Memoire d’Une Odeur by Gucci

Notes: Roman Chamomile, Indian Coral Jasmine, Musks, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Cedarwood.

My signature scent for the late 90s was Gucci’s Envy. When I fell down the rabbit-hole about a decade later, I congratulated myself for unknowingly choosing a perfume authored by the masterful Maurice Roucel, who is responsible for the incomparable Musc Ravageur and Iris Silver Mist. I marvelled at how he had transformed green tea into something glossy and sexy.

In some ways, Gucci have pulled off a similar trick with their 2019 release Memoire d’Une Odeur. Chamomile is rarely used as a starring note, being both sedate and sedative. It’s hard not think of nice ladies in floral dresses sipping it as herbal tea in neat gardens. However, this composition takes this demure plant and polishes it until it gleams like an emerald before placing it in a setting that shows it off to its best advantage.

The perfumer is Alberto Morillas who has been creating blockbuster mainstream fragrances for years, from CK One and Aqua di Gio to Mugler Cologne and Daisy.

To be honest, I was so taken with the retro packaging the scent itself didn’t have a lot of work to do.

gucci memoire.jpg

Memoire d’Une Odeur rolls out a chamomile lawn; fresh and herbal – but not as grassy as Daisy – with a nice hint of tart citrus peel. I find the novelty of this and its satiny greenness pleasing. It possesses an easy stylishness while radiating a soft wistful mood. It gels with the idea of a scent that instantly connects you with a long-term memory. I can imagine the wearer floating away on it to summers’ past, when they believe life was simpler (even if it wasn’t).

Although the bottle and concept are nostalgic the fragrance is decidedly modern.

A silken jasmine weaves through the heart while pale woods and clean musks make up the rather predictable but perfectly adequate base. It stays green and shimmery throughout with the progression taking the form of a slow slide. I found that after the memorable beginning, it became quite quiet and longevity was average for an EdP.

This is not a fragrance of complexity or twists and turns. Neither could it be mistaken for niche but for a mainstream fragrance, it’s good. It’s the best example of a green floral you’re going to find at this price level (even if Gucci are hailing it a ‘mineral aromatic’). Whether civilian consumers feel the same is far from clear but it’s great to see Gucci releasing something different to the mass of berry bombs and candyfloss canons lining the shelves.

Why not take a trip down memory lane?

gucci memoire path.jpg

Have you tried Gucci’s latest mainstream release? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.



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17 responses to “Memoire d’Une Odeur by Gucci

  1. Hi Tara lovely description of this fragrance…I have tried it as I was so keen with the bottle and the advert …memory etc..
    I was with Portia in David Jones and I sprayed quite a bit …but it didn’t last and I was confused…it was lovely but need to try again xxxx


  2. This sounds refreshing in every sense of the term, and I say so even though I am not a fan of chamomile really. And even though the freezing weather requires no further refreshment. 😉 Plus the packaging is very inviting for sure!


  3. I was impressed that chamomile was used as well. It’s a bit dull in the drydown but overall pretty good


  4. Mrs Holly Cranmer

    Hi Tara – really enjoyed reading your review of this fragrance.I am so pleased Gucci have had the balls to launch something so different to all the as you say ‘berry bombs and candyfloss canons.’ I think it is better suited to warmer weather & will be fab in the summer. Also it comes in 30, 50 & 100ml sizes – 30 ml is great for slinging in your bag to refresh later. Holly


  5. I have a decant and I do like it. Could be a nice one for summer or spring


  6. matty1649

    I had a spray of this when I saw it in the Dept store. I liked it but it didn’t last very long


  7. I loved the sample of this fragrance when I wore it in the summer. After reading your review. I need to get another sample. It really surprised me at the time how good it was.


  8. I like this fragrance for its ease of wear: minty, bitter, musky with non-indolic jasmine. Very office safe. Wish me luck this weekend as I experiment with layering it with Ginger Piccante!


    • matty1649

      I wore Ginger Piccante yesterday. I really like it. Hope your experiment goes ok, interesting combination.


    • Hi hajusuuri

      It is absolutely office friendly but not boring which is perfect.
      Really interested in your idea of layering it with a ginger fragrance. It will probably prolong the wear time.


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