaves and in contrast with the first half of the perfume, now reads as more traditionally masculine.

Mxxx. has a good amount of throw and excellent longevity. It left a lovely sheen on my skin which shows the high content of perfume oil.

Maybe you’d like to appear as if butter wouldn’t melt but also hint at a saucy side.

Maybe you’d like a fluffy, cosy scent that flips the script later on.

Or maybe you’d like a fluid fragrance that covers the spectrum from feminine to masculine in one seamless flow.

You’ll find Mxxx. works on a number of levels.




Were you a fan of the original Mx? Have you tried Mxxx?



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14 responses to “Mxxx. by Eris Parfums

  1. lady jane grey

    Honestly, I‘ve never heard about the original, neither about the new one. Hm, I live in a cave, obviously…
    But that‘s an extremely well written review, which definitely makes me want to try this new version asap 😘
    Stay safe, dearest T. !


  2. matty1649

    A wonderful review. I hadn’t heard of this perfume either.


  3. cassieflower

    omg Tara, your review makes me want to drench myself in this and roll around in it. 😯 I haven’t tried the original so there wouldn’t be any comparison. I’ll have to try and track down a sample of this.


  4. Gina T

    I never heard of this either.


  5. Mrs Holly Cranmer

    Thank you for this review Tara – it sounds utterly lovely. Is cacao a trend in perfumery this winter/cold weather ? I got Idolo ‘Love & Crime’ recently and that has Cacao & orange – very cozy !


  6. First of all, I must join others in praising you for the wonderful review. Amazing how you manage to find those words!

    Second, I’m surprised: it looks like from all who commented so far I’m the only one who tried the original perfume.

    While I rather liked it than not, I was a little bit annoyed by the name and idea behind it, so I wasn’t insistent enough in testing it (I will be revisiting my sample soon). If I get a chance, I’ll try this new perfume, though, unlike with the initial collection, I won’t pay for a sample since I’m not convinced this is “my” brand.


    • Saying that about my writing is the best compliment I could receive so I really appreciate it.

      The original Mx wasn’t my style. I like the cacao/ambergris combination here a lot but the base isn’t really for me.


  7. I don’t know any of the Mxxx’s but love the idea of a perfume winking at me. 😉 And am a sucker for saffron.


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